Weeklong Test Drives, Season 2: Yves Rocher

For the second “season” of my one brand weeklong test drive (for the explanation of the idea of these test drives see Weeklong Test Drives, Season 1: Annick Goutal ) I chose Yves Rocher, the brand from France that focuses on botanical beauty products.

Yves RocherThe U.S. consumers know Yves Rocher as a catalog/website order brand but in Europe there are real YR stores and in one of them 20 years ago I bought my first perfume from this brand.

After I moved to the U.S., I was getting their new perfumes on and off, not thinking much of them: they were cheap (price-wise), not too complex, added to the line and then removed unpredictably. Recently I learned that there were some well-known noses behind at least some of Yves Rocher’s perfumes: Olivier Pescheux, Christine Nagel, Michel Girard, Jacques Cavallier. It hasn’t changed what I think about those perfumes but it was a curious fact. It’s not the most glamorous or thought after brand but I had a really good time with some of their perfumes; so I want to share  those perfumed reflections.

For my WTD I will be “not-a-review”-ing some newer, some older and some discontinued perfumes.

Image: my own

See all episodes:
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WTD, Episode 2.2: Iris Noir, Tendre Jasmin and Naturelle by Yves Rocher
WTD, Episode 2.3: Rose Absolu and Pur Desir de Rose by Yves Rocher
WTD, Episode 2.4: In the Search of the Perfect Lilac
WTD, Episode 2.5: Voile d’Ambre and Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher
WTD, Episode 2.6: Nature by Yves Rocher


8 thoughts on “Weeklong Test Drives, Season 2: Yves Rocher

  1. Hi, this is the first time I have a look at your blog and I love that you’re giving Yves Rocher a little attention. It’s a brand I’ve always overlooked, I think now because I remember my mother mail ordering from them long ago and they have somehow stuck in my mind as “cheap stuff”. But, hey, if they can deliver something you want, cheap is never a bad thing :)


    • Well, they are cheap. And I definitely wouldn’t recommend even looking in their direction right after your Serge Lutents complete line testing ;) But at some point you might even enjoy one of the scents.


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