A Postcard from Undina: From Mendocino with Love

Nothing restores feeling of inner balance better than 3 days at ocean shore, almost “unplugged.” It was a wonderful mini-vacation full of serenity and beauty.

Mendocino July 2019

I’m sorry I had to come back that soon. I’m glad to be back – back to Rusty, to my blog, even to work. I missed you. I hope summer is treating you well. Is it?


19 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: From Mendocino with Love

  1. Mini vacation are the best but they always end too early. I hope things in your life, especially work, will calm down a bit. I and everyone else miss your perfume stories from life.


      • Yay for short getaways, double yay for coming home to very little work pile up. It’s the preparing and after work that make holidays harder Undina. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in the kind of job that you can walk out and walk back in without skipping a beat?
        Portia xx


  2. I guessed Mendocino was on the Californian coastline but I looked it up to check. A population of just 900 – that is a perfect place to unwind. What a great pic. I feel calming just looking at your postcard. It’s a good sign you missed home, as much as you needed the break.
    Summer in London is pretty good for us though it seems to be speeding by.


  3. Thanks for the postcard, Undina. Looks lovely from your pic. Mid-winter here. Fortunately, Johannesburg has lots of sun during the day with temperatures often around 20 degrees Celsius.


  4. Looks very scenic and rugged. I have not been further up that coast road than Bodega Bay, though I see that Redding – where I was recently as you know – is kind of up a bit and inland. I hope you feel rested from your mini-break, though I realise it was only short!


    • You definitely need to visit!
      What’s good about where we live, the weather is good almost any time of the year – so you can come when the commute gets especially bad ;)


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