A Month of Roses: Week 3

Have you heard that it takes 21 days (3 weeks) to form a new habit? I wonder if I should start packing away my all other, not rose-heavy perfumes…

Did you wear any rose perfumes recently? Please share even if you are not interested in artisan chocolate, an entry into the draw for which each comment will secure for you. You have four more days – until the end of the month – to get four more entries for each comment about rose perfume you’re wearing. I’ll announce the winner in the Week 4 report post.

Chocolate Fountain

February 15: Le Labo Rose 31

I completely recovered from my olfactory fatigue with this perfume and now enjoy wearing it. I still think Le Labo’s bottles are ugly so when I’m done with my current decant I’ll go for the next one.

February 16: Tom Ford Café Rose

After wearing it one more time, I can confirm that it was as big of a disappointment as a rose scent as it was when I tested it for my In the Search for the Perfect Coffee post: it’s not unpleasant, it behaves well on my skin but it’s so not interesting… I don’t understand how this one stays in production while much more interesting perfumes from the line get discontinued.

February 17: Keiko Mecheri Mogador

Originally Amouage Lyric was scheduled for that day. But when earlier I ran out of PHI and decided to move Lyric to the first week, I got an empty spot, which I decided to fill in with Mogador – perfume, about which I completely forgot while arranging my calendar and about which I was reminded by rickyrebarco’s comment on the Lucas’ Month of Roses post. What can I say? I like it a lot. I will probably write more once my full bottle arrives.

Red Rose

February 18: Papillon Artisan Perfumes Tobacco Rose

This is one of perfumes that I wanted to love: these are “my” notes (rose, oakmoss, ambergris, beeswax and peru balsam); it’s a good brand, and Tara (A Bottled Rose) who generously sent me a sample of it loves it. But the heart… I mean, the nose wants what it wants, and while I appreciate Tobacco Rose, I don’t want to wear it.

February 19: Tauer Perfumes Rose Flash

I didn’t like the idea of the new line: I do not believe in “more affordable” versions of something that is good: usually it results in cheap knock-offs sold at half the price of something that was good but expensive. Besides, I disliked the previous experiment – Pentachords line. Thanks to hajusuuri, I got to try Rose Flash and I liked it. But I already have Rose Vermeille, which, in my opinion, is a better version of the same idea.

February 20: Dior Ambre Nuit

Ambre Nuit decant fulfilled its destiny: I wore the last of it for this project. I love this perfume – despite it being a misnomer: it is not amber perfume. But it is such a beautiful rose! Why do they have to produce it in those huge bottles?!! Who needs 125 ml of any single perfume?!  But if it weren’t for that small detail (there should be some pun in there), I would be buying a bottle at this point.

Amber Rose

February 21: Guerlain Rose Nacrée du Désert

I wasn’t thinking straight when I slotted this perfume for a work day: it is too strong for workplace. But since I didn’t want to change the plan (not that anybody would have noticed, I know), I applied just a tiny spritz from my small decant. I understand why many people like Rose Nacrée du Désert but for me it’s still only number two from The Déserts d’Orient line: unlike Songe d’un Bois d’Eté that just doesn’t work for me, I could wear this one if I didn’t have any other perfumes I love more.


By the way, have you read that forming a habit in 21 days is a myth?

Images: my own


36 thoughts on “A Month of Roses: Week 3

  1. Lots of intetesting observations here! I wore Cafe Rose this week and found it as ho-hum as on first testing. Shanghai Lily and another one in that series I like so much I’ve forgotten its name(!) are much more distinctive. Oh, it’s not the one I mean, but from the Cafe Rose stable I prefer Jonquil de Nuit (name is approximate). I LOVE Ambre Nuit, and may get it out today. I also fell out of love with that particular Le Labo, and am not particularly moved by Rose Nacree du Desert. Tobacco Rose is undeniably luxurious, but there’s too much hay / oakmoss in there for me to read the rose. Thomas is another fan of that one – I think his husband wore TR on their wedding day. Mogador I have smelt briefly and thought it was lush. I would like to wear Attrape Coeur again before the month is out. I do hope that has rose in it. ;) Oh, there’s SL Rose de Nuit, and FM Une Rose, if I have a sample of that, which is moot.


