Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 22


I had a really hectic week because my office is moving so you can imagine all the packing added to the regular work. Friday was the last day at the old place so a note to all of my correspondents: the address you have is no longer active.

I still managed to read most of the posts on my Reading List though I was on a lighter side with commenting. Here are posts that created some lemmings, made me laugh or reviewed perfumes that I love.

Moving Day



Lanier (Scents Memory): I have to say that I enjoy Diptyque and I am still exploring their line but when I smelled Volutes I flipped! Sold to the tall guy with the red shirt! Lane noticed that on my skin it smelled very masculine yet on Hilary it was wonderfully feminine. This amazing transformative aspect of the scent by this point in the evening did not surprise me.


Christos (Memory of Scent) combines his childhood memories with a review of Serge Lutens’ perfume and it makes that perfume sound very appealing to me: Now after all these years rediscovering the combination of sweet milk and rubber strikes strange chords. Douce Amère is way too sweet for my tastes but every time I wear it I get this nostalgic feeling of sheltered childhood. Soft clouds of fuzzy cotton wrap around me, I feel the warm sensation of snoozing in a dimly lit room knowing that someone is watching over me.



Lanier (Scents Memory): Fumehead and blogger Lanier Smith avoids the press leaving his home as news breaks of cologne heist in San Francisco. When questioned Smith snapped “Why don’t you ask John Robie where HE was last night?”



Meg (parfumieren) offers a lovely and funny take on one of my favorite L’Artisan‘s perfumes – Tea for Two: Well, it’s spicy. Comforting. It makes me think of wintertime, all nasty sleet and slippery ice outside while indoors you’re safe and sound and WARM […]


Mel (My Life In Rouge) reviews one of my most favorite perfumes Chanel No 19: this unique iris ‘cold’ scent exudes elegance and ‘assertiveness’… in other words, a perfect companion for the ice queen in you.


Ari (Scents of Self): Trayee is a heartbreakingly beautiful incense scent, made full and rich with blackcurrent and a fruity jasmine note. Y’all know that I don’t like jasmine and I don’t like fruity, so it is a true testament to Duchafour’s skills that he was able to render these notes wearable and even attractive to me. For my take on all three perfumes in the line read Three Pieces of Neela Vermeire’s India Puzzle.


Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies) isn’t sure if my favorite Ineke‘s Field Notes From Paris will become a FBW: I really love the opening and the journey is a good one with highs, lows and interesting things happening, I want to be madly enraptured because the work is so good and the price is not outrageous either. Field Notes From Paris is the kind of niche offering that we wish the big boys would emulate, and the bottle itself is gorgeous.



16 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 22

  1. I know I’ve told you before, but you do a great job of rounding these up. I just read Lanier’s post about Diptyque Volutes and agree that it sounds soo good, but I think my favorite part of his story was this:

    “Miss Bo was so wonderfully helpful and informed on the scents. She amazed me when she told us that construction workers in the area really love Hesperides. Now that is some incredible information and why shouldn’t construction workers love to smell nice too?”

    I agree, Lanier! Makes me want to smell that one.


    • Thank you, Suzanne, you’re so kind.
      Lanier’s Diptyque post could easily go under two categories – Lemmings and Laughs. But since it’s not a nomination but just an attempt to share posts with more people I chose just one.

      Wearing your Amouage Gold today and loving every minute of it – thank you!


  2. Congratulations on the move! How did it go?

    And thank you for the round up of posts. I did not read much last week for various boring reasons, so this was a good primer. :)


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