Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 1


I’ve decided to start this new category – Laughs, Lemmings, Loves, in which I plan to link to those posts from the week that made me laugh, created a sizable group of my internal lemmings or covered perfumes I love. I’ll try to make it a regular Sunday post but I won’t force it if I don’t have time to read most of the week’s posts on my Reading List or do not find in them what I’d like to highlight.

Lemmings Laughs Loves


Several blogs joined their efforts to make me anxious with an anticipation of the new perfume in the Amouage Library CollectionOpus VI:

Tarleisio (the Alembicated genie): “… a thick, glorious ribbon of incense weaves around me like a cat on stealthy feet and blooms. There is no other way to describe it and no way to precisely describe its effects except to say that if I owned a fainting couch, I’d need it in 3…2…1…”

Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels): “I think of a hologram, slowly turning before me in perfect Star-Trek inspired clarity. Every detail in its place and clearly visible, the entire structure perfectly made, beautiful and proportioned, yet there is no weight, heft, heaviness.”

Linda Pilkington (Ormonde Jayne) tells in interview to Fragrantfanatic: “I’m working on something very special that we plan on releasing in July.” I WANT IT!

“As I was tucking my sleepy boy into bed, having just reapplied them, he mumbled with faint surprise in his voice, mom, you smell like … you. By which he means, like one or several perfumes he’s never smelled before in his life. I hope he’ll always remember me that way.” – March (Perfume Posse) concludes her story about Tommi Sooni’s perfumes, one of which is a serious contender for a place on my shrinking “to buy” list.


Natalie (Another Perfume Blog) about Chanel Gardenia“This traditional floral blend is perked up with some clean musk and perched atop a barely noticeable vanilla note. Then dressed in a headband, a cardigan, and a strand of pearls and sent off to a life of repressed aggression and aggressive disinfection in an urban townhome.”

I loved Dionne’s (beauty on the outside) perfume ranking category “Go Straight to Full Bottle, Do Not Buy Decant, Do Not Save $200.” Which she mentioned in her latest post Cuir Ottoman and a Tongue-twister

Mals (Muse in Wooden Shoes): “Chance smells like Light Blue on the Walk of Shame home, with stale smoke and vomit on her clothes: chemical “fresh” topnote, synthetic jasmine, musk underneath, amber gone rancid under that, cleaned-up patchouli screeching away under everything.”


“Heure Exquise doesn’t try too hard. It doesn’t try at all, actually. It’s a very perfumy perfume that offers itself fully and completely. It’s free of irony, doesn’t have even one hipster bone in its body, and doesn’t pretend to be modern” – wrote Gaia (The Non-Blonde) about one of my favorite perfumes.

The draw for samples of my favorite perfumes Amouage Gold and Lancôme Climat is open until 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, March 12, 2012.


23 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 1

  1. LOL! I won’t be running out to sniff “Chance” anytime soon. Although I haven’t sniffed any of the Amouages yet, I am almost afraid to as they sound right up my alley and are so spendy.

    Thanks for the summary, this is a great way of getting to find out about more in the perfume blogging universe.


    • You might be wise postponing inevitable: there will be at least one you’ll love. Though the way all niche prices go recently, I’m not sure if I think about Amouage as of an expensive brand.


  2. Nice new category! There is so much out there it’s great to see a round-up in case there’s something good I’ve missed.

    That’s the first I’ve heard of the new Ormonde Jayne, so thanks.


  3. Love the new feature. Good way for me to see if I missed anything. Looking forward to July and being able to sniff the new OJ. Didn’t think I needed to sniff the new Opus til I read the snippet from Tarleisio. Really enjoyed the laughs. Thanks.


  4. My favorite fashion/body image blogger has a weekly post called “Lovely Links” that’s a similar idea, and it’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in that world. I’ve often wished a perfume blogger did the same, so I’m excited to hear of this new category. (And very flattered to find myself in it – Thanks, Undina!)

    One thing I was considering, since you encourage commenters to include links if they’re relevant: did you want us to give a shout-out to what we enjoyed as well?


    • The idea isn’t new, last year Birgit and Natalie were doing Week of love or something like that. I just decided to concentrate on these three topics because I like most posts I read so I do not want to keep listing my whole reading list every week. We all read each others blogs more or less regularly so I decided to highlight things that touched me emotionally the most.

      Of course, on this blog you can link to the related topic or on the related topic at any time! I plan to update my About page in the next couple of days with the explicit permissions to do so (if anybody reads those :) ).


  5. If I had a blog and if I had a category for lemmings, I’d be quoting you right now. Something special from OJ in July?? God, I want that.


  6. I have been behind on my reading this week, so I’m just catching up with Fragrant Fanatics interview. That *is* exciting news!

    Thank you for including me in here, too!


  7. Great idea for a new feature and I loved the laughs round up in particular. Those quotes from Natalie, Mals and Dionne are brilliant. And Gaia is spot on in her description of L’Heure Exquise – it really doesn’t try at all to be remotely contemporary, yet it is lovely.

    I read Sigrun’s interview with LP with interest and am glad more people are catching up with it thanks to your tip off – it is a bit of a scoop in fact!


    • Thank you, Vanessa. I’m determined to do my best in prolonging life of great posts!

      I have a couple more ideas but need to think of the implementation.

      I’ve failed on my mission to clean-up old lipsticks (just didn’t have enough time) but I’ll do it soon – promise!


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