Second Sunday Samples: Creed Aventus for Her and Floralie

Not much changed since I told a story of my first Creed perfume – Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie: I haven’t tried any new perfumes from the brand and haven’t got into my collection any more of those few that I’ve tried before. Mostly, for the same reasons that I’d explained in the above-linked post.

What is even stranger, I don’t think I’ve ever tried probably the most famous of their masculine perfumes – Aventus. Mostly, because I felt some type of a resentment towards the crowd of the fans of this perfume.

I wouldn’t have probably tried any of the two perfumes I’m covering in today’s post, but they were a part of the epic GWP, about which I wrote recently. So, here we are. For the explanation about the ratings, see Sea Star Ratings.


Three and Half Sea Stars

Aventus for Her was created in 2016 by Olivier Creed. Official notes (from the brand’s site): apple, pink pepper, patchouli, bergamot, rose, sandalwood, styrax, musk, peach, black currant, amber and Ylang Ylang.

Despite its “for her” designation, in my opinion, it is as feminine as a boyfriend shirt on a woman (but less sexy). It develops better on a warmed skin (on sunny afternoon), and that’s when I can clearly smell the promised apple and black currant – both of the “perfume-y” artificial type, not too realistic (reminds me of Parfums de Marley’s creations). On a “cold skin” (in the morning), I can mostly smell patchouli and some spices. It smells like a modern perfume: more artificial than natural, spicy and sweet. I can’t say that it smells cheap, but it doesn’t strike me as extremely luxurious either.


Two Sea Stars

Floralie was created in 2018, also by Olivier Creed. Notes (from the brand’s site): marigold, Bulgarian rose, tuberose, lilac, lily of the valley, amber, cedarwood, amber and musk rose.

Unlike Aventus for Her, Floralie smells better when it’s cooler: it opens with a pleasant floral bouquet. And then it goes into bitterly green territory (and when it’s hot, it jumps directly to that phase without any discernible flowers). I do not like Floralie and would not wear it, but at the same time I think that it is a better perfume than Aventus for Her.

Creed Aventus for Her and Floralie Samples

Image: my own


10 thoughts on “Second Sunday Samples: Creed Aventus for Her and Floralie

  1. Creed is a funny line, to be sure. I have quite a few of the older ones-Irisia, the Fleur de Tea scent in the convenient half litre size, Fantasia des Fleurs, Fleurissimo and Spring Flower. They’re very good quality, and those scents tend to suit me, but they require a more polished appearance, in my opinion. I dress casually for work and I find the Annick Goutal or Serge Lutens scents work for me. The Creeds feel like I should be wearing better clothes.

    I’m sorry the samples didn’t work for you-at least you found out via samples rather than buying a bottle. Do you still wear theJasmine Imperatrice from this line? oh-I forgot-I love Tubereuse Indiana, too-actually bought a second bottle of that.

    Rusty makes every thing he touches special :) I hope you have a really nice weekend.


    • I love Jasmine Imperatrice! Every time I wear it I think how great it is. Beautiful perfume!
      Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any of those that you’ve mentioned. I might approach them one day if the number of shoppers in the store exceeds the number of SAs, because no matter what, I won’t pay full retail for them.


  2. Hmm, eyeballing the notes, am not sure I would be drawn to either of these, but I do have a few beloved Creeds, notably the ones featuring roses. I did own Love in Black, but its opaque bottle drove me nuts(!), so I sold the partial bottle on – with great difficulty as you may imagine, given the difficulty of estimating its contents. ;)


  3. Not a Creed fan. The only one I own is Virgin Island Water, a sort of pina colada tropical thing, very different from their usual stuff. I don’t even bother to smell the Creed testers whenin a shop that carries them, to me it’s a bro perfume house geared to a certain type of male clientele.


    • I wonder if Creed really caters to those people (because subconsciously I think the same way you do), or it’s just that the type of clients we know are the most vocal, and the rest are from a completely different stratum?


  4. I have a tiny sample of Aventus, acquired because I really needed to know what the fuss was. (Tbh I’m still not sure.) Haven’t tried anything else Creed – there wasn’t anything else that made me want to seek out. My list of things I want to try is quite long enough without!


  5. I approached a Creed counter in Neiman Marcus once to see what the fuss was about, and the SA showed me Aventus (of course) and Love in White, a bestseller for women. Neither really impressed me. The ones I liked most were Jardin d’Amalfi and Green Irish Tweed.


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