Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 20


Last week I took a mini-vacation. It’s amazing how within an hour one can travel from bright and hot vineyards of Sonoma to an overshadowed and cool trails of Muir Woods.

Somehow this week I didn’t come across any really funny posts (please share if you did) but all other categories are represented.

Lemmings Laughs Loves


Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle): Rose of Rose Anonyme is a specific rose, hard to compare with other rosy perfume created so far. It smells like you took a fresh, deep red rose and mixed it with an older, almost black rose petals, sprinkled it with a little bit of rose water and combined it with traditional rose potpourri. It’s a rose of hundred faces.



Steve (The Scented Hound) wrote great reviews for two of my favorite perfumes: Perfect for today’s rainy weather, Field Notes from Paris does remind me of exactly what Ineke was trying to convey; “sweet-scented Paris afternoons, life measured out in coffee spoons.”  Perfect for hanging out in your favorite sweater and jeans on a Sunday morning while recuperating from your all too fun Saturday night and A*Men Pure Havane opens with a wonderful sweet tobacco ladened honey.  It’s warm and delicious and oh so edible; you just want to lick it off of your skin.  This could easily have gone over the top, but it doesn’t as the labdanum and amber mixed with the vanilla and cocoa leaves this scent grounded.


Suzanne (Eiderdown Press) paid a beautiful tribute to one of my beloved perfumes: Wearing Vera Wang eau de parfum, and yes, you can strip me of my perfumista card, but it is what I’m craving.  Maybe it’s not the kind of fragrance that inspires one to write anything deep or meaningful about it, but it’s intensely floral and makes an überly feminine statement that feels both polished and dreamy (my Vera Wang story: What Happens in Vegas… Part II: Confession of a Sillage Monster)



Ines (All I am – a redhead) tries to help to promote Croatia. Follow the link and take a look at great pictures of her recent vacation.


Cheryl has moved Perfumed Letters from Blogger to WordPress. Visit her new home to say hi.


16 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 20

  1. Ines is already doing great work promoting Croatia! Mr. APB and I were recently discussing a good spot to take a few years “off” from the world, and I immediately said: Croatia! :)

    So glad you had a nice mini-break in Sonoma. This weekend, we opened our next-to-the-last California bottle that we brought with us when we moved. It is definitely time to go back and go wine tasting (and buying).


  2. Oh, to be in California!
    Thanks so much for mentioning that Perfumed Letters has moved. The change has been refreshing and invigorating, despite the little glitches keep showing up. I’m loving the new neighborhood!


  3. Thank you for the link and for introducing me to Vera Wang edp, Undina. Have you been doing anything special this Labor Day weekend? Or just relaxing and cracking open a bottle of wine?


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