Orange Cats in My Life – Part XI: They didn’t get away after all (and Happy New Year!)

With two recent Postcards and many previous posts about Rusty, I didn’t plan to write anything else this year. But a couple of days ago I got a new comment on my post Orange Cats in My Life – Part V: The Ones That Got Away from 5 years ago. For those who didn’t follow the link to check it out: in that pre-new year post (December 31st, 2014) I told about several cat-themed items that I had my eye on but for different reasons missed out on.

The commenter who found that post all these years later, asked me if I was still looking for those cat boots. I answered “No.”

I’m not looking for either the artwork or boots that I featured in that post. Not because I lost interest or hope, but because I’ve already found and bought both. It took me several years, but I was persistent, and it paid off (well, of course, it was I who had to pay for them but nevertheless).

You could see more detailed pictures in the original post, but on the postcard below you might notice a fragment of the Govinder’s lithograph, The Shining Sinners, that hangs over my fireplace. Since it wasn’t a planned post, I didn’t have enough time to bribe Rusty into posing with my boots, so you’ll have to trust me that they look exactly like on the picture in the linked post.

By now I know that not all wishes might come true; not everything depends on us and our resolve to fulfill what we wish for; and wishing for something material and then getting it is, probably, the simplest and easiest to achieve. But still, I think it’s a little symbolic, so I’d like to use it as a metaphor for the New Year wishes to you, my friends and readers, and to myself.

Welcoming year 2020, while wishing for health, prosperity and peace on a big scale, let’s think of something small(er) that we personally have control over and make that wish to realize by persisting and staying determined to get what we want.

Happy New Year to all of us!

Rusty and Xmas Tree and The Shining Sinners


21 thoughts on “Orange Cats in My Life – Part XI: They didn’t get away after all (and Happy New Year!)

  1. Happy New Year dear Undina! I love your wishes for 2020 and wish all the best for the three of you.
    I re-read the old post to check out the boots and the lithograph story. I’m so pleased you tracked them both down. Very inspring.

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  2. Rusty looks quite contemplative, like a big furry angel who would look right at home on top of your tree. The lithograph looks perfect on your wall, and I will imagine the boots if not the ‘puss in them’ – or by them. Happy New Year to you!

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    • Thank you, cassieflower. I must say that those boots in real life look even cuter than on the picture. Rusty, on the other hand, is equally cute on pictures and in RL.


  3. Happy New Year, Undina! Rusty is looking quite the man! Congrats on getting the ones that got away – you are very persistent and got rewarded. May the new year bring you more time, health, happiness and success!


    • Thank you, hajusuuri. I’ll do my best to make all the good wishes come true.
      With Rusty: it was a rare occasion when he didn’t realize I was talking a picture of him, so he didn’t turn away quickly enough :)


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