Entertaining Statistics: February 2014

This February we finally got some rain. But even though it was not of a kind when you say “better than nothing”, it was a good rain, it still hasn’t resolved our drought situation. But it gave us hope and I enjoyed that month even more than I would have without these long expected precipitations.

On the heels of the first guest post by hajusuuri I asked you to answer the question for this statistics post:

February 2014 Statistics

I am pleased to see that six out of forty (40) respondents (15%) are financially conservative and don’t make spontaneous purchases. Admirable!

The potential of the perfume slipping away before we can decide if we really-really want to get it proved to be the most direct way to our wallets: 10 votes/25%. Let’s promise ourselves and each other that we won’t allow any unscrupulous SA to exploit this weakness.

The second most common slippery slope toward making an unplanned perfume purchase is a “good deal” temptation. I snort every time I hear the slogan “The more you spend, the more you save” but in reality the notion of getting the best offer ever – now or never! – works for many of us. By the way, my answer was one of the 9 (23%) in this category so I wasn’t among the wisest perfumistas from the category I mentioned first.

All other options got the even spread – 5 votes (1213%). Reasons mentioned in the “Other” category were either indecisive ones (all-of-the-above type) or along the line of instant gratification.

In conclusion I want to say that regardless of the reason why we commit to a new bottle purchase, if we do not break the bank, the only thing that matters is whether we feel satisfied or disappointed with our acquisitions en masse. If the former – keep enjoying that aspect of your hobby (and if the latter – come to us and we’ll organize an intervention!)

And finally – the results of the inaugural draw for 5 ml decant of Atelier Cologne Silver Iris:

Silver Iris Draw Results

#1 – Vanessa! To tell the truth, I don’t remember for a long time #1 to be selected as a winner (not just on my blog). Please contact me with the mailing instructions.

Images: my own


19 thoughts on “Entertaining Statistics: February 2014

  1. Oh, I say, I have won! Will PM you. No 1 doesn’t get chosen as a number if you ask people to pick one from 1-10, I do know that, but I guess Random.org is more random…;)

    Very interesting – and broadly spread – of results. I was a mostly ‘discontinued’ myself, but I can relate to some of the other reasons. The ‘slipping away’ rationale applies when you visit a big city if you don’t happen to live in one. A few of my earliest bottle purchases were on that basis in Paris. L’Etait en Douce, I am looking at you…! Then Ambra di Luna by Ramon Monegal probably should have been a spontaneous purchase there. ;). But discontinued has been the trigger latterly now I am reining in more. Thanks very much for hosting this draw.


  2. That’s a cool statistics post!
    I was one of those 6 people who voted they don’t make impulsive perfume purchases.
    I expected that perfume discontinuation would be the most common reason for an immediate buy.
    Great post and happy March ahead!


  3. I was one of the ones easily swayed by the whisper of discontinuation! I think the puzzling thing is if you hear something will be discontinued and you keep seeing it a year, two years, three years later . . .


    • Discontinued means it’s not being produced any longer by the brand but there might be a lot of old stocks and for the most popular perfumes, I think, fakes.


  4. Although I didn’t participate in your poll, I enjoyed reading hajusuuri’s post and your entertaining statistics. I was a very impulsive perfume buyer when I first discovered the perfume blogs, but that was years ago. I’m older and wiser now … except when in Rome, so to speak. ;)


  5. Looks like the responses were pretty evenly distributed in the whole scheme of things. Since I have not yet seen the error of my ways, late last week, after the Love at First Sniff post was published, I went all out at Saks. I had gift cards from converting points that had been languishing for 3 years (so I consider it found money and therefore, “free”), a $50 off coupon and Saks was having its Beauty Gift with Purchase Event. I got something that had been on my To Buy list for almost a year (this is the rare exception but, yes, I can wait and I got a surprise mini of a beloved perfume), one that was totally an impulse buy (which I will be exchanging for something else) and a sampler set and I only had to shell out $76! And so the madness continues…..

    Congratulations to Vanessa!


    • I think it depends on the ratio of satisfaction/disappointment. As an extreme example, if a person can afford one bottle per year, he/she probably will never be so happy with any spontaneous purchase to mitigate how much they will feel disappointed with the “bad choice”. But if it’s one of five or ten bottles… Why not? :)


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