Best of 2016 and Welcome 2017!

I have never done a traditional “best of” perfume post before. Mostly, because as a result of my “no reviews” blog moto I do not really try to judge any perfumes – be that old or new releases – objectively, weighing their strong and weak points, but rather satisfy my curiosity, figure out whether I like perfume or not and move on. And if there is no story in it for me, there is nothing to tell on my blog.

So why am I doing this post, has anything changed? Not really. But as I was checking out the list of 2016 releases (I’m going to post my regular year round-up statistics post early in January), it occurred to me that this year I could safely name my Top 10 perfumes of 2016 since there were exactly 10 perfumes that I actually liked. So even though any list would be subjective, in this case I wouldn’t have to justify for myself why I put one of the perfumes on the list while leaving others out.


Puredistance Sheiduna – warm, spicy and addictive, this perfume will most likely join my collection when I’m done with the travel spray graciously sent to me by the brand.

Jul et Mad Secrets du Paradis Rouge is cheerful, with a perfect combination of fruity and floral notes. I can see it as one of my evening tropical vacation perfumes.

Two perfumes from Jo MaloneOrris and Sandalwood and Orange Bitters – made it up for me for the disaster that their limited Garden Collection was. I’ll probably be fine without the iris one (I have enough great irises in my collection) but I’ll enjoy wearing Orrange Bitters while my decant (thank you, hajusuuri!) lasts.

Since mimosa is one of my favorite scents in nature, I’m constantly in the search for the perfect mimosa perfume (to which three takes in my Single Note Exploration series can attest). So it’s not a surprise that two mimosa scents made it to my top 10 list this year. Once I got over the fact that Atelier Cologne Mimosa Indigo has nothing to do with mimosa (instead, it’s a very delicate, if you can use that characteristic for the material, leather perfume), I fell in love with it and welcomed a small bottle into my collection. Prada Infusion de Mimosa is much more about mimosa but this variation still maintains the backbone of the Infusion line, which I happen to like. I got to try this perfume thanks to Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) but it is not available in the U.S. yet, which might be partially a blessing: at this stage of my perfume hobby, I do not need 100 ml of any perfume (though, it might have been easier to buy a decant had Prada brought the perfume to the market here).

The next two perfumes were everybody’s favorites, so I’ll just mention that for the last couple of weeks I keep testing and liking Masque L’Attessa and Hiram Green Arbolé Arbolé. It’s too early to say if I’ll go for any of these two beyond testing but I’ve been enjoying the experience.

Amouage Myths Woman has restored my faith in my favorite brand. For a while none of the new releases really moved me, so I almost accepted that I’d have to stay with my classic favorites from the line. Myths is not just beautiful and happy perfume, but it’s also one of a few from Amouage that I want to wear not in cold weather (the other one is Dia). A decant of Myths I bought in a split should do for now, but I plan to stalk this beautiful purple bottle and get it eventually.

As to perfume #10… It’s getting late so I’ll tell its story (and run a small giveaway) in one of the January posts. Not that I think that you, my friends and readers, need any special incentive to come back next year.

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to all of you! Whether 2016 was good to you or not so, I wish the new one to be better. Please make a wish at 12 (or before you go to bed, if you do not plan to stay that late), and I wish it to come true for each of you who remembers to do that.

Images: my own


36 thoughts on “Best of 2016 and Welcome 2017!

  1. Hello sweetie,
    it’s totally okay that you only managed to try 10 perfumes that were launched in 2016. We all really like the way you write, not everyone perfume-related blog has to serve perfume reviews.

    As to Infusion de Mimosa, glad I could give you a chance to try it and I’ll be happy to send some more if needed.

    Happy New Year’s Eve to you, your family and to Rusty (hope there won’t be too much fireworks in your area so he doesn’t get scared) and looking forward to the next year of our fragrance encounters.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2017! Cheers!


    • Thank you, Lucas!
      New Year in the U.S. suburbia isn’t celebrated with fireworks, so Rusty will be safe. But it reminded me to take sparklers with me to the party – thank you! :)
      I hope your New Year Eve was a pleasant one.


  2. I’m actually glad that there’s at least one perfume blogger who hasn’t tried a zillion more new releases that I have. It makes your best of list more meaningful when I know you are listing things you are actually wearing and enjoying instead of things that are just technically well done. I’m going to have to try Myths woman. I don’t remember anyone being especially blown away by it when it was released but it sure is popping back up on the end of year posts.
    Happy New Year to you, your family, and Rusty. I know I’ve said it before, but he is just too handsome for words!


