A Month of Roses: Week 2

The second week of the Month of Roses went very fast because it included a 3-day weekend (I took an extra day off to celebrate my birthday) and Valentine’s Day. Rose perfumes felt extremely appropriate.

White Rose

February 8: Floris Snow Rose

Since Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume) mentioned in her comment on my A Month of Roses post that her bottle of this perfume, from which my sample came, went off, I felt uneasy as the date scheduled for wearing Snow Rose was approaching: I had just a little of perfume left in the sample after the previous testing, so I didn’t want to try it before the time to wear it came, so I decided to risk having to look for the last moment replacement. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to! I don’t know how it could have happened but a small part somehow had a better fate than a “whole” (whatever was left in Vanessa’s bottle).

I feel bad telling you what an interesting perfume Snow Rose is since it was a limited edition in 2009, and it doesn’t look like they are going to re-issue it. But I want to mention something that attracted my attention: it started out cold and very fitting to the name, but then it melted into very warm and cozy scent.

February 9: Les Parfums de Rosine Rose Praline (Francois Robert)

I had a couple of meetings in a small conference room so I was very discreet with the application. It’s not a bad perfume, and I might even finish my small decant but with many other great perfumes I have Rose Pralines seems a little too ordinary. I would still recommend trying this perfume if you’re looking for rose perfume with just a pinch of gourmand flavor.

Mrs Robert Shewell

February 10: Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady (Dominique Ropion)

Portrait of a Lady is one of my favorite perfumes. Normally I wouldn’t wear it to the office but since Lucas chose a work day for hajusuuri to wear this perfume, I was going to keep her company. But then I couldn’t help the urge to wear my favorite Lieber Gustav for the NTS’s community project (lavender perfumes): not only I love it but it’s much more office-friendly.

I still wore Portrait of a Lady that evening when I came home. It is such strong and elegant perfume! I think it calls for evening attire and pearls, though it might be an interesting contrast to jeans with a turtleneck – just not in the office.

February 11: Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming (Francis Kurkdjian)

It was a perfect charming perfume for a pre-birthday trip on a beautiful sunny day to a couple of wineries, a brewery and a coffee shop in Santa Cruz. As I previously wrote, Miss Charming is my absolutely favorite strawberry perfume. I enjoy wearing it on any occasion but that Saturday it was just perfect, and it accompanied well roses that were on my mind, cider with a distinct rose flavor that I tried during lunch and my favorite rose truffles that I had with coffee from my favorite coffee shop.

Rose Truffle

February 12: Ormonde Jayne Ta’if (Geza Schoen)

Ta’if is perfume, to which I attribute to my nosedive into the proverbial rabbit hole of niche perfumery. I love this perfume and think of it as my number two all-time favorite. It is so special for me that I wear it only for special occasion – such as my birthday this year. I started my morning with Ta’if oil, then later during the day switched to Ta’if EdP, and for the evening I went with Ta’if parfum. It is such a beautiful rose! I need to come up with more special occasions to wear it.

February 13: Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud (Fabrice Pellegrin)

Judging by the fact that I like this perfume, no real trees had to suffer to produce this agarwood. Velvet Rose & Oud is pleasant and plays nicely on my skin. And Jo Malone just started selling their Cologne Intense collection in slightly more reasonable 50 ml bottles. If they ever go for 30 ml, I’ll probably get it. Until then my small decant should do.

February 14: Les Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Amour

I chose this perfume because I like it very much, and because I thought it would be hard to find a more suitable name for Valentine’s Day perfume. This is one of a few aldehydes perfumes that work for me. It’s a bright beautiful rose, for which I can see myself buying the next bottle when my current one is empty – it’s not something that I can definitively say about too many perfumes in my collection.

Rusty and Roses Bouquet

With the extra day off and then Valentine’s Day, half of the third week just ran away from me, but I don’t want to crumble extra three days into this post – so February 15-17 will appear on the Week 3 post.

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Or Singles Awareness Day? Did you wear any rose perfumes recently since you commented on one of the previous posts in this Month of Roses series? Did you eat any good chocolate?

Images: my own


29 thoughts on “A Month of Roses: Week 2

  1. I am so happy Snow Rose was still in good nick when you tried it! Who knows what happened with my bottle? I agree that the perfume is cool and later cosy. It reminded me of a snow leopard – spiky and fluffy all at once. I am still basking in the fact that one of the roofers working on my house likened Truffle to a snow leopard! Anyway, thanks for the mention.

    I am afraid I fell off the rose wagon a bit this week, wearing samples that came in the post or that I was writing about, but Brulure de Rose got a couple more airings, and thanks for reminding me of Ta’if, also a top, top fave!

    Glad you had a good birthday / Valentine’s week. I bought myself some white tulips and a mini bottle of Freixenet rose cava, which I drank on 16th Feb, hehe. I also bought a woolly pin cushion shaped like a heart. ;)

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    • I had to look up what you drank (I wasn’t familiar with the name) but now I know. We had one of red sparkling wines on 14th. Drinking alcohol is something Rusty just can’t understand: he sees that we enjoy it, we consume it like food, but when he smells it, he doesn’t find it appealing – so he’s confused.
      Ta’if is beautiful, you should wear it!


