Rusty Travels… Virtually


Many of you mentioned now and then that Rusty might have a career in modeling. We talked it through with him and agreed that it would be too much pressure so for now he’ll stick to helping me out with my blog. But (after a couple of treats) he couldn’t refuse posing with a bottle of perfume that had a short stop at my place on its way to Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume). Follow the link below to read the review, smile and see one more of Rusty’s shots.

Rusty and Zelda

… the first time in my professional life that I have been asked to ‘slip into something more comfortable’


33 thoughts on “Rusty Travels… Virtually

  1. At least you are not one of those stage moms pushing their little ones in order to live vicariously in the limelight :-) Rusty is still the most adorable cat I know (after my own, of course!).


  2. Love this shot – Rusty’s nose almost touched the top – that makes the bottle even more precious! I think he could make a fortune in modelling by being the poster puss for a slew of top brands, but I understand that it is a stressful career. Might they ration his crunchies too, so he retains his svelte figure cunningly concealed beneath that luxurious coat? That would never do…

    Anyway, many thanks again for the storage and courier services, and the adorable Rusty shoot and link to my post. ;)


    • PS Ari, it is true that if I had used you as the ‘handling & shipping’ partner, we might have got a totally on-message kitteh shot. ;).


    • Rusty just has to sniff and touch almost anything new that appears in his Universe. But if it’s not something he can eat or play with he immediately loses interest so if I want to take a picture I need to have everything ready by the time I put a new object somewhere where Rusty can reach it.


  3. Awwwwww… Give him a treat. He’s a good boy. I was at the vet yesterday and while we were waiting there was a very, very angry kitty in the exam room. Rusty looks like a very sweet cat. He needs a treat.


    • Rusty is a very nice and social cat though I saw him getting mean twice – once with a dog (he defended his bowl) and once with a small kid (I think he defended himself). Treat goes to Rusty from poodle. (I hope your visit to the vet was a routine one).


  4. Great pic of the wee man. I read the article and its great, as usual. My cat Inky would have pushed the bottle off the table in a blink :-)


    • Rusty knows that we love him but I don’t think he realizes that he’s cute. And I know exactly what you mean. I haven’t seen it with cats but when I was in NY last time I saw a poodle in Manhattan who was walking her owner (sic) as if they were on a catwalk (no pun intended).


  5. I got to know your blog through another blog and I absolutely love it! As a perfume junkie it’s like a treasure trove :) And here’s another thing I must admit…. I’m sooooo in love with Rusty…


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