“My” brand and “not my” brand


As I was updating My Perfume Portrait I looked closer at my favorite perfumes from the brands prospective.

In my pre-perfumista life I didn’t even think about brands. I would try all new mainstream perfumes, no matter who’d created them, choose those I wanted to get immediately and those for which I would wait to buy online discounted. Over years I wore Dior, Givenchy, Yves Rocher, Elizabeth Arden and YSL. I might have owned a couple of perfumes from the same brand at the same time but I’m not sure.

The first brand I recognized as such was Jo Malone. I can’t say that all of their perfumes immediately became my favorites but I kept finding more and more perfumes I liked and wanted to wear. Even today Jo Malone’s perfumes dominate my collection with at least 2:1 ratio to any other most popular brands.

Jo Malone in my collection

But while the number of bottles might be a sufficient condition to qualify a brand as “my“, it’s not a necessary one. Taking into the account prices of modern niche perfumes as well as bottle sizes and the size of my collection, a couple of samples or a small decant sometimes is all I need to enjoy the perfume I like. And sometimes I simply have the feeling that the brand is just right for me.

Do you remember how it was for you in the beginning? For me it was an enormous amount of information – names, notes, perfumers and brands.  The first brand I consciously approached three years ago, when I was just starting my voyage into the unknown world of niche perfumery, was Amouage. My first samples order consisted of seven perfumes from the brand; five of them were hits. Amouage is one of “my” brands ever since – even though I can’t add all the perfumes I like to my collection as full bottles.

Rusty and Amouage Memoir

Among other brands that I consider in the same category (not counting new(er) brands with less than five perfumes in the line) are Ormonde Jayne,  Annick Goutal, Atelier Cologne, Tom Ford, Chanel and Dior (exclusive lines from the last two). I do not love or want to wear all of the perfumes from these lines but on average these brands create more perfumes that I (at least) like. These are “my” brands.

On the other end of spectrum there are brands, work of which I respect, find interesting and sometimes even love but in general I feel like those brands are “not my.” By Kilian, Guerlain, Tauer Perfumes, Serge Lutens or Frederic Malle are good examples of such brands. Even though I own several bottles and decants from all these brands, their perfumes don’t work for me more often than they do.

Perfume bottles

If you were to name just two brands – one that is totally you and one that mostly leaves you cold – what would those be?


Images: my own

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  1. For the brands that are “me” I’m going to cheat, in the spring/summer it’s Annick Goutal. I haven’t tried a single one from their line that doesn’t work for me. In autumn/winter “I’m” Serge Lutens. Nobody does spicy orientals as they do.

    A brand that unfortunately does not seem to work on me is Puredinstance. I wanted to love them but I’m anosmic to the base in both Opardu and Antonia so they tend to disappear in no time at all. I haven’t tried I and M though, so there still is hope :)

    • I’m not sure that it’s fair to judge a small brand by two (out of four) perfumes – that’s why I mentioned above that I wasn’t considering brands with less than 5 perfumes in the line. It might be that you won’t like those other two as well but I think you need a bigger set before you make the final judgement.
      But if you insist on having Puredistance as your choice I’ll take it :)

      • You’re right about me being very harsh on a small brand, I guess I’m just venting my disappointment of about not feeling the bases. The starts of both Opardu and Antonia were so promising, and then…nothing. I will definitely go with Lavanyas advice and try M (and I as well, as I’m at it).

        So if I’d pick another brand that’s “not me” that would be Tom Ford. I haven’t tried too many of the scents but not a single one of the ones I’ve tried has worked on me. And their advertising campaigns make me feel even more alienated, so Tom Ford it is.

        • Had I seen Tom Ford’s ads before I tried his perfumes I might have never picked a single bottle of it from the counter even to sniff: I despise those ads. Luckily for me, the only place I can see them in the U.S. is Internet – and it’s not that hard to avoid them unless you’re looking for images specifically. So I’ll take your vote of TF instead of Puredistance.

