WTD, Episode 1.7: Songes by Annick Goutal

TiareSonges – created in 2005, notes include Frangipani, Tiare flower, Sambac jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang absolute, olibanum, French vanilla absolute, sandalwood, amber. Opening flower notes in this perfume do not appeal to me: they aren’t unpleasant but rather are not pleasant. But then from the moment when a jasmine starts blooming and until vanilla-sandalwood base completely melts into my wrist it’s a pleasant skin scent.

Sillage: very light (2 out of 5); tenacity: poor (2 hours).

Read review at I Smell Therefore I Am .

If you do not know but are curious how to pronounce some of those (absolutely unpronounceable, in my opinion) names in French, check it at the Frag Name of the Day Archives.

After reading Olfactoria’s Travels’ review of Ambre Fétiche and especially Dee’s comment in the discussion “It’s the mink coat in a closet full of sundresses” I’m determined to try it. Also I want to re-try Mandragore Pourpre (see review at eyeliner on a cat ) and Ninfeo Mio, which I previously tried, didn’t like and disposed of the sample… just to find it interesting again when tried (on a blotter) in the store.

Any other suggestions? Am I missing anything really worth trying from this line?

Image: my own

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2 thoughts on “WTD, Episode 1.7: Songes by Annick Goutal

  1. I wish I had a suggestion, but Goutal is not really my favorite line. It’ll be fun to see which line you choose next though! (Not that I’m trying to rush you, though. :) )


    • There are at least 4 lines I could do without any additional efforts on my part (I already have enough bottles/samples to cover a week) and there are a couple of those that I’ll need to complete a line-up before I can do the test drive, so I’ll see in the next week or two where the weather and my mind take me.
      Thank you for watching and stay tuned! :)


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