    • Shanghai Lily was from another collection, from this one was Lys Fume – still nicer than Cafe Rose, even though I don’t usually like lily perfumes. My favorite from that quartet was Ombre de Hyacinth.
      I’ll send you some Mogador – you’ll like it, our tastes in roses are quite similar.
      I remember liking both FM’s roses but my samples ran our ages ago. It’s time to revisit them, probably – if I ever get to the store that carries the line.


  2. Well, I wore Chloe every day to work for week three (but played around with other stuff in the evening!) and for my last week as I mentioned in another post pairing the two Jo Malones- Peony Blush with Red Roses….so far so good :)


      • I know you don’t particularly care for Lime Basil and Mandarin (I love it!) but that is the recommended pairing I think on the Jo Malone website..it seems pretty green to my nose so maybe that would work? Also, I was reading somewhere else that 154 pairs beautifully with Blackberry and Bay….are you familiar with 154? I know I smelled it years ago but don’t remember my impression of it…next time I am at a Jo Malone counter I am going to have to retry that one….also, what are your thoughts on the new one in the intense line? I have to sample that one too…..AND (sorry but I am very verbose this morning :) !!!) they are now selling many of the intense in only 50ml bottles versus the 100ml on the website….just noticed that yesterday.


        • I know that sometimes two minuses give a plus but somehow I doubt that two perfumes I don’t like will get better layered together.

          Yes, I saw those new 50 ml bottles. Much better than 100 ml but still not 30 :)
          154 was (is?) a masculine perfume in the line, and I don’t remember trying it. I know that I did – I just don’t remember how it smelled.


  3. Aww, another week of roses have passed and now we don’t even have another full week left (so sorry!)
    I have a sample of Rose 31 that I haven’t worn for a long time. Maybe I will wear it tomorrow to have some added value to my calendar :P


  4. Too bad about Tobacco Rose but thanks for the link.
    I wore Duchess Rose from Penhaligon’s yesterday and have concluded that green and/or fruity roses are just not my thing.
    Today I’ve just applied Aftelier’s Wild Roses.
    BTW that raw, vegan chocolate I bought was absolutely awful and ended up in the recycling.


    • For some reason it feels very satisfying to hear about chocolate ;)

      I think I like both green and fruity roses – so I need to be on a lookout for roses that didn’t work for you.


  5. You have certainly been thorough. Really everything from Mogador to Lyric Woman and rose d’Amour. You deserve a lot of credit for being so comprehensive. My hat’s off to you!

    My sole rose discovery is Sylvaine Delacourte’s Dovana (which smells like Cruel Gardenia only with rose instead of the gardenia at the end) and very soapy. It blends well with vintage perfumes like Nuit de Noel. A small one to try for fun :-)


      • Oh and when you do I hope you comment about it! I have been eyeballing that set but there have been mixed reactions (some say too much musk?)


      • Oh I did like Briar Rose. I finished my bottle and am not sure that Ineke still has it. Thrilled that it made it too your trials.

        Chocolate roses seem to be a lure for me, I also have this menacing chocolate/rose by Neil Morris called Rose of Kali-very big and boozy and powerful. Briar Rose is far more feminine and Neil is unsurprisingly a big admirer of Ineke. There is some similarity in their styles.

