A Postcard from Undina: Happy Hanukkah 2019!

I’m the third generation in our family who is not religious, any religion, though potentially I had two options from my parents.

Many years ago, my Grandma send me money for my birthday. She had extremely limited means, and we all kept telling her that she didn’t need to give us gifts, but she insisted, and since she couldn’t leave her apartment any longer to buy us something, for more important events she would send me and her other grandchildren a check.

I was standing firm on my feet by then, and I needed money much less than she did, so I wanted to buy something special, something to remember her by. So, I bought a menorah (hanukkiah). As I said, she wasn’t religious, so the menorah I got wasn’t a traditional one: Michael Aram, one of my favorite designers, made it as an olive branch.

Hanukkah is the only Jewish holiday that I kind of celebrate: for eight nights I light candles, think about my grandmother, and try to keep Rusty away from the fire.

So, today I lit the first candle, and three of us had a crab dinner (for those of my readers who knows about Judaica even less than I do: it’s not an acceptable food for observant Jews). SOTD Chanel Cuir de Russie (a subconscious nod to my other side of the family tree?).

Happy Hanukkah to everybody who celebrates! (And I’ll be back soon with the next postcard.)


Rusty and Menorah


19 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Happy Hanukkah 2019!

  1. I find that very amusing. Having a crab dinner on the first night of Hanukkah. One of my friends, being of the Jewish faith, but non-observant, sent me a photo yesterday. A picture of her lighting the first candle on the menorah. The menorah was placed in front of an enormous statue of a Buddha.
    Incidentally, she was aided by her cat Chairman Miao!

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  2. We had a slightly more traditional festive meal of meatloaf and potato latkes last night. But I have an electric menorah with silver glitter bubble lights, not so traditional. :-). Happy Hannukah!

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  3. Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to you, your vSO, Rusty and to all the readers of your blog! Looking forward to what the New Year will bring perfume-wise and story-wise from you.

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  4. My family is all catholic christians so we will be celebrating the birth of baby Jesus tomorrow at midnight (midnight mass)
    No matter what you are celebrating I’m wishing you, the family and Rusty very Happy Holidays.


  5. Happy Hannukah! I hear you on the important job of keeping cats away from lights. Truffle has been batting and chewing the ones threaded through the banisters.

    The choice of CdR is very apt in view of your grandmother, and a spooky coincidence as you may see…:)

    Have a great, restful break – much needed I am sure!

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    • Once I lit the menorah too late (we came home late but I didn’t want to “miss” the day completely – even though it’s supposed to be lit before a sundown) but then I couldn’t wait for them to burn completely, and I just put them off and left. We’ve never found at least 2 or three of them. I have no idea what Rusty did with them during the night :)


  6. Happy Hanukkah to you. I’m not religious either but I enjoy all the winter holidays. I love Hanukkah and it’s history and I have a lovely modern glass menorah myself. And I have a Christmas tree. My son married a wonderful Hindu woman so we celebrate the Hindu festivals as well with her family. I’m very open-minded about life generally.

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    • I also like all winter holidays (with the New Year being the biggest holiday for me and my friends who came from my native country). If I had anyone who would share their Indian holidays with me, I would celebrate them as well :).


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