  2. Dearest U
    Stimulating as ever.
    Rather like the idea of ‘U’ and ‘non-U’ that Nancy Mitford popularised in relation to words and class.
    Guerlain and Caron and ‘my brands’ (though I could add to this list with Grossmith and Robert Piguet and Byredo).
    As for ‘not my brands’, this is rather trickier, as there are very few that have no perfumes I like at all, interestingly a brand can move from being one to the other Gucci is a classic example, I once wore and loved several of the fragrances, but find the current crop quite intolerable.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Wonderful post and gorgeous photos. You’ve got a talent to make beautiful pictures and convey Rusty to cooperate. I love the way he sits in the sun shining through the window and looking at the bottle of your Amouage, like he was going to hunt it in a minute.

    I consider Atelier Cologne as my brand – I like all their perfumes but 2 and also Parfum d’Empire, I don’t like 4 from the line, the other are hits.

    The brand that leaves me totally cold nowadays is Kilian I don’t really care about. I can’t find a language with Lutens as well.

  4. That’s a really tough question. I don’t know if there’s any brand I’ve really explored thoroughly enough to call it mine. I’ve had more hits than misses with Sonoma Scent Studio so maybe that would be one of mine. The one that’s not me is easy and I could list more than one. By Killian is at the top. I haven’t found anything yet in that line I like. The other that comes to mind is Annick Goutal, not because I don’t like the scents, but because the ones I’ve tried are gone in less than an hour on me.

    • I don’t think one has to go through the complete line to get a feeling if you like it. BTW, Annick Goutal feels right to me despite it being fleeting (and I don’t even like half of their perfumes! Go figure…)

  5. That is very tough, Undina, but what a great idea!
    The brand that is mostly “not me”, but that I respect is surely Serge Lutens.
    It’s much harder with the “me” brand. Hmmm. I’m going with Hermès since it is summer, with Guerlain as a second for winter. ;)

  6. I’ve been thinking about ‘brand loyalty’ myself a lot. Something which we know work for us, we are much more likely to get back to.
    For me those are: Guerlain, SL and Armani Privé and if I could afford it MDCI.
    The deepest respect but just not really me; amouage and annick goutal. I do love Gold though- but as a whole their rose notes always sit up sour on me, or even worse ‘hello kitty-pretty’ like. There it’s out!

    • Not liking evenasingle perfume from a good line is a rare situation. Usually I can find at least one or two that are nice or even great on me but still the line as the whole isn’t working.

  7. I am brand loyal when it comes to groceries, but not really when it comes to perfumes. Although there a brands that I will perk up with when there is a new release or if I feel they are quality…Guerlain, By Kilian and I have recently become obsessed with Vero Profumo. What leaves me cold are the Montale and Tom Ford lines and I have yet to wade into Bond #9 which everything about their bottles, their names, etc. I find revolting. I think their target market is for Kesha wannabes with lots of money.

    • I won’t wear a perfume just because it’s created by a brand that I like. But choosing what new releases to persue I always rely upon what I think about brands. But I’d try those brands from “not my” list since I place there only good brands.
      I don’t think Bond #9 can be named here and not even because it’s not a good brand (though I boycott them for their bullying indie perfumers) but because you can’t say that brand isn’t yours (I mean, for the purpose of this poll, in general you may say whatever you want :) ) if you haven’t tried their perfumes.

  8. It is fascinating to see the brands that are yours (or not yours) and try to discern a common thread. :) I have not yet discovered a whole line that is “mine,” which is probably a relief because I am buying far too much anyway. For one that is not mine, there are several, but I think Serge Lutens bothers me the most because I really feel like I am missing out on something others are perceiving that I am unable to. Maybe not though; maybe it is just taste.

    • I don’t think it’s possible to find a brand (with 5 + perfumes in line) all perfumes of which anybody can love. It would be a wrong business model, I think. But sometimes a brand gives you that feeling that you like their approach to buiding scents. When you get that feeling – that’s “your” brand.
      As to SL’s perfumes, it’s such a huge brand with several different types of perfumes that I’m sure you’ll eventually find one or two to like.

  9. Really interesting post, Undina.

    I have thought about this before because although I have 2 or 3 perfume from many brands I haven’t really found “my brand”. I guess the closest would be Guerlain because I love the brand so much and am interesting in everything they do.

    I haven’t found a perfume by Annick Goutal to work for me so I guess that would be brand I least associate with.

    Fun question!

