And the winner is…


… Anna in Edinburgh

Drawing Results

Anna will have a chance to see if it’s easier to figure out which perfume is which now when she knows what she’s getting. But to make things more interesting, in addition to the two samples made from the bottles on the last picture in the Déjà vu, Episode 2: huge floral vs. abstract floral post (the same as all the blind testers got), I’ll throw in a sample from the bottle in a blue box (it’s an older version, prior to Lancome’s re-issue for the La Collection).


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Oooohhh! my late lamented Climat was in a beautiful big blue box before the Fates decided to turn it into fragrant papier mache.

    Wonder if my nose can discern which is which is which? I suspect if I’m found howling after sniffing one of the samples, that’ll be The One:-)

    Thanks for the chance to put myself through the memory mill.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh


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