Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 10


Last week was busy for me. I’ve got promoted – which is, of course, great but now I feel that I need to concentrate on my work even harder. And I need to figure out if I want to buy a special celebratory bottle of perfume. In general, I always want to buy one perfume or the other but if it’s supposed to be special to commemorate the occasion it has to be special. And I’m not sure if I have that special bottle on my wish list now.

Speaking of a wish list. While answering Birgit’s Monday Question – What Is Your Number One Perfume? I tried to stay within the set criteria and choose just one perfume. Have you noticed how people almost never answer questions the way they were asked or follow the instructions? I’m not immune to that: earlier this week I tried to bake rugelach using my friend’s very clear recipe and I managed to miss an important ingredient (though I still liked the results). Mais revenons à nos moutons. When I chose The One perfume it felt as if I betrayed all my other favorites. The feeling was so intense that it compelled me to finish finally My Perfume Portrait. Immediately I felt better.

And now to the posts that made me laugh, created lemmings or reviewed perfumes that I love.

Lemmings Laughs Loves


Only a small and very weak lemming this week from NSTBlackberry & Bay by Jo Malone. Wild Bluebell and Plum Blossom weren’t that interesting but Garden Bloom collection didn’t disappoint. So I’m hopeful about Blackberry & Bay.



I don’t know what I would have done without Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume) since most posts this week were too serious and composed: Orgasm did noticeably brighten up my cheeks whilst managing not to deposit an excess of age-inappropriate glitter, and in a trice Donna had called for the SA to “get me an Orgasm” – as in a pristine product from her drawer, of course.



Thomas (The Candy Perfume Boy) reviews one of my favorite Epic by Amouage: Epic Woman is no exception, it fits the Amouage feminine bill of being rich, floral, oriental, laden with spices and extraordinarily sensuous. Oh yeah, the Amouage Woman is a complex character.


Michael (From Top to Bottom): It smells smooth and classy, no surprise coming from Hermes, who do understated luxury very well indeed. I think Rocabar is fantastic, and I’m so glad that I’ve finally tried it. Highly recommended wearing.


A couple of creative ideas for the scented strips and inserts from magazines brought to you by The Scented Hound. Please share your useful tips on the subject.


32 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 10

  1. Undina, that is so true of me, not answering a question the way it was asked, that gave me a chuckle. I go off on some tangent or the other as if a simple question was actually a metaphor for something more profound!


  2. Congratulations on your promotion! As for the scent strips, I only ever use them as bookmarks, alas. Off to read your perfume portrait now. :)


  3. I echo Natalie’s congratulations on your promotion! Maybe you will come across that bottle of Guerlain Muguet and have a good excuse to buy it? :)

    How much do I love your My Perfume Portrait page??! Especially love that you also include perfumes on your to buy list as well as those that don’t work for you.

    Vanessa’s fabulous blog is pretty guaranteed for Laughs, don’t you think? I just got a big sample of Epic Woman so I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with one of your faves.


    • Thank you, Tara! (and yes, I was thinking about that Guerlain bottle: since it’s released in May of 2012 I’ll always remember when I got my promotion… ;) ).

      I plan to update the page, especially my “to try” list – whenever I read something that makes me curious about the perfume.

      I know that I can count on Vanessa (and sometines Birgit and Ari) for a good laugh – and that is very re-assuring.

      Hurry with Epic! I don’t think it’s a summer scent (even with your summers ;) ).


  4. Congratulations on your promotion!
    As for not answering questions in the manner they were asked, perhaps we are all politicians at heart.


    • Thank you, Tatiana!
      Sometimes it is frustrating: you try to phrase the question very precisely not to leave too much room for a confusion… and then the respondent wanders in the completely unexpected direction.


  5. Great news about your promotion and I hope that in time you can think of a worthy perfume to mark the occasion! That perfume portrait is a very handy resource – especially for anyone doing a swap with you. I think you sent me an email that time we exchanged packages, but this way anybody can refer to it, and generally have a better insight into your tastes that in turn inform your reviews. I have something more sketchy up on MUA, but it only really lists notes I do and don’t like.

    Oh, and I know just what you mean about not answering the question – my old boss was a stickler for that and always hammered home the message that his staff must “answer the question in the terms in which it is set”. Once he asked me for my view of a proposed sample split in a research survey – let’s say with fifty in one cell and fifty in another (for argument’s sake). Rather than simply replying: “I don’t like that, sorry – I suggest 60 and 40 instead”, I said something like: “Well, actually I preferred it the way you had it yesterday”…and he went ballistic!!! Kept me in detention till about 8pm accusing me of being uncompliant and subversive. His wife even brought in a plate of sandwiches at one point. : – )

    And thanks for the mention once again in your humour category – I am always dead chuffed to make it there! Oh, and am glad you are a fan of this here Orgasm too – indeed a number of similarly flushed fumeheads have come out of the woodwork to join us!


    • Vanessa, thank you for making me (us) laugh! If one were to judge from reading perfume blogs, perfumes are a very serious business.

      In work environment I would have had no problems whatsoever not to be diplomatic if required (well, I am this way already). But in personal life “I preferred it the way you had it yesterday” seems like a better way of putting in the same meaning. Were sandwiches any good? ;)


      • I think I felt so browbeaten by that stage that I could barely swallow…Hence why I have been freelance for 21 years!


    • Thank you!

      It would be interesting to do a cross-smelling test: apply Absolue Pour le Soir (or any other perfume with the similar behavior) to my skin and to somebody’s who like it and check if our perception changes when we smell it not on ourselves. I don’t know if it’s my skin or my nose but for me it smells very urinous.


  6. Yet more congratulations! Don’t work TOO hard. I suspect you already work quite hard enough for the deserved recognition.

    I know what you mean about not having a special bottle on the list. But can you put that chit in a drawer to cash later? I waited two years to buy Rubj (somehow it always seemed too extravagant) and am very glad I did so to commemorate a gift and as a gift, since I bought it with gift money. As long as you don’t use it as an excuse to fall in love with the Next Big One, it’s a good plan.


    • Thank you for congratulations.

      It’s not like I need an excuse to buy a perfume if I want to. So if I can’t figure out now (within a reasonable time) what to buy as a present for myself for this promotion it won’t make too much sense to wait and buy it later since it will be just another purchase, not connected to anything… Maybe Tara is right and I should go for the Muguet bottle… I’m thinking about it :)


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