Mind Games: My First Decant – Jeux de Peau

When I first read on NST the description of the upcoming release of Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau, the idea of this perfume was very appealing and romantic: bread, childhood, memories… But even though buying bread was one of my chores when I was little, the memories that surfaced weren’t related to that. What I remembered was how my friends and I would buy bread, still warm, from drivers of delivery trucks. I have no idea if they had any authority to do so (I would think not) but the bread that we ate with dirty hands after running and playing outside for several hours was one of the tastiest treats. And a huge part of the attraction was that bread’s smell. That was what I remembered when I read about Jeux de Peau. I wasn’t compelled to run for testing it immediately but I put it on my “to try” list.

I’ve read many positive reviews of the perfume (see links to some of them below) but then I came across a review that… Ok, not only I cannot find it any more but I do not remember what exactly it said. I do remember a picture of waffles with either honey or some syrup on them (*if you recognize that vague description, please share the link!). The image was so vivid, it contradicted memories I conjured and it was a little off-putting.

One weekend last month I had some free time in the city so I went for a brief sniffing session in Barney’s. Since it was an impromptu visit, I didn’t have any plan or list so I just went sniffing through several lines, mostly on paper. Out of all the perfumes I tried Jeux de Peau was the most interesting so I dared to apply it on my skin. I sprayed it, smelled it and told myself: “It’s a nice gourmand scent, I like smelling it but I’m not sure I want to smell like that…”

“Hmm… It’s an interesting scent” was a leitmotif for the next several hours as I kept bringing my wrist to my nose again and again. And again.

I knew about perfume splits for a long time but haven’t participated in any. Until recently when I read the announcement about Jeux de Peau split and saw that Dee was one of the participants. I was sold. I mean, I bought [into] it.

Jeux de Peau is a very warm and comfortable scent on me. For my nose it’s not even close to bread or a toast. It’s sweet but not cloying. The closest food association for me is golden-brown palmiers. It feels like I’ve used a bronzer. I’m not talking about the scent (so far I haven’t found any artificial tanning product with more than just tolerable odor) but the feel. I imagine a golden glow on my skin when I wear this perfume.

I’ve just started my 10 ml decant and with the perfume’s excellent tenacity it’ll last me for a while. But when it’s up I can see a full bottle of Jeux de Peau in my future.

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Image: a clip from the alpinberry’s recepe

For real reviews see: 1000 fragrances, NST, Olfactoria’s Travels and Grain de Musc.

Dee’s recent article on splits.

Update: the review I was referring to and couldn’t find was from the eyeliner on a cat blog.


15 thoughts on “Mind Games: My First Decant – Jeux de Peau

  1. I think you might have seen Carrie’s review, I think she was the one who didn’t appreciate it much. :)
    I must say, I like it perfectly fine. I might not go for a full bottle but a decant I’d be very happy with.


  2. Ines is right, it was me!

    I do plan on giving it another try sometime, I never, ever part with any Serge Lutens sample vials, no matter how much I dislike it. I’m a little obsessive about Uncle Serge. Like many people, it was partly his fault that I decided to devote so much time, energy and money to perfume. Many blends are fascinating, beautiful, enchanting, some even hurt and are repulsive, but they are almost always worth attention.


    • Looking at that picture in your review makes me hungry! :)
      I have to admit that this is a completely new line for me: because of the number of perfumes by SL out there, a very limited accessibility for free testing (read in a real store) and my serial collector tendecies I kept postponing my first approach to it. Not any more! SL – here I come!


  3. Undina, I’m glad that you’re first split experience went well—I’d have felt terrible if something went wrong!

    JdP really is interesting, whether you like it or not (and I do). The first few times I wore it, I distinctly smelled hot, buttery toast; however, spraying it from my decant is a different experience—one that I fortunately like even better :)

    Great review!


    • I’m glad too. Not that a bad experience would have turned me away from trying again (judging by my persistence with eBay purchases ;)) but it’s always nice to have a good start.
      What are we splitting next? ;)


  4. У меня такие же чувства от Sweet Milk (огромное спасибо!) и теперь мне очень хочется “продегустировать” эти. Сейчас пришло в голову, что стоит запоминать в телефоне “записки” с названиями духов, чтобы всегда быть во всеоружии. Вот и будет первая. Как ты помнишь, с чем тебе хочется познакомиться у стойки парфумов? Вероятно, уже напамять? Или у тебя есть специальная записная книжка? И ещё вопрос: в какой из магазинов ты бы порекомендовала отправиться, чтобы познакомиться с этими духами?


    • I have a file where I save all the perfumes I want to try with the reference why (e.g. “Dee loves it” or “Octavian wrote it was good”). Before this event I combined the list our organizers sent (which store carries which brand) with my “to try” list and printed it out.

      As for the JdP, I know only Barney’s that has that line. Some small specialized stores might but I’m not sure. Or all those places online that sell samples (luckyscent, aedes, theperfumedcourt, etc.)


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