A Month of Roses: Conclusion, Statistics and the Draw Winner

It was a great month filled with great perfumes. I’m so glad Lucas came up with this idea. While I’m not sure I’m ready to do another month of any particular note, I’m thinking about a couple of note-themed weeks (and even doing one already – but that’s the topic for the next post).

Peach Rose

Rose Perfumes for Week 4

February 22: Le Jardin Retrouvé Rose Trocadéro

A beautiful and extremely realistic in the opening rose. And it has my favorite black currant. I like it and actually plan to wear my sample, which I don’t do too often. But I’m not sure if I want more: it’s a rose soliflore, and it comes only in a HUGE 125 ml bottle. But it’s very nice, and I recommend testing this perfume if you get a chance.

February 23: Keiko Mecheri Mogador

I was supposed to wear another perfume but I couldn’t find the sample in the morning, so I decided to wear Mogador again. Loved it.

February 24: Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme

I had a large sample of Rose Anonyme, which I was testing periodically when I wanted to compare it to something else. When I scheduled it for wearing, I didn’t realize how little I had left in my sample. When I applied it first, very sparingly, I thought that I didn’t like it at all and was surprised since I remembered liking it more. But in the evening when I didn’t try to save it and put on the remains of my sample, it smelled much better – the way I remembered it from before. But I don’t think I need more Rose Anonyme in my life.

Rusty and Ineke Scent Library

February 25: Ineke Briar Rose

This is the only perfume from Ineke’s Floral Curiosities Collection, for which I do not have a travel bottle-book. It wasn’t by choice: they didn’t have it on sale at the time when I bought the other four, mostly just to have those “books.” But I had a sample in the set (the one, with which Rusty is playing on the picture above). I didn’t remember what I thought about Briar Rose but I remembered that Blacknall (aperfumeblog by Blacknall Allen) liked this perfume enough to go through the full bottle at some point. So I decided to give it a go. It’s not bad but I won’t want to wear it.

February 26: April Aromatics Rosenlust

One more change of plans: I got this sample with my purchase and wanted to re-test it. It’s a lemony rose – very natural and beautiful. But it’s just a rose. With many other rose-centric perfumes in my collection Rosenlust does not cross that line from “nice to have” to “need to have.”


February 27: Lancome Mille et Une Roses

This is one of my favorite perfumes; I enjoy wearing it every time. And I love its color. A couple of years ago I paired it with the second equation in my post A Simple Equation Or In the Search for the Perfect Rose.

February 28: Hermès Rose Ikebana

I left Rose Ikebana for the last day of the month because I thought it would be warm by then. I was wrong. We are having an unusually cold for our area winter (not that I’m complaining: it’s nice for a change; and it comes with long-expected rain), so Rose Ikebana was a little too light for the weather. But it still wore nicely.

February Statistics

Rose perfumes I wore: 27 (but two of them I wore twice)

Rose perfumes I tested: 5 (yes, it wasn’t enough that I wore a rose-centric perfume each day, I managed to test 5 more rose perfumes during that month)

Samples finished: 4

New bottles of rose perfumes: 1 (bought); 3 (being considered)

23 people left 75 comments for the Month of Roses posts. 34 of those comments had mentioning of the rose perfumes worn in the spirit of the Month of Roses – and, as I promised, they all were included into the draw for two bars of local artisan chocolates.

And the Winner is…

According to random.org, the winner is the most diligent commenter – hajusuuri! Congratulations! Now it’s your time to choose whether you want two bars of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or one of each.

Chocolate Fountain

Shall we do it again next year?


Images: my own


26 thoughts on “A Month of Roses: Conclusion, Statistics and the Draw Winner

  1. Congrats to the winner :)

    This was fun and I would definitely love to see a repeat next year.

    I am also intrigued by your themed note future posts/participations…if I have the perfume it takes to participate I will definitely do so :)


  2. Ooh yes, do it again next year! I forgot to wear Rose de Nuit and Theo Fennell scent, also Mille et Une Rose of which you gave me a sample. I must dig that out. And by next year I might have nailed a sample of Mogador, though I remember liking it a lot. I have a partial bottle of Bvlgari Rose Essentielle knocking about somewhere, but knowing my luck it may have turned. ;(

    Congrats to the diligent commenter! (I can spell that without scrolling up to check. ;) ) Chocolate always hits the spot.


    • By the next year you’ll definitely have Mogador ;)

      I hate commenting from mobile browser: I’m constantly afraid to loose what I’ve already written. But sometimes it’s either that way or not commenting at all.


  3. Congratulations to the winner, hajusuuri! I suppose it is a bliss to be covered in roses all month, but I won’t be able to do it, despite of my love for roses! I get tired of a certain fragrances very quickly, and I am curious as a cat! Lovely Rusty, btw, indeed, yes, again, he did it, hihihi!!!
    I have some questions – did any of the fragrances behaved differently than you knew it? Which one you bought (I missed this), was it because of this month? Do you have new favorites after the rosy February?


    • Hi Lyubov!
      Everybody who commented on the posts during the Month of Roses was so involved into the topic that the previous two pictures of Rusty went completely unnoticed! :) So thank you from him – he’ll get a treat in your name.
      None of the perfumes I wore this month were different from how I remembered them but one of the perfumes that I tested – Une Rose Chypre – suddenly got me under the spell. I’ll do more testing soon to see how I feel. As to the bottle, I finally decided to get Mogador, which I liked for a while but finally decided to buy.


  4. Thank you so much Undina for keeping me the company during this month of roses.
    I also appreciate you wore Rose Anonyme on my birthday – I wore it that day as well. But no worries, I’m not mad you say you don’t need any more of it in your life.

    Big hugs and let’s do this again, for roses, or other note. But first, let’s take a break and let’s wear what we love most


    • Well, you were first both with the idea and with scheduling Rose Anonyme on your birthday – I just followed the suit.

      We’ll come up with more things to vivify perfume blogging :)


  5. Thanks so much for this wonderful little project, Undina. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I don’t think you could get so many people on board for a whole month with any other note.
    I wanted to wear Rosenlust too but I’d drained my sample. The biggest surprise for me was Velvet Rose. It was just SO pretty!

    Congrats to hajusuuri, the deserving winner.

    Yes, let’s do it all again next year :)


    • Thank you for being such a good sport! It wouldn’t have been that much fun without the support from you and everybody else. We’ll come up with something interesting for the next year.

      As to other notes… Are you sure we wouldn’t be able to find enough participants for, let’s say, iris, amber or citrus?


  6. Woo hoo! It was a fun month of roses and I managed to wear a different rose perfume each day (assuming Rose Delight Body Oil counts as a perfume – it certainly smells like one). I wore Rose Anonyme on February 28 to honor Lucas and to cap off a fantastic month.

    Ah, and winning the draw for chocolate bars is icing on the cake! Thank you!


  7. Wow- I love how you broke this down and all! Unfortunately I missed all of it because I moved this month and my life sort of exploded! So I especially love reading the conclusion. Bravo!


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