    • I have at least one bottle (sometimes more) for each of those “not my” brands on the least above but By Kilian (and I think I’ll remedy that before the end of the year) – and still I know that those brands are not “me.”

    • I echo what Tara said. I don’t think I have really found a brand that is definitely “mine”, although there are a few that are more so than others (Guerlain perhaps the most). There are definitely some that I respect, but do not often love, and Frederic Malle comes to mind right away in that category.

      • How about Dita Von Teese? Ok, joking – not a representative set.

        I’ve noted your choices. Come in a couple of days to see results for the whole group.

        • Haha! Yes, probably not Dita von Teese, even though I did like 2 out of 3. (The third: she has released a flanker. It is on all the shelves in Europe, which is how I saw it, and it is so bad, you would not believe.)

  10. I guess “my brands” would be Chanel, Guerlain, and Sonoma Scent Studio, as I have several bottles of each – easily 1/3 or more of my total collection. Close “runners up” – Lauder, Dior. I could easily make Malle “my brand,” there are three that I have on my wish list!

    “Not my brand” is harder. I guess I haven’t consistently liked many Serge Lutens (blasphemy!), Annick Goutals, and OrmondeJayne.

    I’m not very good at picking one of anything! ;)

    • You’re in a good company! :) If you look up, you’ll see that most people couldn’t stand naming just one brand – even though it wasn’t a type of question where one had to choose a limited number of something and forfeit the rest ;)

  11. Great question! My brand is definitely Amouage ( my connections to Oman help make this an easy answer) and my non brand is Chanel. While I’m sure their vintage stuff is great I could never really “get” the current exclusive line. I much prefer the Dior exclusives. No. 19 is one exception though…

    • As I read other’s responses I keep being amused how different we all are. I’m not even talking about the situation when all of the brands are different or the opposite. But it’s interesting that in many cases it’s a partial mapping. For example, I like Amouage, Chanel 19 and many other Chanel perfumes. Anina likes Chanel but doesn’t like Ormonde Jayne – one of my favorite brands; Ferris says yes to Chanel and no to my other favorite – Atelier Cologne.

  12. Pre-Y2K, I was a serious Guerlainista, with far more bottles from that brand than any other. No more, however! I have not liked nearly anything of theirs (Rose Barbare being an exception to the rule) since Mahora and believe that most of their reformulations are lamentable. I’ve really done an about face on this brand.

    Today, judging by recent acquisitions of bottles, my favorite brands would seem to be Keiko Mecheri and Miller Harris, although I respect many others as well and own quite a few from L’Artisan Parfumeur and Molinard. In the mainstream, Prada is probably the brand I wear most often.

    I have harbored a prejudice against Jo Malone forever and own not a single bottle! I just cannot bring myself to buy a 1 ounce bottle of simple two or three note cologne at eau de parfum prices, given that my preferred use for cologne is to douse myself with it in hot weather. There are so many great all-natural colognes chez Gandini, Berdoues, and elsewhere, that I just don’t see the point. Annick Goutal, on the other hand, I mostly like.

    Rusty is looking handsome as always and is a fitting accompaniment to the Amouage! ;-)

    Hmmm… have I even answered the question?

    Let’s say: leaves me cold: Jo Malone; totally me: Keiko Mecheri.

    • To tell you the truth, Rusty was much more interested in the potpourri in that dish than in the Amouage bottle ;)

      It’s interesting that I’ve just started falling into Guerlain when you’re falling out of it. And I haven’t even heard of Gandini or Berdoues before.

  13. Aww, sweet Rusty. My Clyde is shunning me right now. I just finished giving him his last antibiotic pill. :/

    My brand: Serge Lutens! It was the first niche line I encountered and I was totally blown away. I have not fully recovered from my shock and awe. No, I wouldn’t wear all of the Lutens, but I would love to own them all just to have them constantly at my disposal to experience their artistry. Kind of like having a coffee table book of Picasso. I wouldn’t want a lot of Picassos hanging on my walls, but I’d like to be able to peruse his work at my leisure. I’m also a Caron and Piguet girl.

    The brands that don’t work for me; Chanel, Annick Goutal, Bond No.9.

    • Cats I knew never wanted to take any pills. I could never understand why those antibiotics aren’t created in some form that attracts cats!

