From the Cutting Room Floor: Perfume? What Perfume? Where??!

Initially I planned to use this series for sharing with you pictures of Rusty that I made for my posts but ended up not publishing because I had more good pictures than I needed. But Scented Hound’s comment “Where’s Rusty??!” on my recent post gave me the idea to show you why it is tricky to get a good shot with both Rusty and perfume in one frame.

First, here’s the only one more or less sharp picture of Rusty and perfumes that I managed to take that day:

Rusty and Climat, Chamade and Chanel No19

After that he uncooperatively laid down on the chair and fell asleep completely ignoring all my attempts to attract his attention. I was rearranging the bottles, making noises and even pretending that I had some food in there – it didn’t work. To test a suspicion that it was Climat that cast a sleeping spell on him (the last time I was taking pictures of that perfume, Rusty also ended up napping – see the proof below), I removed that bottle and ended up with just Chamade and No 19 in the post picture, but it didn’t interrupt Rusty’s beauty nap.

Rusty and Climat

And even on those occasions when Rusty would get curious enough to get closer to a perfume bottle I was shooting and not fell asleep, he would keep turning away, checking out the walls behind him or the ceiling above as if asking “Where did you say that perfume was??”  I swear he doesn’t do it “in real life” when camera is not present.

* * *

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* * *

And one more of my cat’s favorite poses, with which many of you are already quite familiar, is his back to the camera:

Happy Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all my U.S. readers!


35 thoughts on “From the Cutting Room Floor: Perfume? What Perfume? Where??!

  1. Hahaha, I absolutely love the photos where he pretends to be watching something behind him, or at the ceiling. That’s such a cat thing to do. It’s why we love them right?
    In Tove Jansson’s The summer Book, there is a chapter where the girl gets a cat. It’s a *real* cat, it doesn’t care to do as it’s told, and can only be cuddled when it says so. She gets the chance to exchange it for another, which can be carried around everywhere, and is much more docile. But it doesn’t work because the cat she loves is the first one, and she ends up loving the first cat for being the way it is.


    • I think I have the best of both worlds: Rusty actually likes being carried around, so I can do it whenever I feel like that. But if I sit down, he’d run away for a minute or two but then usually would come back and sit on my lap.

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  2. I loved all these shots, but the first one in particular – Rusty looks like a non-compliant periscope. In the words of Kipling, he is verily ‘the cat that poses by himself’. Keep these cutting room floor posts coming, please – they are the best!


    • Thank you, Vanessa, we’ll try (though hajusuuri might be right and if the reverse psychology works on Rusty, I might start publishing more “good” pictures ;))


  3. No matter if Rusty is posing for the photos or not, he always looks super cool and super fluffy.

    It made me giggle when you wrote that he suddenly gets interested in walls or ceiling when you were about to take a photo.


  4. I really think that Rusty is just trying to get you to show his best side(s): face in profile, or that beautiful white chest. And occasionally gets miffed with your preference for perfume. ;-)
    I agree with all the above comments; any form of Rusty is appreciated. Orange slice please,


    • I was actually thinking that maybe he just prefers his pictures taken this way? You know, how different TV and movie personalities have a couple of favorite poses that we keep seeing again and again.


  5. I think I am more addicted to Rusty than to perfume. Thank you for the outtakes. I was beginning to feel like Rusty was just too perfect to be real. Happy Mother’s Day to you, the mother of a very handsome boy :)


  6. You should tell Rusty that you are taking pictures specifically for the cutting room posts and maybe he’ll do the opposite :-) It looks like he was about to take a swipe at the beautiful flower arrangement.


    • Thank you, Sun! You should see Rusty in the role of sleeping beauty! Hm… Maybe I’ll post those pictures for one of the next episodes in this series? ;)


  7. Beautiful. I would love to see Rusty in sleeping beauty mode – perhaps with a shot of a fluffy tummy that cant help but be stroked softly! Does he know how we discuss him; i wonder if that is giving him his haughty head in air pose! :-)


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