A Postcard from Undina: From Sonoma with LOVE

From Sonoma With Love

This is a view from the deck of one of my favorite wineries –  Paradise Ridge . It’s a great place to visit: they offer wine tasting (we like their wines enough to join their wine club) as well as great place for picnics with breathtaking views and a periodically changing collection of sculptures on the grounds for you to see, touch, climb on and take pictures of (like the one – LOVE – above).



Image: my own


22 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: From Sonoma with LOVE

  1. Look absolutely beautiful.
    When I was in New Zealand, every year they held a “Sculptures on the coast” I think it was called – on Waiheke Island. Theres an hour long walk around the coast of the island where they have to 20 something best sculptures from local New Zealand artists scattered around, entwined in the environment. It’s absolutely fantastic :D Your “Love” photograph brought back memories of it :) Wonderful.
    Have fun!


      • Sculpture trail! That’s what it was called. Google image it, it’s very surreal but very impressive.
        Yeh I lived there for a year in 2009 – I almost hate talking about it becuase I’m still sad to be home :( (was meant to be staying there).


  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit even – if like me – you don’t drink wine. Lovely to have it near where you live.

    Hope you’ve climbed one of those sculptures!


    • Testing wine is just one of many activities there so you wouldn’t be too bored even without drinking (do you drink anything else at all?).

      I did climb some. I’ll send you a proof ;)


      • I’ll have a vodka and coke to be social on an evening out but can’t say that happens very often :)

        Glad you climbed some sculptures and I’ll look forward to some proof!


      • I did (almost) turn off commenting as I had a very bizarre spamming/trolling attack recently. For a few days I had about thousand spam comments dropping in, all of them consisting of random comments on mostly other perfume related blogs, sometimes even from people I know. It seems to be over now though, so I’ve allowed commenting again (which sure makes blogging more fun ;) )


        • You’re using a WP engine, there should be a possibility to send to spam (or at least to hold for the approval) comments from people who hasn’t commented on your blog previously.


          • I do have the “hold for approval” thing for new commenters so fortunately this mass of spam never ended up visible to readers! But just seeing the “awaiting moderation”-lists sucked the energy out of me. I ended up mass deleting them all as there was no way of going through them. This made me thinking of humanity, all the energy that goes into coming up with bullshit like this, what if it was used for something constructive? The world would be such a better place!


  3. Your postcard reminds me that I really need to visit California, so I can live my “Sideways” fantasy and have a picnic in a vineyard. I suppose I could go up to the Finger Lakes of New York and do that there, but I’ve already been there, and though very nice, I still want to go to Sonoma! Plus, maybe you’ll come to the picnic?


    • You need to visit California! The best thing is that it’s almost always a good time to visit wine country. It’s not always the ideal picnic time but even without that there are always things to do there – rain or sunshine. So just let me know when ;)


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