  2. First off happy belated birthday!!!! And I loved reading your perfume list :)

    I forgot that I also have a travel spray of Velvet Rose & Oud….that is a good one…one of the few Ouds I can wear….I will second you in wishing Jo Malone would bring the intense line out in smaller bottles….15 ml would be nice, if you ask me !

    I have also been curious about the Les Parfums de Rosine line as I happen to love gourmands.

    Did not celebrate Valentine’s Day but did buy for myself chocolate hummus which pairs nice with fresh strawberries.

    The first week I wore PHI, the second week I wore Isabel and now for week three Chloe. As I mentioned before I am sticking to one rose perfume per week during the day but playing and sampling at night.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    • Thank you, Lavender.
      What is chocolate hummus? Is it something actually made of chickpeas with chocolate added, or is it just a name for the chocolate spread?

      Jo Malone doesn’t ever do 15 ml. The smallest regular bottle – 30 ml – would be great (they had once Dark Amber & Ginger Lily in that size – while it still was a limited edition). Their 9ml bottles for collectors are also nice but I wish they allowed us to choose, which bottles to get: I don’t need those 9 ml for perfumes that I already have in my collection but would love to get some others.


      • Chocolate hummus is indeed made of chickpeas and olive oil but also with unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon and a bit of organic sugar and spicy pepper…it tastes like Nutella without the hazelnut note and a bit of a kick and is absolutely delicious……if you ever see it in the grocery store do try it! I had it on toast this morning for breakfast…

        I know what you mean about those 9ml bottles….I wish Jo Malone would offer a “build your own coffret” where you could choose three of any of the Jo Malones and build a set that way…but I also think Jo Malone should make 15ml sprays the way some of the other perfume companies are doing now ….I think 15ml is a perfect size, don’t you?

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            • It’s ironic: I initially inserted into this post a link to my post about the source of my Miss Charming decant but then decided that there were enough links, which almost nobody ever follows (the present company excluded ;) ). So, here’s the post that should have answers to your question :)


  3. Apologies for lateness! I missed your Week 1 post but am still participating.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    I have less than 10 roses to wear this month in sample, decant and bottle form but am really enjoying it. I wore Rose de Nuit on Wednesday for my mother’s birthday and it’s the first time I’ve worn my decant of Rose Oud from By Kilian.
    I’ve bought orange flavoured Conscious Chocolate this week but haven’t tried it yet. It’s vegan handmade raw chocolate which is very worthy but I’d still rather have your rose truffle :)

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    • Tara, you’re never late… well, in this particular case you might be late if you come to comment after I close the draw on March 1st but in general you can comment on any post from the last 6 years s, and I’ll be glad to talk to you there :)
      I’m surprised that you have only 10 rose perfumes (I mean, counting samples): because of your blog name I assumed… :)
      I wonder, what should NOT be in chocolate to make it vegan (compared to dark chocolate), and if it still tastes like chocolate we know?


  4. So not a rose fan and I also don’t have many samples, but I did manage to participate with Rose 31, which I really like. And then I will keep on wearing some Saffron Troublant, which is a favorite of mine!

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    • Do you do not like rose scent from flowers as well, or is it just not your favorite note in perfumes?
      Rose 31 works well on my skin (but so are many other roses). I need to re-test L’Artisan’s rose perfumes – I just don’t remember what my impressions were but it gets a lot of love in Perfumeland.


  5. Yay for another week of roses! I can’t believe we’re actually over halfway there and much closer to the finish.
    So great that you were able to take an extra day off to celebrate your birthday. You deserved that. Did you treat yourself to something nice? I see a coffee and a little chocolate ball, so I guess these were part of your celebration.
    Are you going to buy any perfume to celebrate?


  6. Happy belated birthday, Undina! Your photo of the coffee and the rose truffles …. mmmm. Great photo! :)

    (Also, Rusty’s tail … just amazing. He looks like he could take care of your dusting needs. Just place something interesting on cabinetry and let him hop up.)

    We didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way, but my sister came for dinner, as she does every Tuesday, and I put out a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries for her, me and Mark for dessert. They were yummy. :)


    • Thank you, Suzanne.

      It’s not a problem to get Rusty interested in something on those surfaces where he’s not supposed to be but unfortunately it usually results in things being pushed down and broken :)

      I like strawberries in dark chocolate… I need to get myself some.


  7. Oooh, belated happy birthday, Undina! I love your perfume choices and the pictures too! I’ve also stuck with roses the entire Week 2. I’m hoping to make it through the entire month wearing perfumes with rose in the notes (per Fragrantica). For week 2, I wore FM POAL, Marni Marni, Aftelier Wild Roses and a few others :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reminding me about the turn of the week! :) Because I published the Week 2 report later in the week, I completely missed that the third week was already over.
      I’ll try Red Roses again this weekend. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll try your combination.


  8. Happy belated Valentine’s day! The rose truffles sound fascinating, and possibly something I could eat many of :) I can kind of understand your sentiments about the Tauerville line. When I first tried Rose Flash my main thought was, “This is nice, but I kind of wish it was a soap or shower gel.” Of course, my wishes were answered and now there is the rose oil :)


    • A good thing with these truffles is that because of a size I doubt anybody could eat more than one at a time :)
      I should look into trying the rose oil: I might like it more than perfume.


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