Brain Teaser: Matching Flowers to Paintings


I have previously mentioned in Three Pieces of Neela Vermeire’s India Puzzle story, I love brain teasers. So even though I’ve previously won a Discovery Set I couldn’t pass by another picture puzzle that Neela Vermeire posted on her Facebook Wall. I found the answer and won “Try your India” trial set. Out of three in the set my favorite perfume is Bombay Bling! I like Trayee and do not mind Mohur. Once my discovery set’s bottles are gone, I’ll either buy another one or will go for a full bottle. Extra 2 ml of each perfume won’t make much difference for me. So I thought it would be a good idea to spread the joy. I asked Neela if she would mind if I held a draw for my readers and transfer my winning to the lucky winner. She didn’t mind. So here we are.

If you a) have never tried these perfumes before, b) sniffed/tried those at the store and now want to try more or c) own samples already but want to test more before deciding, you are eligible. Just tell me which one it is – a, b or c. That’s it. It won’t affect your odds, I’m just curious.


When I asked Neela about transferring my prize she offered to double the draw. How do you feel about solving a puzzle to be entered into the second draw?

In one of the halls of the de Young museum at the Bouquets to Art exhibition there were two paintings on the wall, one next to the other, and two flower arrangements inspired by those paintings. One of the arrangements, in my opinion, could be easily paired with any of the two paintings.

Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles by John Singer Sargent

Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles by John Singer Sargent

Flowers Puzzle Side1

Bouquet (front)

Flowers Puzzle Side 2

Bouquet (back)

My Daughter Dieudonne by William Merritt Chase

My Daughter Dieudonne by William Merritt Chase

Which painting do you think was an inspiration for that bouquet? Click on pictures to get a larger size. It doesn’t matter if you guess it right or not, you’ll be entered into the second draw. If you do not want to be entered into the draw, I’d still want to know your choice of a painting.

Images: paintings from; flowers – my own.

The drawing is closed now.


36 thoughts on “Brain Teaser: Matching Flowers to Paintings

  1. I am (a), though very very interested. And I’d guess Caroline de Bassano-the black backing on the bouquet mirrors her exquisite wrap, at least to my eye. Thanks for the draw!!


  2. Also hoping I’m not too late ( I forgot to enter before heading off for a very busy day and evening).
    1. I haven’t yet sampled any Neela Vermeire scents, but would love to. I think Mohur is most likely to appeal.
    2. Although I can see how the drapery of the Daughter’s coat and her dress peeping out in the Chase painting may have inspired the bouquet, I believe it was the sumptuous cloak and the beautiful fabric and colouring of the dress and corsage in the Sargent painting of the Marquise that were the true inspiration.


  3. I have not tried any of Neela Vermeire’s perfumes, although they are on my list and I am looking forward to inhaling them.

    As for the paintings, I think the Sargent painting inspired the bouquet. The bouquet looks very much like the painting; the sable-colored leaves mimic the satiny coat, both opening to bright petals, like the layers of her dress.

    However, I would put the bouquet in My Daughter Dieudonne’s hands, as she looks like she could use some cheer.


  4. How exciting. I’m an “A” as I’ve never tried these scents before. I will guess Caroline de Bassano for the second draw. Thanks!


  5. I’m a “a” and think I would like Mohur the best. I’ll go with the Chase painting simply because the Daughter needs those flowers!


  6. As I told you, because the flowers look very much like #1, I decided that the flower composition is for #2, My Daughter Dieudonne.


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