Rusty the Cat: On Camouflaging

Of course, I’m not being serious: if anything, it’s not Rusty who has chosen his surroundings (or to live with us, for that matter). But I just want to share some of the pictures I collected for the topic. And I hope you’ll agree: he fits in perfectly, doesn’t he?

In other news, today I got my second vaccine shot. Now I can tell that most people who had their shots and to whom I complained about pain in my shoulder after the first one had no idea what I was talking about! I can feel something in my arm now, and I still might get side-effects in the upcoming days, but it doesn’t come even close to how much my first shot hurt! I’m glad that I’m done for at least 6 months (I really dislike needles).

I do not plan to change how I live even after I’m fully vaccinated: I’ll keep working from home, limit visits to stores and continue to wear masks. We might start seeing more friends, but other than that… Nah. Life has to prove to me that it’s safe on the outside.


20 thoughts on “Rusty the Cat: On Camouflaging

  1. Rusty does fit in perfectly! They’re great photos. Especially love the top right.

    I’m pleased you have had your second vaccine and that it hurt much less than the first time.
    I’m going to smal supermarkets again now but that’s about it. Will still avoid public transport for a while yet but our numbers are right down.

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    • The shot hurts much less, but I did get side-effects: 38.3C/101F and everything that usually goes with fever. I hope it’ll get better soon. Rusty was a therapy cat today: he slept with me for the most of the day.


  2. Awww, Rusty is so cute! SmokeyToes sends his regards.
    My husband and I have our second vaccines, we’re in the Bay area, so still being cautious, wearing masks, not eating indoors or going to bars.

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  3. Rusty is quite the furry chameleon in those photos!
    I’ve heard that the experience alternates between the 2 doses, and my first one (last week) was fine, so I’m a little nervous about my second! Will definitely keep wearing a mask in the foreseeable future as well.

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  4. Indeed, Rusty is the king of camouflage! I got the one shot J&J vaccine but I don’t trust the majority of the people around here so even though the state is opening up for the most part, I am still on high alert and will continue my stay safe practices.

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  5. I totally agree on life after vaccines. I’m seeing family who have all been vaccinated for months since they are health professionals. I will eat outside at a few restaurants now, but I will still be wearing masks indoors everywhere. So many people have not yet been vaccinated. I’m not taking any chances.
    Rusty is the king 👑 of camo😀


    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one “paranoid” :)

      We had our slightly extended bubble all that time, so I plan to just slightly extend it with several people who I know have also vaccinated AND being careful.

      Rusty is the king. Period :)


  6. Rusty is a vision of sandy / golden / tawny rustiness! I’d expect nothing less. And even more camouflaged on furry fabrics…Glad your second shot went better. ;) Mine is still a little way off, but we can go inside people’s houses from today – and hug people if I am not mistaken. Most people I know have started bending the rules round the margins for some weeks now, as our case numbers are tiny.


    • While the shot itself was a breeze, I got one very rough day with chills, fever and joints pain and the next after that of weakness and sleepiness. All better now and totally worth it :)

      I have many more pictures of Rusty fitting perfectly into his environment… I do love those colors ;)


  7. I can’t believe I missed this post on Rusty…he’s my favorite kitty blog star by far. Hope you’re feeling better now, which I am assuming you are. We have our 2nd shot this coming Monday and I am hoping we are lucky enough to not have a problem. xoxoxo

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