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  6. Woo hoo…I completed another full week of rose and nothing but the rose although I did cheat a little with some perfumes that were not rose-forward and just had rose in the notes (Dior Addict, TF Noir Pour Femme and yesterday’s CdG Red: Carnation). Today, I am wearing Tauer Un Rose Chypree – one spritz and no complaints whatsoever. I am considering getting an Explorer Set that includes it. Any interest in splitting the set?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even though all of my perfumes are rose-forward, as you put it, I didn’t get tired of the genre yet.
      I need to re-try Un Rose Chypree – maybe I changed my mind about it in the last couple of years? As to the Explorer Set split, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days :)


  7. This week i have worn La Fille de Berlin – still my favourite rose by far and the only one that gets positive comments over and over! Just got a little decant of Viktoria Minya Hedonist Rose and wore it twice, very pretty soft rose! Also an appearance was made by Rose Anonyme Cologne which was sprayed liberally all over! I didn’t even mean to wear rose most of the week – it just happened!

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    • I tried Hedonist Rose but can’t remember what I thought… I’ll retry it soon.
      I wore Rose Anonyme yesterday: it gets better sprayed liberally, as I discovered.
      Wearing rose perfumes is addictive :) If you happen to wear another rose tomorrow, come back and share.


  8. Well, I usually wear Ormonde Jayne’s Ta’if for a warm rose. Inspired by all of you I have been looking at some of my neglected rose fragrances and came across Cabaret by Gres. I was never that fond of it but it had very positive reviews in the past and it was for sale at practically nothing, so I bought it – then forgot about it for some years! This wearing I liked it much more, although the white musk took over at the end – and lasted till the next day. Very much a rose chypre, and I think it even shares some vibes with Guerlain’s Parure – I can’t find my little bottle of that, but when I do I will do a comparison; my memory says that Parure was a more dewy rose. But it could be that Cabaret might almost fill a Parure-shaped hole for some.


    • I haven’t tried either Cabaret or Parure, so I can’t contribute any thoughts on the comparison. But I’m glad that our humble project enticed you to spend some time with your neglected bottle.


  9. I also remember having high hopes for Cafe Rose, and being terribly disappointed :( I’ve been under the weather for the past few weeks, so I haven’t been wearing perfume. I can’t actually remember the last time I have gone so long unscented!

    Now that I’m starting to feel better, I’ve been able to wear swipes of Tauer Rose Oil :) I’ve never tried Mogador, but this is the second time I’ve heard of it in a short period of time – I’d love to hear more details!


    • I’m sorry to hear you weren’t well. I don’t remember when the last time I stayed off perfumes for longer than a day. I hope you’re on the mend now.

      I heard many good things about Tauer’s Oil but haven’t got to try it yet.

      I plan to write more about Mogador soon: I have a bottle coming my way as I write that.


  10. I generally don’t like perfumes that have a strong Rose note. It’s a note that just doesn’t work for me and tends to give me a headache if the rose is to strong/potent. The only rose perfume on the calendar that I have is an Ineke Briar Rose tester size and totally missed wearing it on the designated day. Thanks to you Undina, I did at one time I did have a sample of SSS Velvet Rose, but its long gone. As much as I love Jo Malone perfumes, neither Red Roses nor Velvet Rose and Oud ever appealed to me at Nordstrom’s to even ask for a sample. I do own a bottle of Chloe EDP, only because my vSO gave it to me as a present. I do occasionally wear it but apply it very sparingly. I will do my best to remember to wear Briar Rose tomorrow in the spirit of the month of roses, even though it’s not the designated perfume for the day.

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    • I didn’t realize I liked rose perfumes that much until I started collecting my list for the month. But they all are so different!
      Please come back and let me know how it went with Briar Rose.


  11. Atelier Rose Anonyme for tor the finale of Month of Roses. It was an interesting month for sure with me digging through the furthest recesses of my collection AND finding rose fragrances. I KNOW I will find some more! Now I feel like doing iris for a full month, a different one each day but I don’t know for how long I can sustain the commitment!

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    • Now, when I do not need more, I’m finding more rose perfumes as well :)
      Is your heart set on iris next? I have another flower in mind (will e-mail you) – maybe you want to join? :)


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