Spontaneous me: Diptyque Volutes


When it comes to perfumes there are different degrees of impulsiveness. And while I do not approve of blind buys of any amount of perfumes larger than 5 ml (unless the bottle itself is the goal), I find spontaneous perfume purchases at a store romantic to a certain degree.

I have that dream of going into a perfume shop while on a vacation or at a fragrance event and finding perfume, without which I wouldn’t want to leave that store. It hasn’t happen to me yet but every time I read this kind of a love story by one of my friends in the Perfumeland, I make myself a mental note about the perfume.

Lanier’s tale of the premier party at Diptyque San Francisco was one of those stories. It got me very curious about Volutes – the perfume to a bottle of which Lanier had committed just after a brief first encounter.

Diptyque Volutes

The only place around where I live that carried Diptyque’s perfumes at the time was that San Francisco boutique to which I usually can get once or twice a year but I wanted to try it so much that I just had to go… to Madison Avenue Diptyque boutique in New York where I smelled Volutes for the first time.

Both my vSO and I liked Volutes but since he is even less spontaneous that I am, what could have become a great memory of that wonderful New York trip ended up being just a sample.

That Volutes sample came back with me to California and then accompanied us to our vacation in Ukraine earlier this year. I brought it with me not to use it myself but as one of the perfumes for my vSO to test-wear for me.

As I complained in that month’s statistics post, most of the perfumes I hoped I would enjoy wearing during my vacation didn’t work at all in the hot and humid weather. One day I noticed that Volutes smelled really great on my vSO hours after the application and despite the weather. I tried wearing it and ended up loving it on me as well.

Last week I went to the local Nordstrom, which now carries Diptyque line, and bought a bottle of Volutes EdT. So it took me just slightly over a year to get from the first lemming to a full bottle in my collection.

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For the November statistics post, please tell me:
Have you ever bought a full bottle of perfume on the spot, the same day you smelled it for the first time?


Image: my own


62 thoughts on “Spontaneous me: Diptyque Volutes

  1. I like Volutes, too. I didn’t feel I needed it because I have several other similar perfumes, but it’s instantly likeable, I agree.

    For your data: yes, I have done that several times!


  2. I have done this too – and I agree that it is rather romantic! Coincidentally, after one wearing of Volutes edt and two testing sessions – the very first time and the side-by-side with the EDP sample you gave me, I was on a mission to buy it in Manchester yesterday, but didn’t spot the line. So you could say I came close to buying it – if not on implulse exactly – after a relatively short acquaintance! ;)


  3. i used to do my perfume shopping that way, but nowadays it takes me a long time to decide on any full bottle purchase. But it sill happens that I come home with a different one that I thought I would buy. Latest example is L’Heure Bleu, bought on a whim on Friday. It was only ‘just’ on my to buy list.


    • Moving bottles to the top of the list is something I’ve done many times, it’s easier. Making a decision “then and there” – this is something I haven’t mastered yet.


  4. Hey, kitty, kitty. Rusty, I’ve got a treat for you (shall I send it over via e-mail?)
    That’s a great post and I don’t know if you can read ones mind or not but just a short time ago I fell in love with Volutes, I really like the scent and I’m thinking of reviewing it soon, before the end of the year.

    Answering your statistics question I think I can say yes. It happened recently with Tauer Phi Une Rose de Kandahar. I got a sample from Andy and placed a bottle order just a few days later.


  5. Happens now and then, give me some thrills in everyday life :-)
    The last one was SL Rahat Loukoum as there was an offer from Serge Lutens with free delivery at the same time as I tested a sample that I have received from Sigrun. And last but not least: Rusty is so fluffy and cute!


  6. I think part of the joy of perfume is finding the unexpected scent that you must have NOW! The thrill of discovery is part of any hobby of collecting.


  7. Shopping abroad, in a city that I wish to remember, I usually have no problem buying perfume on the spot and have purchased quite a few bottles of “new to me” perfumes that way. I’ve regretted a couple of those purchases, but most of the time they have worked out well (and I enjoyed supporting the boutiques where I spent so much time sniffing).

    Enjoy your Volutes, Undina. Meow to those gorgeous Rusty photos!!


  8. I’m dying to try Volutes. Very encouraged that you ended up liking it enough to buy a bottle. I wonder if I will impulse buy it when I finally test it? The time i did that was with trying Bois des Iles for the first time. I don’t think i’ve done it since.


  9. Seems to me Rusty is more interested in the cap than with Mama’s new love :-)…and I love that “Did I do that?” look when the cap got swatted!

    I love both Volutes EDT and EDP and have FBs of both but neither were immediate purchases as I wanted to get some deals either online or at Nordstrom.

    As to buying a FB on the spot after sniffing for the first time, yes. My most recent one was Marni Rose (and I got a mini and another creepy doll…wtihout these 2 “freebies”, I probably would have waited until there was some kind of deal).

    If you ever do a reveal all post along these lines…I will fess up to a few more :-).


    • Maybe you should do a reveal post? ;) I’m too calculating and practical, so almost every time I think I like something I decide to 1) test more; 2) wait for a better deal 3) think if I really need it; 4) buy a small decant instead – not necessarily in that order. But if you’d like to do a guest post and invite others to name names in comments – I’ll welcome the initiative ;)


      • Yikes…a reveal post from moi? Possible…perhaps I will write it over the Christmas to New Year holidays although I will be away for a good chunk of that time. I’ll email you with a proposal :-). Thanks for the opportunity.

        As to the 4 ways you manifest being calculating and practical, I practice 2 of them, sometimes (wait for a better deal and buy a small decant instead) and the other 2, ummmm not often or to be perfectly honest, rarely.


    • If you liked Volutes after a short encounter I’m sure you’ll keep enjoying it more and more as you wear it!
      Thank you for the input. Come back tomorrow for the stats.


  10. Yes, I have done the on the spot buy many times over the years. Most notable were Shiseido’s Feminite du Bois, Niki de Saint Phalle, Dior Addict and Cartier’s Le Baiser du Dragon. Now I sample mostly before I buy due to geographical limitations and knowing I must pay the mortgage firstly :)


  11. I have bought a full bottle of perfume after trying some, doing some shopping, and then coming back to buy it before leaving the mall. Does this count? I bought Zen, Dior Addict, and Sensous Noir this way.


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