      I like your parallel with a coffee book. And yes, I can also think of perfumes I’d like just to have in my collection – even if I don’t want to wear them.

  14. I can usually find at least one scent from a line that I like. That said, I’m a Chanel girl. Les exclusifs and regular line, I find more hits from this house than any other. “Not my” perfume house? Tauer perfumes. Sorry Andy. I’ve sampled quite a few scents from his line, but there is something in the line that just doesn’t work for me. I respect the work, I just don’t love it. With a limited perfume budget, you gotta love it.

    • There’s a couple of all-natural brands that just don’t work forme – no matter how many times I tried. But other than those cases, if we’re talking about good brands, I also almost always can find at least one perfume to like – if I get to try enough of their perfumes, of course.

  15. The brands that are most ‘me’ are Serge Lutens, Aftelier, Frederic Malle (and more recently Amouage)..I haven’t sniffed enough to really find out, but I’m thinking Hermes- the newer ones- may not be very ‘me’- but I might be stereotyping myself by saying that.

    You know, i think Jo Malone might have been the first niche line that I explored in store (along with L’Artisan at my local Neimans). I really enjoyed JM though because the SA was a darling..My faves from the lines were the very un JM Pom Noir and Orange Blossom. It was one of my favorite lines for some time. That was followed by Lutens – I researched and finally found the line in a local resort of sorts that we drove to just to sniff these.

    • Pomegranate Noir was one of the first two full bottles from JM. I like Orange Blossom but I got multiple samples of it to use so I just didn’t need a bottle.

      Neiman Marcus that is the closest to where I live doesn’t carry L’Artisan. Probably because of that I had a very limited exposure to the brand and it’s one more brand that I do not feel like “me” – even though there are several perfumes from it that I like.

  16. Undina, you asked for just one brand that is me and not me, but I see the vast majority of responders have listed a number in both instances, so I will do the same. To be honest, it is easier for me to identify lines that feel good to me than not. Some include Amouage, Serge Lutens and most of the Frederic Malle line, which admittedly is not really a line with a common thread or creator. As for lines that just aren’t me, the Chanel Exclusifs come to mind most vividly – I haven’t found one that works on my skin.

    • Michael, it happens all the time and not only in this poll: every time people are asked to choose anything – be that one or ten item(s) – they never follow instructions, as if it’s a real choice and somebody will hold them to their choice :)

  17. I’ve only been seriously interested in perfume for about a year, so I still have lots of exploring to do! But it was interesting that even after just two or three months, I could tell that Chanel was “my” brand. Most of their fragrances sing beautifully on my skin, and they never morph or distort.

    My favorite smaller brand is Neela Vermeire; Bombay Bling never fails to delight me.

    As for the not-my-brand, part of it is skin chemistry – I have really wonky skin that doesn’t deal well with sweet notes and/or powder, which means that Guerlain is my nemesis! I’ve tried over a dozen of their fragrances, and the only one that doesn’t morph into rancid baby powder on me is vintage Jicky.

    Aside from skin chemistry issues, two brands I just don’t “get” are Tauer Perfumes and by Kilian. The Tauers all seem a little harsh or off to me, and while I can tell that the Kilians have quality ingredients they all seem watered-down and oddly amorphous.

    • If Chanel works on one’s skin, it’s easy to like thoseperfumes: they are elegant and polite. I almost never have to pause and think if I actually want to wear oneof my favorite Chanel perfumes since they almost always work.

      Smaller brands do not count because they don’t have enough variety of perfumes to establish relationships one way or the other (but I’ll count them anyway for the stats post in a couple of days :) ).

  18. Great question, dear Undina. I have a hard time sticking to the rules and will mention that the brands that are totally me include Jo Malone, Hermes and Atelier Cologne. The two brands so far that leave me cold are The Different Company and Heeley.

    • I’m not surprised by your favorites choice :) and I kind of see what you mean with the opposites but I didn’t test enough of any of those two to form an opinion.

  19. I would have to say that my brand is Chanel. i like a lot of their classic scents, No 5, No 19, Égoïste as well as a few from the Les Exclusifs Line, in particular Sycomore and Coromandel. As far as brands that make me shutter, that honor goes to Atelier Cologne, Tauer Perfumes and Gucci. I dont know what it is but these perfumes dont go well with my skin chemistry or whatever you want to call it, at all. Everytime I try fragrances from these 3 houses out, I feel like I have a very strong floor cleaner on my skin and I want to scrub them off quickly!

