Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 2


It was a busy week, so I’m slightly behind in my blogs reading. Out of those, which I managed to read, posts below made me laugh/smile, conjured some lemmings and reviewed my favorite  perfumes.

Lemmings Laughs Loves


I love linden and I’m constantly In the Search for the Perfect Linden. Thanks to Asali’s touching review now I’m plotting how to get my hands on the sample of Unter den Linden perfume.

I have no reason to hope I would like, let alone love, new Annick Goutal’s perfume Nuit Etoilee since I haven’t liked at least the recent couple perfumes from this brand but I so want to: it’s such a cute blue bottle! I’ll keep my hopes up: Octavian praised Mon Parfum Chéri that I couldn’t stand and now he’s criticizing Nuit Etoilee… So maybe for my unrefined taste it will be fine?


Myrrhiad is beautiful, like a swan gliding over still waters – a single swan, mind you! I happen to live near a lake where there are dozens, even hundreds of swans. That does slightly take away from appreciating their beauty. If you don’t know many swans, Myrrhiad might make you very happy. Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels) not only made me smile but also inspired to show (see the image above) what I see from my window: those aren’t swans!

Bloody Frida: Don’t want to go into too much detail, other than she demanded to know how I ‘knew’ that Opium was reformulated, said that no one had told her that and she has been wearing it for 30 years. It was as if she took it all personally. Sigh. Next time I’m just going to say that I know because I work for IFRA.


Second week in a row Gaia (The Non-Blonde) has a review for one of my favorite perfumes: Bombay Bling abandons the fresh fruit theme in favor of a full on oriental, again, well-blended and precise. It’s ornamental and elaborately decorated but never juvenile

Since there were no other reviews for the perfumes I love, I’ll share with you headlines that I loved:

Raiders of the Lost Stash: Opium Fleur de Shanghai

Lord of the Perfumes: The Five Tauers

A Tale of Two SAs

Image: my own


19 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 2

  1. I enjoyed all the posts you mentioned, and agree that the reference to a single swan is a wonderful instance of damning with faint praise!

    I am in Berlin briefly next month, and will do my best to track down that linden scent, and if possible, score a sample or two!


  2. Asali’s review was great wasn’t it? Hope you get your hands on some of that.

    I didn’t get on with Mon Parfum Chéri either. Too potent for me. Myrrhiad is very nice indeed and worth a try. It didn’t tip over into love for me though.

    I really need to try all of Neela’s Creations. Bombay Bling sounds fun but I think Mohur has my name on it. I can’t fall for another rose though, can I?


    • It was a great review (have you seen the size of my lemmings? ;))

      You can’t have too many roses… well, actually, too many of any favorite note-based perfumes! Mohur is a different take on rose, it might not repeat any of your current favorites – so you should definitely try it!


  3. My major lemming this week isn’t a perfume, it’s a book. I really want to read “Coming to My Senses” by Alyssa Harad after March talked about it:

    In terms of loves, Mals review of Après l’Ondée was just gorgeous: I suppose this is a lemming as well, as I’m planning to get a pre-reformulation bottle.

    Thanks for the shout-out for those titles – we had a grand time coming up with them.


    • Thanks for sharing, I missed that book’s announcement.

      I’ve tried the current l’Ondée and completely blocked out my impression: there were too many new (for me) perfumes to process. I’ll have to revisit it at some point.


  4. I enjoyed the posts you mentioned, too, and so happy to see Asali’s review on your list. I thought it was very lovely. And that line from Frida’s article, A Tale of Two SAs is priceless. Too funny!

    Quite agree with you about Mon Parfum Cheri: it was cloying and awful to my nose. And that was just dabbing it from a sample vial. :O


  5. Undina, I’m a bit proud to have created a lemming for you, if also slightly nervous that it won’t live up to expectations. Thank you again for the lovely comment.
    Ditto on MPC, it doesn’t really do it for me. And I agree wholly with Tara and Birgit, that Myrrhiad is lovely even if not exactly groundbreaking. And I love your window-view, such sweet coots(, or is it something else?), I bet Rusty likes it too.
    I can’t wait to try Neela’s perfumes, since everybody has been raving, and with all those spices, surely one of them will be for me…


    • Until a couple of days ago my vSO and I thought that we observed (and took pictures – we used two cameras and shoot in parallel) a flotilla of wild ducks (Mallards) – we have a lot of those in our area. But when I started cropping the picture for this posting we realized those were Canada Geese (if you click on picture you might see them better).

      Luckily, those can be observed only from a second floor balcony to where Rusty has no access: he gets exited enough by colibri hovering over flowers in our backyard.


  6. lord, I am lemming that blue Annick Goutal bottle, too. I am so unfamiliar with that line as a whole! I need to explore it more…

    I find that I’m craving linden lately. I didn’t think I loved/needed Zeta when I tried it last summer, but suddenly I’m really wanting a bottle… ditto Parfums d’Orsay Tilleul.


    • I didn’t think I needed a bottle of Zeta when I tried it last year… and then I got it from a fellow-perfumista who was sure she didn’t want it (if you want a Zeta “fix”, I can forward to you a sample I still have – just send me your mailing address in e-mail).

      Have you tried Jo Malone’s French Lime Blossom? I like it a lot.


      • I’m not super familiar with the Jo Malones despite having easy access to them at the mall that’s like, across the street from my house. ha! I have not tried French Lime Blossom, it sounds like a likely winner from her line.

        I’ll shoot you an email about Zeta.


  7. These were all some great posts, and now thanks to you I am very close to buying that Annick Goutal blind, for the bottle alone. It’s beyoooteeeeful!


    • See? That’s what I’m talking about! :) I’m even still thinking about re-testing MPC… (should I try that Dee-style therapy? ;)) Ninfeo Mio and Mandragore are also nice… bottles.


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