Saturday Question: What Was The Last Perfume You Gave As A Gift?

Following great tradition started by two wonderful bloggers, Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels) and Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies), once a week I or one of the guest writers will keep the lights on in this virtual leaving room, but I hope that you, my friends and readers, will engage in conversation not only with me or the other host, but also with each other.


Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass


Saturday Question #27:

What Was The Last Perfume You Gave As A Gift?

We all know that it’s hard to buy perfumes for others, and, as much as we all wish sometimes for a perfume faerie or gravitating bottles, in reality unprompted gifts are rarely “hits.” But with our love to perfume we are still trying to spread joy and recruit others into our fragrant circle.

So, do you buy perfumes as gifts? Who to? Do you consult the recipient, or do you do it as a surprise? What was the last perfume you bought for somebody else? Did they like it?

My Answer

I buy perfumes for others left and right – parents, friends, not to mention my vSO. I’m coming from the time and country where giving any perfume (and especially a “French” one) as a gift was genuinely appreciated and welcomed, regardless of the scent. Of course, as time and surroundings changed, I usually stick to either buying something that I know the person likes (a version of perfume they already use or the one they happened to like in the past), or buy it as a variation on a department store’s gift card (include a sample to try and a gift receipt for the bottle with a blessing to exchange it for something else my friend might like more).

It wasn’t the first perfume I bought for my goddaughter: several years ago we went perfume shopping and ended up getting her Armani Prive Pivoine Suzhou. She wears it nicely and still likes it. Last year we wanted to do another shopping trip, but it was a hectic year for both of us, and we kept postponing it. At some point I decided to give her several samples, not necessarily of perfumes that were readily available from the surrounding stores, that she could test at her own pace.

In the process, she found one more new perfume love – JHAG‘s Miss Charming. But we agreed that even a struggling postgraduate student could afford that one from a discounter or subscription site. So, we tried to figure out something more substantial. In the end she told me that she wanted to get… Amouage Dia. It wasn’t one of the samples I prepared for her. Instead, she liked the scent from the Dia soap I gave her once as a Christmas present. So, a year after the birthday for which it was supposed to be a gift, she received from me a set of perfume and body lotion. Not to repeat the exercise, this year her gift wasn’t perfume-related.

I’m wearing my Dia today: it is beautiful. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy wearing it years to come, and I’ll make sure not to wear it to the same occasions – luckily, I have more than enough perfumes not to play “twinsies” (Did you know that was a word?!) or “Who wore it best?” (not that I would expect anyone in our circle to notice it).


Amouage Dia Gift Set


What Was The Last Perfume You Gave As A Gift?


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33 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Was The Last Perfume You Gave As A Gift?

  1. Amouage Dia? What a generous gift. The last perfume gift I gave to someone was Monotheme Mimosa, a gift for you. Later on I shared many samples with my perfume friends but last bottle gift given was that one

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  2. I gave my mom Samsara and Insolence for her birthday this year. Usually I don’t buy perfumes as gifts except if I know the person very well and what they like.


  3. My sister in law wears two perfumes – Burberry Brit and Dkny Be Delicious. I gifted her my bottle of the Burberry- I found I couldn’t wear it once I identified it so strongly with her – and I found a Be Delicious gift set at TJ Maxx that became a Christmas gift. But I don’t have anyone else IRL who likes perfume!


  4. I do random acts of perfume gifting. At the Sephora VIB sale in April, I bought a travel spray of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for an NSTer which was then sent directly to her as a no occasion surprise. I wouldn’t have bought it had she not mentioned using her last drops in either the Daily SOTD or Lazy Weekend Poll.

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  5. These days I wouldn’t buy someone perfume unless I knew they really liked it or wanted it. The last perfume gift I bought was Juicy for a teenaged niece who requested it (the family prefers this system over surprises). The bottle I got her 2 years ago must have run out! (Kidding, I’m sure she has a network of suppliers for the times in between.)
    It must be gratifying to expand a younger perfumista’s horizons!


    • Yeah, surprises are overrated :) Of course, if you were to get something that someone really wanted, it would be a perfect surprise. But more often than not, surprises end up being not exactly what the recipients would have chosen – so, unless it can be exchanged, it creates more disappointment than enjoyment.

      I was very pleased that she had chosen Dia.

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  6. I bought my daughter in law a nice sample set of Neela Vermeire perfumes with each vial 8 ml. She really liked it and Pichola was her favorite. It’s a lovely jasmine scent with spices. She and my friend Monica are the only people I know who wear perfume and enjoy perfume gifts.

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  7. Hi Undina,
    For her birthday this year I gave my goddaughter (13) her first bottle of perfume. Just a 30ml of La Petit Robe Noire by Guerlain. She loved the packaging and the fun and flirty frock on the bottle, and she is now happily wearing the fragrance. I figured 30ml would be a small enough amount to get used to wearing fragrance and then maybe for Xmas we could spend a couple of hours at the department store sampling, have some lunch and make a purchase.
    Portia xx

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