Portia: Perfume That Got Away

Hi there Undina’s Looking Glassers. Do any of you share my shopping madness over the C19 period? It’s crazy! I’m earning less than the last 20+ years but it seems EVERYONE is going through their closets and selling off the unworn, unloved and unexceptional. Here’s the kicker though, some of those frags have been on my list for YEARS! They are being sold for a lot less than retail. Who cares that there are 5mls missing, or the box is dented, or there is no box? Don’t look at me, I couldn’t care less.

No, I’m not going to tell you all the things I’ve scored. Sorry. It’s too embarrassing. I will tell you though that I’m still on the lookout for a bottle of Greg Lauren for Barney’s. I had a decant which has long gone and I miss it a lot. One of my buddies was selling one on FB not so long ago but I missed out on it because she was only sending CONUS. I could easily have had it sent to mates in the US but……. NOW I’m kicking myself.

Does anyone even remember this salty vanilla beauty?

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York

Notes are extremely simple: Tonka bean, Vanilla, Marine notes. The whole is MUCH more than the sum of its parts though.

By the time I got my decant it had already been DCd and people bragged about the bargain prices they paid. As little as US$20 in its final mark downs. I would have bought 20 bottles for that and happily worn it as my signature scent.

Sadly it was not to be.

I’m sure every one of you has a similar story about a different fragrance.

What are the perfumes that got away from you?
Portia xx


20 thoughts on “Portia: Perfume That Got Away

  1. I’ve seen that Greg Lauren bottle photo on the Fragrantica website and have heard people talk about it. I see a lot of cool things on eBay, vintages, etc. I scored a lovely bottle of vintage Shalimar a few years ago. I take a few drops from it from time to time. Right now I’m selling all MY extra stuff so I can’t look at what anyone else is selling. LOL I have bought a few things this past year, though. I’ve been joining the virtual Sniffapalooza presentations on Zoom and those are bad for the wallet, but lots of fun! So far I’ve attended presentations by Initio Parfums, Kenzo, Penhaligon’s and Eau d’Italie. All very informative and I bought 2 bottles of Eau d’Italie, Fior Fiore & Paestrum Rose. Eeek. Fortunately they were discounted 20% and the rose was a tester bottle at half price. This pandemic has made me want more perfume…..

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    • Heya Ricky,
      That Paestrum Rose looks like it would be glorious. Are you loving it.
      Oh yes, Shalimar extrait in the old vintages is freaking amazing. So good.
      I’m staying fat away from as many of those online info ZOOMs as possible. I just don’t have the cash to splash currently;y.
      Stay well and safe,
      Portia xx


  2. My one that got away was also a Lauren. It seems imo that they used to make more interesting scents than they do now. Mine was Tuxedo which I wore in the early 80s. I wasn’t that into perfume then, so it probably was discounted but I just know that when I ran out of that bottle and went to replace it was gone! I’ve been looking for about 3 years but refused to pay exorbitant ebay prices but finally scored a bottle at a decent price. I’ll be writing about it soon. The old Lauren is also great….still around but doesn’t smell the same to me. I remember the bottle you showed but never tried it.


  3. Hey Portia
    I’m sure you’ll get that bottle of Greg Lauren one of these days. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Interesting how people have been clearing out their perfumes during lockdown. I sold a few on ebay myself but nothing exciting.
    I wish I bought the old Magie Noire when I saw it in a store about 11 or 12 years ago but maybe it was past its best by then.


  4. The Schlossparfumerie in Stuttgart had a line of house perfumes and I like their Pour La Belle. But they closed down during the first lockdown and I cannot get this anymore. I only got a small decant, very sad if it will be gone


  5. Wish I had sprung for a FB of Parfums MDCI Enlèvement au Sérail before it was killed by IFRA and discontinued. I have a decant I’m hoarding. Like lots of people, I’m clearing out the dead wood from my collection (although I confess I did buy one of rickyrebarco’s bottles). :-)


  6. Trying the latest version of Le Labo Rose 31 made me realize that I let a really good one get away. I convinced myself back in 2013 that Rose 31 was too expensive. It was stunning then, rich, full bodied, dark, amazing. I didn’t buy then and now the current version of Rose 31 is a faint dusty crumb of its former glory. So I’m mourning the loss of a past beauty.


    • Hey Ricky,
      One of my mates gave me a nearly full 10ml decant of Rose 31. I wore it a lot and emptied it. It has since been on my list to buy but the whole Le Labo make it onsite schtick annoys me so I never approach the counter to buy it. Thank for the update.
      Portia xx


  7. I think I tried Greg Lauren for Barney’s at some point, but I don’t think it impressed me one way or the other (it wasn’t great, it wasn’t awful), so I never really paid attention to it. Sorry, though, that you’ve missed on it – I know how frustrating it might be.

    Perfume I waited for too long to buy was DelRae’s Wit: I liked it, bought a decant, but then I didn’t want to get a 50 ml bottle, I was hoping they would release a 15 ml bottle (there was a talk on Twitter about it, but it never happened). So, by the time I figured out it wasn’t happening, perfume was sold out, and then the brand went out of business.


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