    • Thank you, mikasminion, glad to be of service – even in that slightly unexpected way :)
      Myths is beautiful – just come to testing it with an open mind, not thinking of classic Amouage perfumes. I would put it in line with the mentioned above Dia and Beloved.
      Rusty is getting a treat in your name, so he appreciates your kind words (in a manner of speaking;))


  3. Happy New Year’s Eve, Undina. I hope that any wish that you make at midnight comes true, too.

    I really enjoyed your list — especially as I was curious as to whether you loved L’Attessa (since I haven’t tried it but have read its glowing praises), and am also thrilled to hear that there is finally a new Amouage to get excited about, as my feelings about the house in recent years mirror your own. I will put Myths Woman on my to-try list.


    • Dear Suzanne,
      I planned to write you an e-mail with more detailed impressions of L’Attesa, but my provider did something wrong, and I can’t get into my inbox :( I hope it’ll get resolved next year ;)
      Happy New Year to you and yours!


  4. How fortuitous that there were 10 perfumes you liked this year so you could share them with us. As usual, I got nowhere near 10.
    I am even more curious about Arbolé Arbolé now I read you’re enjoying it, as well as others out there in the blogosphere.
    I’m testing Rahele by NVC for the first time today and it’s incredibly lovely.
    A very Happy New’s Eve to you!


    • Thank you, Tara! Happy New Year to you too!
      I was surprised to like Arbole since no other perfumes from the line that I’ve tried worked for me. But I did – so I just had to share.


  5. Woo hoo on your top ten and I’m glad I was able to contribute towards it :-)

    I tried the Prada Infusion Mimosa when I was in Barcelona in the summer but the Perfumeria Julia (the Spanish version of Sephora eventhoigh there are Sephoras pretty much worldwide) did not provide samples. Saks had not received its shipment of the bottles or of the samples when I last checked in around late October.

    Rusty looks like a nice Christmas gift but he was either mesmerized by the blue ornament, admiring his reflection or plotting his destruction strategy!

    I have a guess as to your #10 but will keep silent :-)


  6. Happy New Year (and all that entails) to you, Rusty and your readers. It will take a month or two for me to have a little extra cash for perfume buys (after the Christmas period), so i am reading reviews and trying to decide what the next bottle or large decant will be. Its all good! :-)


    • Happy New Year to you too!

      Taking time to decide on the perfume purchase is a good thing: you’ll have more time to figure out if you really like the one(s) that you’re planning to get.


  7. A lovely list – I still have to try about half of those, but I did love Myths and L’Attesa and Arbole Arbole has a beautiful drydown. Happy New Year!


    • Thank you, Annikky!
      Arbole’s drydown (it took me three attempts to persuade the autocorrect that I actually meant that!) is my most favorite part of that perfume as well.


  8. Happy New Year, Undina! It is a mark of how removed I have become from the perfume scene that I am only familiar with Sheiduna on that list, hehe. I am intrigued to try both the ones you mention with mimosa – I was grateful to you in 2016 for my mimosa fix of Mimosa & Cardamom and Etro Rajasthan! – even if the Atelier is not very mimosa-like in reality. And so many people rate the Hiram Green scent (it takes a lot to get Val excited about a non-Vero for example) that it is another that virtually stirred my mojo. ;)

    Oh, Rusty looks so sweet and composed under the tree!


    • Hi Vanessa! I bet you could tell tales about different shades of wall paint or types of yarn you’ve got to try this year. Or kinds of stage fog/smoke ;)
      Now, when you’ve been warned about a “non-mimosa-ness” of Atelie’s perfume, I’ll send you a sample to try. Jo Malones you should be able to easily do on your own (especially the iris one – it’s permanent edition in the Intense collection). It will improve your 2016 releases tried stats :)


  9. Happy New year dear Undina! 😊
    I didn’t make any particular wishes, just wished for a better year than 2016.
    I do wish your wishes are fulfilled in 2017!


    • Happy New Year to you too!
      I haven’t tried Infusion de Mimosa in parallel with Une Fleur de Cassie so it’s hard to do a fair comparison, but from my wearing UFdC (I like it) I can tell that it has some “dirty” note, which makes it harsher. I struggle with that note until it disappears. And there is no struggle for me with IdM.


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