A Postcard From Undina: On Acting and Getting Unintended Consequences

Recently on the way to a dinner at our friends’ house, my vSO and I were surprised by the size of the moon in the sky. We were running late to start looking for the place to stop safely. In the next 10 seconds we had to turn. The windshield was too dirty. And there were probably several more reasons in my head for why I shouldn’t take a picture. But I still took out my phone, asked my vSO to make sure not to do the California stop at the closest sign and did my best to shift away from the streaks of dirt on the glass as I took the picture below.

Moon as a Street Lamp

It’s not as impressive as it was in real life. It is not the shot I will be proudly showing to my family or print out for decoration purposes. And you still can see smudges on the trees on the right. But as I was looking later through the pictures I took with my phone, I was amused by the fact that, without any conscious efforts on my part, I got a photo on which moon looks like an oversized street light. It got me into a philosophical mood:



25 thoughts on “A Postcard From Undina: On Acting and Getting Unintended Consequences

  1. That’s a lovely photo anyway!
    Some time ago we could observe “bloody moon” during the eclipse when the moon was bigger than usual as it was at its closest distance from Earth and it was red.


  2. Ha – I love when that happens..accidental delights like these. I agree with your philosophy there (sort of like ‘chance favors the prepared mind’- though that sounds far more prosaic than your lines :)).


    • Phrasing the sentiment is less important than the idea itself. Let’s hope we’ll be able to correctly recognize those times when acting changes our chances in the favorable direction.


  3. Serendipity – sometimes when I’m painting I like the look of the pallette more than the actual painting! I did actually think at first that was a streetlamp in your photo :) now I know it’s the moon I’m impressed! It is amazing that it’s so perfectly centred on the lamp post.


    • Thank you, Rose.
      That moon was so gorgeous that I didn’t even notice anything else until later.

      I would love to see some of the pairings of your paintings and the palettes for those :)


  4. Oh that is great fun, and I also thought it was an orb-style street lamp there for a moment, until I realised there was no moon anywhere else in the shot, haha. Glad you persisted and the motto at the end is very fitting.


  5. Ooh wow, I’m glad you were able to snap this photo even in the circumstances. The sky looks lovely, there’s almost something Impressionist about it. And the moon really does look like an over sized streetlamp! It’s very charming.


    • Thank you, Caitlin. I’m glad you liked it. Between your and Portia’s ideas I can now try to choose if I should consider this photo to be impressionism- or post-impressionism-inspired :)


    • I have many pictures of the sky, especially at sunset. Usually I start taking them and it looks so beautiful from any angle that I just cannot stop. And then it’s even harder to choose the best one when I want to share or print it :)


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