    • Coromandel and No 19 are also among my favorites. Several years ago I loved Égoïste on my father. Since then he moved onto the next brand (I think, Creed) but I still haven’t revisited Égoïste. Maybe I should…

      I’m a little surprised about Atelier Cologne. Not because I like the brand but because when I think of their perfumes I imagine one of the least offensive creations in niche sector. But I know, skin chemistry can magnify both good and bad in perfumes.

  20. It seems my brands (both the ones I love and that leave me cold) are almost the exact opposite of yours. :D
    My brands would definitely be Serge Lutens, L’Artisan and I’ll include Guerlain (but generally not the mainstream ones). The one that leaves me cold and I feel happy because of it (just considering the amount of money I’m saving) is Amouage. By Kilian as well.
    I also like the Malle line but I still haven’t found a Goutal perfume that would make me happy for more than 2 sniffs.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention L’Artisan! ;) Yep, this one is also “not me.” I like some of their perfumes and even own one bottle – Tea for Two – but in general I still can’t believe that the same people who critisize Jo Malone’s perfumes (for their simplicity, longevity problems and price) have no issues with L’Artisan’s perfumes that aren’t that complex either (en masse), have the same longevity problems and are even more expensive! But I digress.
      Yes, it looks like we favor the opposites.Too badwe live that far from each other: it would have been a fruitful samples exchange opportunity :)

        • As the only person in this comment thread who spoke positively of L’Artisan Parfumeur and negatively of Jo Malone, permit me to point out to you not-so-savvy-shoppers, that your claim is factually false because L’Artisan has a fantastic sale with 50% markdowns twice a year. By taking advantage of this and also the offerings at one of the major discounters, the cost of the edts and edps is significantly less than that of the Jo Malone colognes.

          On top of that, the L’Artisan perfumes just strike me as much more complex. No, I do not like them all (Dzing!???), and, yes, some of them have poor longevity, but if I buy those ones on sale then I don’t mind at all. ;-)

          So there!

          • Nah, I can’t take the argument of “50% markdowns twice a year.” That is usually a very limited selection partially sold out in a day.

            As to the complexity… I’m not so sure. Some are. Most – again, I’m not so sure.

            Mind you, I do not dislike L’Artisan. I’m just almost never compelled to buy it – even those perfumes from the brand that I liked.

  21. I loved this post, not least the atmospheric shot of Rusty! Whilst away this weekend a number of friends and relatives asked me how I started out in my hobby and what perfume brands / styles I explored to begin with, so this topic has been very much in my mind. Jo Malone was my entry brand to niche and after Penhaligon’s I have more of JM than any other brand (ie 4 vs 5 for Penhaligon’s). I wouldn’t call either of them ‘my brand’ now though – that distinction would have to go to Ormonde Jayne, with whom I have the highest ‘strike rate’ of any house, albeit it doesn’t have too many different scents to start with – enough to qualify for your post, though!

    There are many brands I’d class as ‘not me’, but By Kilian would be a key one that is top of head. There’s a fuggy quality to some of them that gives me a headache straight away.

    • Thank you, Vanessa. I’ve been thinking about it fora while and decided to check what my blogo-friends think about the topic.

      Since Penhaligon’s is a very rare brand where I live I had a very limited exposure to their perfumes. In my mind they are similar to Jo Malone but less accessible :) But I try this brand whenever I get a chance. I’ve just got a couple of samples from an unexpectedly generous SA at Saks last week but since are from their masculine side I haven’t tested them yet.

  22. Hey Undina,
    I LOVE this topic. You have made me think about my collection in a new light and it’s taken a while to formulate an answer.
    My Houses: L’Artisan, Guerlain, Lutens, Caron, SOIVOHLE, Annick Goutal
    Not My Houses: Heeley, Jo Malone, CHANEL
    Though I have a LOT of CHANEL bottles here they are nearly all vintage and the house currently doesn’t lure me as much as I wish it would. I only own 3 modern CHANEL FBs: #5, #5 Eau Premier, #19 Poudre and none from the exclusives, though I have my eye on a couple of the Parfums.
    Portia xx

    • Thank you, dear Portia! I knew that sooner or later I’d find a topic to draw you into the conversation! ;)
      It’s interesting: even though I’m a Chanel girl, from your list No 19 Poudre is the only one that I like and wear. Both original No 5 and its younger relative Premier doesn’twork for me at all!

