… and I’ll be there…

A month ago Twitter’s meme “What 5 items would someone put in a salt circle to summon you?” got viral when J.K. Rowling answered it.

 Summonning JK Rowling


In other answers there were perfumes (that’s how I learned about it – from somebody’s mentioning it on the NST’s daily threads), books, snacks and a LOT of cats.

So of course I started playing this game in my head. My first thought was: “Rusty!” But then I realized that, first, Rusty wouldn’t sit still in any circle with or without other objects, and second, Rusty alone would be enough to summon me.


Rusty in a Circle


But since I still wanted to play this game, I decided to count Rusty out and go with inanimate objects. So, what would be a set of five things to summon me? I don’t think it would be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog that Climat by Lancôme would be the first thing to go on the list. The next one would be probably that quirky blue Hello Sailor lipstick by Lipstick Queen and The Fifth Element – one of my all-time favorite movies. Now, when we took care of my mind and my look, let’s attend to my body: dark chocolate lava cake and a cup of cappuccino. Yeah, looks about right: put these five together, and I’ll be there.


 Summonning Undina


What should I put in a circle to summon you?


Images: the salt circle from here; DVD cover – don’t remember; the rest – my own.


91 thoughts on “… and I’ll be there…

  1. Now this is fun. Let’s see. Firstly vintage Shalimar Perfume. Specifically a bottle from the 60’s. My hair dresser, Richard so that I always look good. My grey Roots sweat pants. Strawberry shortcake, but only the recipe that my daughter makes. And a large bowl of slightly sweetened whipped cream, no vanilla extract please. Oops. I would need an unlimited supply of new episodes of Coronation Street. Guess I’ll drop Richard off the list. I’ll be fat and happy, so who cares if my hair isn’t great. Glad you limited it to inanimate objects, Undina, otherwise this would have been impossible.


  2. Love JKR!

    I’m with Portia on the potatoes – I’m addicted – and probably roast would be my preferred tattie (or a creamy Dauphinoise). A giant glass/bowl of orange gin with clementine tonic. A huge 5 wicked Ormonde Jayne Ta’if candle. Original Madame Rochas perfume. A box of smooth praline chocolates.

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  3. Reglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers, dark chocolate covered marzipan, my yoga mat, Tibetan Mountain Temple candle and a photo of the mini Marzipans since we are not including live people.

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  4. I get to keep/consume everything right? Bottle of Guerlain Aroma Allegorica Exalting, Chanel red lipstick, coffee & beignet from Cafe du Monde N.O. and emerald earrings. That would work instantly.

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  5. Peanut butter and Marmite toast, a pair of black brothel creeper shoes, a MAC eyebrow pencil, a fountain pen, and a bag of Artisan Roast coffee. (I figured that a bench and barbell wouldn’t fit in the circle, and I can’t decide on one perfume…)

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  6. Now that I understand this, I’ve given myself permission to try again. Vintage 60’s Shalimar. Two large pieces strawberry shortcake with a generous side helping of whipped cream, a Cuban espresso, Richard (the hairdresser) and a double episode of Coronation Street. That would do it.

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  7. Love this: peanut butter cups, steaming cup of coffee, a great sci fi or ya book, perfume samples and probably jogging shoes. If it wasnt all inanimate there would most definitely be a cat :)

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  8. Rusty and chocolate! I love it. Those two would carry over into mine too. Toddles, dark chocolate with sea salt, a good book, and apple cinnamon candle and a mug of coffee with cream and cardamom. <3 If I could come wrapped in a quilt that would be clutch.

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  9. Steaming hot coffee, Chanel No. 5 EDT, fresh butter tarts ( made by my friend Bess), a copy of Dessa’s album Castor the Twin, and a cello. A pair of Fluevogs would work as a a sub conjuring tool.


    • Oh, Fluevogs… I have just one pair of shoes from the brand but had they been available in a B&M store somewhere around, I would have probably bought more.
      I’m glad to see so many coffee drinkers here: I can just serve 5-7 cups of coffee in a salt circle – and we’ll have a great perfumistas party :)

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  10. Great question, Undina, and a tough one, too. OK, here’s what I think might summon me: a Van Gogh painting (preferably a landscape), a book on screenwriting, dry red wine or champagne, a Franz Ferdinand CD (“You Could Have It So Much Better” will do the trick) and a Leverage DVD set (it’s really hard to choose between all my faves!).

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  11. To summon me, my salt circle should contain: glass of ice cold seltzer water with a twist of lime, videos of kittens, a new perfume from Puredistance, any book I haven’t read by Louise Penny (Armand Ganache series) or Alan Bradley (Flavia DeLuce) or Charlaine Harris or Alexander McCall-Smith and a moist pumpkin muffin with chocolate chips.

    This was fun, Undina!

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    • What new perfume from Puredistance? I see you’re playing hard to get: with the frequency they release new perfumes it might be not a trivial task to summon you :)
      Thanks for the names: I was thinking about finding some mysteries to read.


      • I do want to get summoned as these are the things I enjoy. Rather than only Puredistance , I am updating it to include new perfumes from a select list of niche lines, including Puredistance, Aftelier, Tauer, NVC, Papillon, Hiram Green (I’m probably forgetting something but these should expand the possibility of summoning me).

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        • Ganache/Gamache. Now I’m confused. Do I have to choose between Armand Gamache and a chocolate ganache? The former, being a fictional character, should qualify for the circle. But I really love chocolate ganache. Wait, this has nothing to do with the circle. Or does it? Well, I suppose I’ll have both anyways.


  12. Ooh, I’ll play! A crystal rose bowl filled with a mix of David Austin roses; an iPad loaded with Kindle app and all my favorite books (I know, borders on cheating!), a Japanese maple bonsai, a fancy English hat, and 70% cocoa dark chocolate Lindt truffles. I hope someone will trade a truffle or two for some coffee!

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    • I think you’re cheating more than just with books! ;) “crystal rose bowl” is already a very particular object – and you’re asking for specific cultivar of roses (I won’t even complain about the plurality of said roses and chocolates ;) ).
      When it comes to Lindt, those are my favorite truffles as well. I look forward to Halloween when I buy those (and other dark chocolate candies) to torture trick-or-treat-ers (or make their parents happy).

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  13. Marvellous question…Immortal Beloved perfume, Kettle Chips (various flavours), balls of pretty much any nice quality wool, a freshly baked loaf (no olives, please) and a nice vintage notebook. But I have far more than these five if you want them, a number involving wine!


    • I guessed wool right. For perfume for you I was thinking Sognes. And I was so certain that there should be tea that I habitually thought first that Kettle Chips was something related to tea making but specific for the U.K./British English but I checked and now realize that I eat those too (not to often but when I eat any potato chips, I buy those). Wine is a good idea… I should have stipulated that if I’m called at night, coffee should be replaced with a glass of good wine, scotch or gin-based cocktail.


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