Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 32


With temperatures rising into high seventies and absolutely no rain it would have been hard to believe it was still spring if it hadn’t been for nature presenting an undoubted proof of it in form of all kinds of youngsters: only in the past several days I saw a couple of leverets in the bushes surrounding my office and goslings on the picture below became a usual sight from my office window.

I’m not sure if I should attribute it to the birds-do-it attitude but my lemmings recently started thronging again. Laughs and Loves are keeping them company.



I have this perfume and like it but if you need an extra lemming or two, you just have to read Sandra’s (Olfactorial’s Travels) review:  Stilettos on Lex smells just as good if not better than the image it conjures. It starts off with quite a bit of pear and plum on me and stays there for some time. I love it and keep burying my nose into my wrist wishing I could pull off the Blahniks with such ease and comfort.


Do you know about Rouge Bunny Rouge brand? I’ve never seen any of their products in real life but read some posts on beauty blogs. Did I care about their perfumes? Not really, though I remember reading somewhere about their release. And then I read Sigrun’s (Riktig Parfym) review (I’m not giving out the best part of it – read all three mini-stories there): I especially remember one summer, all I got was lots and lots of parsley. I had no idea what to use the  parsley for but I went experimental, tried substituting it for spinach in soups or in crepes or just chopping it up and throw it into any dish imaginable. We became friends, parsley and I, and now I plant it every year and wouldn’t want to be without it.


Tarleisio (The Alembicated Genie) keeps fattening this lemming (as if it needed any more nurturing!): No matter what quotidian, mundane life you lead and decisions you make, some days and some moments, you want to feel invincible, imperious, regal.
Wear Tsarina. Remember – for a moment, for an evening, for yourself, for posterity, for celebrating your own unique and unexpected majesty


When I first saw the picture of those two new Hermes colognes’ bottles I knew I’d want to try them (and secretly hoped to like them) but Victoria’s (Bois de Jasmin) four stars review doesn’t make my waiting for Eau de Narcisse Bleu and Eau de Mandarine Ambree any easier.


Suzanne (Eiderdown Press)with her review for Ramon Monegal‘s Cherry Musk managed to create lemmings even not for the perfume (I have a sample and currently testing it) but for the movie with which she had a parallel in her head for that perfume: That kind of flowering is rare—perhaps it only happens in films—but it is a beautiful thing to contemplate at a time of grief.



Every time Kafka (Kafkaesque) does her parody trial I can’t help but smile. If you haven’t seen it yet, try: [The Bailiff]: “All rise! The Court is now in session, The Honorable Charles Highblossom presiding. On the docket, The People v. Xerjoff Zafar, Case # 13-276891XZ. The charge is olfactory assault and battery. State your name and business before the Court.”
[A small, goat-like, balding man rises]: “I am the District Attorney, Luke Sneering.”


One more thing that made me smile wasn’t completely perfume-related but since it had some connection to my blog I decided to share it with you. Last week I got an e-mail from our office assistant – a very nice young man and an artist in spare from working for our company time:

I ran across this artist in a magazine (American Craft) at the library and it made me think you.
Check it out

I opened the link, read the caption… and laughed. He and I had recently discussed some glass work (jewelry, etc.) and he knows about my blog since he’s the one who brings in all the fragrant packages I get, sometimes addressed to Undina. In his early twenties, I’m sure he didn’t read much into the sculpture description. So I decided not to do it either. But I was curious enough to find a post by a woman who took a part in that project:

Everyone should step outside of their CZ [comfort zone] at least once a week.
It grows you.

Tim Tate Mermaids Past Their Prime



Lorraine (Dear Scent Diary) reviews a perfume that I like wearing – Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens: … as it drys down, the gourmand sweetness pulls the rooty greenness into what I would consider feminine territory. It’s not for girls though. Women only.


Kafka (Kafkaesque) reviews a perfume for which I do not own a full bottle yet only because I can’t decide what to buy first – an EdC or a parfum (and because I still have a partial decant generously gifted to me by Birgit): Sophisticated luxury under the most polite and elegant of veneers.[…] That is essence of Bois des Iles, a spectacular Chanel fragrance with a very feline heart that makes me just close my eyes in the deepest of admiration. Even if you’re not interested in the review at this time, go and take a look at pictures – those big cats!


Images: goslings – my own; mermaids – from Tim Tate’s site.


24 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 32

  1. Undina, thanks for the link love. Looking forward to reading a couple of these in your roundup that are new to me, but (for once) I’m on the same page with you, and actually got around to reading most of them. Sigrun’s piece really cracked me up!


      • Thank you so much for the mention! I got my samples for free as a part of the promotion of the scents. Unfortunately there is not much left to share anymore, otherwise I’d gladly sent you some :) However, you could always try writing RBR a polite mail to ask if thee are any more press samples available. The sales woman I’ve talked to has been absolutely lovely to deal with. In the US, RBR is sold at BeautyHabit, but I only see the full bottles on the site and not the sampler packs.


        • I’ve checked the RBR’s website and then BeautyHabit immediately after reading your review :) I even checked the list of points of sale in Europe (for when I’m traveling to there). You’re right, only full bottles.
          I do not want to contact PR people since I don’t usually write reviews. But I’ll get to try them one way or the other.


  2. Undina, thank you for the referrals but also for the other interesting pieces in your post. The Aging Mermaids Past Their Prime (with the continuous video loop *inside* the dome) was sooooooooo creative and clever! That’s a real artist – someone who thinks completely outside the box. Or, in this case, layers and layers within. ;) I’m looking forward to reading some of the rest.

    P.S. — Good to see that you’re feeling better!


    • Thank you, dear! It’s sooo good to feel better. I’m almost caught up with the reading! :)

      I went through Tate’s other works and I like many of them. I’d love to go to his exhibition.


  3. You’ve added a new phrase to our lexicon – ‘lemming fattening’! Extreme yearning may be due to foie de gras levels of fattening by tantalising reviews, so we may have to keep a watching eye on these creatures’ development. :-)

    Sadly, my work schedule hasn’t allowed for much blog reading lately, so these potted snippets serve as a nice sampler!


    • Foie gras… (gulp) Vanessa, what have you done? Now I look at those birds with a hungry eye… And it’s not legal in California any longer (not looking, I mean, but serving).


  4. I love these posts. And the geese are wonderful. A few years back I made friends with a male goose as he was protecting his brood at our workplace. I would go out and talk to him and he would let me get close to the babies. No one else at work could get near them but we had a bond. I loved that!


    • What a great story! :) I could have tried to befrend one of them but with the number of those around I wouldn’t be able to recognize the one I’m trying to get closer to: there are hundreds of different birds right outside of my building.


  5. I am in awe of your blog-reading abilities, and I love these summaries. They’re like a public service for perfumistas; you’re the Twisted Sifter of fragrance hounds. :)


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