  23. Very interesting question Undina, and this is actually my way of keeping bottles down to a manageable number: choose two companies and stick with them.
    So, though I sometimes grumble about both houses, Parfums de Nicolai, and Caron are mine.

    Can’t do Andy Tauer. Admire his work, can’t wear it.

    • I feel like I just have to start testing Parfums de Nicolai! I do not avoid it on purpose – it’s just that not a single store around carries this line and I’m reluctant to buy any samples of the brand that isn’t “my.” I like Le Temps D’Une Fete and have mixed feelings about the other three perfumes that I’ve tested so far but I’ll give them another try soon. And Caron is another line that I had a very limited exposure to with mixed results on those I’ve tried.

  24. Hard question, my dear. I don’t think there is any brand (or couple o f brands) that I would think are really “me” across the board, even when I respect or admire them. There are a number that I really admire, intellectually and emotionally, but would I associate with them automatically? I guess I just don’t think that way. For me, it’s more in terms of houses that I generally like — which is the same thing, and, yet, it’s not. So, on that last basis, Serge Lutens first and foremost, then Profumum Roma, NVC, Amouage, and Dior Privé. The criteria for choosing them: degree of obsession. LOL.

    Houses I don’t like, don’t see the fuss about, and/or actually can’t stand: Malle, L’Artisan, Kilian, Jo Malone, or Bond No. 9.

    Jo Malone in particular rubs me the wrong way, and I dislike everything to do with them from head to toe.

    You know, upon further reflection, I did have one, hardcore “MY” house way, way, way back when. Decades ago. YSL. Not just because of Opium, but other scents and childhood ties as well.

    • If you look on the brands level, you and I have much more in common than I’d think :) Amouage, Dior and NVC (the latter I haven’t mentioned just because of the self-imposed rule of 5 perfumes in the line) are also my favorites and only Jo Malone is extra on your list of “not” (I forgot to mention L’Artisan in the post but it is on “not my” list).

      • I thought about your 5-perfume rule but figured that, with Ashoka and Mohur Esprit, there were 5. ;) Speaking of Elisa’s choice below, I have to add Jean-Claude Ellena’s Hermès fragrances as well (though I love the Elixir that he didn’t create). Goutal is iffy, too. For small brands, En Voyage isn’t my thing. And I’m on the fence about Le Labo.

  25. Very much my brand: Sonoma Scent Studio. (I identify more with perfumers than brands per se, usually.)

    Leaves me cold: Hermes. Just too clean, fresh, light, anemic for me, give me the blood and guts.

    • I’m glad that Laurie’s perfumes find love among perfumistas. I enjoy most of her sceents but I realized recently what is “wrong”: they are too strong for me. I keep wishing for the EdT form of many of them. But since those aren’t available, I just use amsll dab application to my wrists before going to bed: they are ideal sleep scents for me.

  26. What a terrific and thought-provoking post! If I had to go by sheer number of bottles, État Libre d’Orange would appear to be “my” brand. However, if just asked, that would not be the first thing that would into my head. A brand that is me? Really truly me? I’m not sure if I have found it yet, but Serge Lutens and Frédéric Malle are very close.

    The brand that is not me? Probably Chanel. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few Exclusifs that I love very dearly, but in general, the fragrances don’t fit my personality that well.

    • I’m not sure if I actually want to find a brand all perfumes from which I’d like to own and wear – it would be too boring and too disappointing eventually when they release something I wouldn’t like. But it’s nice to have those brands to new releases from which you’re looking forward. Though… I still get excited with each new By Kilian’s release: I like the brand and really hope they produce a perfume I could fall in love with from the first sniff.

  27. What a great post! I love this.

    You and I share the same “me” brand – Amouage is the one I would pick, though as you say, I have some other “me” brands. Tauer and Sonoma Scent Studio both do nothing for me. Guerlain is sinking and Roja Dove is rising. Perhaps it should be depicted on a bubble chart?

