Winners of M.Micallef Le Parfum Denis Durand Couture Draw


I thought of bribing Rusty to help me with the draw but realized that choosing 10 winners out of 31 entries would take him forever so I decided that wouldn’t be as cute but quick and accurate.

Micallef Draw Winners

The winners of the draw are (please check the screen names in comments since there were some similar names with different initials): hajusuuri, Christina Segal, civet, Juli B., Dubaiscents, taffyj, Natalie, Lisa B., leathermountain and susan.

You have until Sunday, July 28th, to send your US shipping address to Mr. Dame: jd at jeffreydame . com (you know what to do to get a proper address from this, right? If no, contact me)

And this is what Rusty was doing instead of choosing winners:

Sleeping Rusty


21 thoughts on “Winners of M.Micallef Le Parfum Denis Durand Couture Draw

  1. Congratulations Hajusuuri and other winners! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Denis Durand perfume :) is not as cute as Rusty though but I totally understand what you mean Undina ;)
    Give Mr. Cutie a hug from me. On the picture he looks like he was impersonating a snake


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