Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 3

It feels a little strange to have just two weekly episodes in a row. I wrote a big post earlier this week but then decided not to publish it. Why? I decided not to fight the fight I initially intended to. It wasn’t that important after all. Instead I’ve updated the About Me page. Even though I had time to read other blogs, this week didn’t increase my lemmings population (which is a good news, I think) and didn’t bring any new reviews for my current favorites (which is neutral; maybe I should be doing those postings myself?). But there was no lack of laughs.

Do you ever prepare a post and not publish it?

Lemmings Laughs Loves


For those who remember this game from … many years ago, here is something to smile nostalgically (it’s not the original game, of course, but close enough).


*jen (This Blog Really Stinks. (A Perfume Blog)): I was finally noticed by Estee Lauder PR!! Sadly, it was to ask me to please clarify that “Jo Malone” is a person and she is no longer related to her former brand, which is “Jo Malone London”. Basically, we all know that, but I must clarify anyway, lest you become confused.

Gaia (The Non-Blonde): To the person who found my blog by searching for “Queen Elizabeth nude”: I don’t even want to know what you were thinking. Ever.

If you managed to miss somehow the discussion of the new Marc Jacob’s perfume Dot at the NST, you have to read it! “a ladybird gone genetically wrong”, “I like the bottle in that weird “I’m not sure what I’m looking at” kinda way”, “Reminds me of a molecule model, but with wings”, etc.

Natalie (Another Perfume Blog) shares her husband’s reactions to some of her favorite perfumes: “Am I getting wet dog in this?” I should note that after seeing the look of concern on my face, he said: “Clean wet dog.” (UPD: APB is closed now)


11 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 3

  1. Undina, there is a definite advantage to your reading-posts-a-bit-later habit, because then you don’t miss things like Jen’s hilarious addendum. (And as I think of it further, some of the rather funny things that get discussed in comments as well.)

    When you first mentioned the Estee Lauder PR, I was wondering, “This Blog Really Stinks is part of my Google Reader, how did I miss that?” Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be speedy. ;)


    • I was so amazed by the absurdity of the required clarification that I just had to share! Jo Malone (a brand, not a person) is one of my favorite brands, I published multiple posts about it. But I don’t remember a single time referring to it as Jo Malone London. I don’t think about it this way. Well, PR people at work!


  2. I have to admit I am constantly preparing posts that I never publish! :) It’s what comes of being somewhat disorganized and always second guessing myself. It makes me feel better that you, who I think are very measured in your responses in general, sometimes second guess yourself too.

    Thank you for the mention! I told the mister that he made it onto your list of laughs for the week. He was initially bemused (he finds blogging very funny in general) but I think he liked it!


    • Now I feel better too :) It was more like a “write a letter” therapy. I organized my thoughts, put it all together – and felt better without the further discussion.

      I shared that “clean wet dog” bit with my vSO and saw an understanding in his eyes.


  3. Thanks for the link to the nutty Marc Jacobs bottle, I’d missed that one!

    I did see that on The Non-Blonde. I love it when Vanessa tells us how people have come across Bonkers About Perfume.

    Natalie’s husband should win an award for the best new perfume reviewer. Pricelsss.


  4. I have plenty of posts in purgatory, however, they are pretty much all just at the ideas stage rather than elaborated into an actual post I then decide to drop.

    I do in fact do just the opposite of that, namely that I will put up a post and heavily edit it to the point of being unrecognisable two hours later, usually in the middle of my night. I just can’t seem to see things that are amiss with it till it is physically on the screen, I don’t know why.

    I missed the Jo Malone and Marc Jacobs gems (with being in London perhaps). Still catching up on my reading of recent posts, and this was fun!


    • Ideas do not count, everybody has those. I have some in an embryo stage. As to the published ones, I do not see what needs to be changes until two-three months later I look through the post searching for something… :)

      Whenever I travel I wish somebody told me what I missed! Though I would have sacrificed a week of reading to go to a meetup like the one you described in your recent post.


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