A Postcard from Undina: Happy Rainy Thanksgiving!

I know that for many people rain isn’t something pleasant or desirable. But here, in California, after several years of serious drought, rain is always welcome. But even more so today: it brought us a beautiful Thanksgiving gift of “Good” Air Quality Index – after a week of fluctuations between “Unhealthy” and “Very Unhealthy” because of the devastating and the deadliest in California history Camp Fire that is still ruining our beautiful state (it’s 75% contained as of now).

I’m thankful for the rain. I’m thankful that my loved ones are alive and safe this holiday. I’m thankful I have people with whom I will be celebrating this holiday that hasn’t been mine when I grew up but which I grew to appreciate over years living in the U.S.


Happy Rainy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!

Image: my own taken earlier today


33 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Happy Rainy Thanksgiving!

  1. Oh, how wonderful, Undina! I’ve been thinking of you every time I read about those fires. Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thrilled to hear about the rain and air index, i know it’s been just awful. As a native Northern Californian, my heart breaks over all the relentless fires and drought. Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you, Fragrant Wanderer. It’s so great to see the green color on the map for the whole area: I’ve never thought that my favorite purple color might be so upsetting for me (that’s how they color-code “Very Unhealthy” air condition).

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I have good memories of the holidays. Even after we left the States my mother continued to celebrate it. It falls on, or around my birthday, and it was always a double celebration.
    Been thinking a lot of you all in California, my family are still there. Rain on. Lots of love. ❤️

    • This holiday grew on me, and I enjoy celebrating it. Having a birthday around this holiday isn’t that bad since Thanksgiving doesn’t come with gifts on its own. For kids Christmas (or, in my native country, New Year) was an unfair time: adults try to get “bigger” presents to cover both occasions but, in reality, those are never twice as “big” as each of the presents on a separate occasion :)

    • It was a good Thanksgiving long weekend, and we’re still eating turkey soup (made from the remaining parts of the turkey I cooked) – so I’m still taking holiday cheers.

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