They had me at “Hello” – and now “Goodbye”

How was that for an attention grabbing headline? But if you think about it, you’ll appreciate me not using just the last part (I was tempted a little but then I thought of all that wolves business and decided not even to joke about such serious matters).

But back to the topic. It is true: Lipstick Queen had won me over when I saw online the first (for me) lipstick from the brand – Hello Sailor. I liked everything – the color in the tube, the name, a pin-up-girl-style packaging and, as I confirmed later, the tint on my lips. I’m on my third lipstick now; and once it’s finished, I plan to get the next one.


Lipstick Qeen Hello Sailor


In four years since I said “Hello” to the first sailor, I found several more colors that I liked and adopted (see Black Lace in Tropics and Frog Prince(ss)’s Kiss). Both of them enchanted me with the name and the color in tube but after that I tried them first and then bought.

Recently one more lipstick from this brand caught my eye. Since now we have a Lipstick Queen counter in one of the close-by department stores, I went from testing and liking the color to appreciating its name: Goodbye.


Lipstick Queen Goodbye


Describing a lipstick’s color is probably an undertaking comparable to describing perfume’s scent. Though I’m not good with either, I’ll try. Goodbye is darker than my other Lipstick Queen favorites, with more pigment – so it covers lips better than more sheer colors – but it has a lot more shimmer than my other darker gloss sticks (such as Laura Mercier’s Black Orchid), so it is more forgiving, and it gives a more even coverage. The color on the lips is dark berry or plum with brownish undertone and bluish sparkle. One coat gives enough hue to the lips; and then with each additional swipe you can build it up to a darker color.

Either a tube or swatches’ pictures do not do the lipstick justice. But I showed you the former, so now I’ll show you the latter as well (in comparison to two other lipsticks I mentioned in the post).


Lipstick Queen Goodbye swatch


Other than with perfumes, do you pay attention to products’ names before you buy and use them?


Images: My own


19 thoughts on “They had me at “Hello” – and now “Goodbye”

  1. That Hello Sailor lipstic is such a nice shade of blue! And I just noticed it fits the blue color in your blog logo (and gravatar) perfectly.

    I don’t have much experience with lipstics, my mom doesn’t use much but that Goodbye color looks nice and the sparkle is quite festive


  2. One of my favourite winter lipsticks is Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow – a really vibrant dark pink/almost red. I have loved the name and the colour since my mother used it in the 1960s. When I was a child it made me think a dream job would be inventing and naming lipstick colours – I’d still like to do that!


    • Actually, I find it amazing that the brand keeps producing that lipstick. That is great! There were at least two lipsticks in my life that I kept re-purchasing until the brand discontinued them – one from Dior and one from Laura Mercier. I’ve never found the exact replacement.
      I’ve never been good at naming anything – so I admire when somebody else can do it well.
      I’ll see if one of the local stores carries that Revlon: I’m curious to see it.


  3. Lipstick Queen do seem to have the best names and packaging. I’m very influenced by both. Maybe I’ll graduate from MAC at some point but right now Viva Glam 1 is what I’m enjoying most, which is a matte, warm plum, but not too dark. Goodbye looks fab and I’m sure you’ll get a lot wear out of it.


    • I’m sure I will! It’s one of the colors that I see buying again.
      So far I had just one MAC lipstick: it was a great color but was completely wrong for me. I think this is the reason why I subconsciously avoid the brand. I’ll check “your” color out the next time I’m at the store.


  4. I am loving my Urban Decay and Bite lipsticks, but since I have such dry skin, I have to pat a bit of lip balm on first. That Goodbye colour reminds me of my favourite Fresh Index lip balm in Fig. Sadly we have no Lipstick Queen counter anywhere in range.


  5. Firstly may I say how much I enjoyed the title. ;) Then I also think Goodbye looks beautiful in the bullet, and lighter and very wearable on skin. There’s a sheer lip tint by Burberry I can almost wear called Blueberry, but usually I avoid dark colours due to my lack of lips!


  6. Even though I am not a lipstick man myself, I loved this post, Undina. Sounds like a great range, from the packaging to the actual product. I definitely pay attention to a product’s name. Of course, a great name is no guarantee that a product is good. R

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree that naming, packaging, etc. do not guarantee the quality of a product, but oftentimes when I see those done not the best way, I start questioning, what else the brand didn’t pay attention to.


  7. I generally don’t wear lipstick because it’s extra work to make it look perfect (i.e. On me, lipstick does not look right unless I line my lips…like I said, too much work). That said, Goodbye looks like a candidate forms gift to my niece who loves all things purple.


    • I’m surprised that you do not wear lipstick… On the other hand, probably it’s for the best: with the number of great colors and textures out there, you’d have much less space left for perfumes ;)


  8. So it turns out Nordstroms sells this on their website. I just received mine and it leaves a sheer bluish purple tint to my bare lips. Very nice texture and beautiful packaging. It gives me the same result as my Givenchy lipstick no. 16 Noir Revelateur, which looks black in the tube but goes on as a sheer gloss with a hint of colour, just like the Hello Sailor. I wear it all the time under my regular lipsticks as I have dry lips and most lipsticks won’t go on smoothly without a bit of balm, plus it makes any lipstick more creamy and comfortable. I thank Hajusuuri for sending me the mini of the Givenchy in a split package, one of my favourite lipstick finds of 2017!


    • Now I want to try that Givency lipstick (even though I already have a “black” lipstick from Lipstick Queen) – I’ll check it out I’m in Sephora next time.
      Same as with perfumes, I would love to be able to buy many lipsticks in mini-form: those that I constantly wear, I’ll buy full size again and again; but those that I want just for fun, I’d like to be able to wear a dozen of times – and I’ll be done.


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