    • Thank you, J.!
      I’m still thinking on how to represent the data I collected. I’m affraid a bubble chart won’t work. But I’ll think of something.

  28. Love the post Undina…I have never thought of my perfume collection in terms in “my brand” and “not my brand”. I suppose if I really had to choose “my brand” – I’d probably go with Bvlgari, since I have several bottles, mainly in the Omnia collection. Although I did recently add Au the Rouge. I’m not sure if there is a maker out there that I could say is “not my brand”. There’s some makers where I’ve only tried a sample of one of their perfumes and that particular fragrance didn’t appeal or work for me. Since the sample is only one of several that the maker has, it’s not enough to say that it’s “not my brand”. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • Thanks, Juli.
      It does make sense: you need to realize that there is something in a brand’s perfumes that doesn’t work for you – no matter how different the scents are – to consider that brand “not my.” Otherwise those are just perfumes that you didn’t like.

  29. Very intresting and hard to answer question because there are many brands which are “mine”.The most versatile for me is the lovely fragences from Robert Piguet, there is always one that is right for the situation. Other “me” houses are definitly Mona di Orio, Ramon Monegal, Andy Tauer and Serge Lutens. The houses that are not me is harder to pin-point but Jo Malone, Arquiste and Byredo don’t move much,

    • If to go just by brands, you’re almost my evil scent twin: Mona di Orio is sooo not me, I just forgot to mention it :) But I do like Ramon Monegal. With the last two of your “not me”, I don’t want to add Arquiste yet because so far I tried just two of their perfumes on skin so even though I smelled the rest and wasn’t compelled to try them I still presume they might be better on the skin. And I’m still not sure about Byredo… I think it’s in neither camp for me.

  30. It’s been quite a lot of fun reading all the replies to your post, Undina. For once, I’ll stick closely to your instructions and just name two brands. “My brand” is Amouage; “Not my brand” is Ineke.

    • Thank you, Suzanne :) Now I need to figure out if I should “punish” those who haven’t followed the instructions and exclude extra entries from my calculations ;)

      For some reason I feel really good to have Amouage in common with you.

      • Undina- I wish I’d known that you were going to do some stats on these- I would have obeyed..;-)..
        And can I once again say, how obsessed I am with Amouage Lyric? – I want to drink it!!

  31. Dear Undina, since you allowed Kafka to include Neela Vermiere on a technicality, I would like to amend my “me” brands to add NVC and Puredistance. Mmmmm OK?

    And of course I have to compliment dear Rusty. What a cutie!

  32. See, the problem in our collective failure to follow instructions and name just ONE perfume in each category is that you gave a list for the brands that were you and not you. So, it’s not our fault, we just followed your lead. *grin*

    That’s my story for my inability to follow instructions, and I’m sticking to it. ;) :P *runs away now to hide for protection behind the ferocious German with fangs.* lol

    • You see, dear Kafka, unlike Birgit’s Monday Question pasts (which are a lot of fun!) my post was an introduction of the idea itself. I had to illustrate how I came to the notion of that divide “my/not my” and explain what those term would mean within this topic’s limits.
      You, dear readers, were asked not to name “the fairest of them all” or the worst enemy but just to give one example of each category. But, of course, everybody feels like betraying their favorites if those aren’t mentioned ;) Well, now you all will have to live with scewed statistics (Bwahaha!!!)

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  34. I have to say Guerlain for “my” brand. I love their classic fragrances, and their more “niche” offerings like SDV. The mainstream releases have mostly been lukewarm to me though. As for a not my brand, I’m probably going to go with By Kilian. Love their packaging and branding, but all the scents I’ve tried so far have either been “meh” or “eh”. Nothing that stands out and nothing I can say truly interests me from their line. Might change in the future though :-).

    • As you can see from the next post where I calculated everybody’s answers, yours would be right along the line of what others said.

      As to By Kilian, I keep hoping to find THE one since I do like the brand and the packaging (especially those white clutches!)

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  36. My brand- Berdoues, Jo Malone and Atelier
    Not my brand- Hermes, Bond no 9, by Kilian, Chanel (way too overpriced now), Aftelier

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