My First Scrubber

While reading What Is Your Perfume Nemesis discussion at Olfactoria’s Travels I was reminded of one of my perfume “hates”. My very first scrubber.

Gucci Rush - Do Not EnterIt was a scent strip in one of the fashion magazines that attracted my attention to the new perfume Gucci Rush. I liked the scent and even rubbed it on my wrist. It smelled good. So the next time I happened to be in a store with a perfume counter I went straight to that tester and lavishly sprayed the fragrance all over my wrist: I wasn’t sure in its tenacity and wanted it to last long enough for me to enjoy and decide if I want to buy a bottle. It did last. Much longer than I wanted it too. I could hardly wait to get home, take off any clothes that came in contact with it and shower. It was that bad on my skin.

Since then I had my share of scrubbers, gave some of them a second chance but I couldn’t face (or should I say wrist?) Gucci Rush again. I do not remember the scent but I remember how much I hated it. And after that incident I’ve never risked spraying any perfume on my body before trying it on a blotter for a couple of times first or having running hot water and a soap nearby.

Do you remember your first scrubber? Have you ever experienced it again? Have you ever changed your mind about any of the perfumes that you initially put in that category? (Feel free to share a link to your blog if you’ve written on the topic before)

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13 thoughts on “My First Scrubber

    • I think I beat you there! I put the first Chanel ever on my skin less than a year ago. Until then it didn’t smell like anything I could tolerate (now I even have couple of favorites).


  1. I’m not sure I remember the first, but there sure have been a lot of ’em! Most recently, DKNY Woman and Be Delicious. I only tried them because the Donna Karan Signature, Gold and BCashmere were pretty decent, and I wondered what the DKNY line was like. Erg. Now I know.


    • Does it mean DKNY pure is completely out of question? (Unexpectedly I liked it on paper and even got a sample but since then I never had a chance to try it on the skin)


  2. Once I sprayed Chanel #5 on myself in the duty free shop before the 9 hr transatlantic flight. That was the worst. I had a headache and I am sure that people sitting next to me did not appreciate it either. Nice perfume, but it just isn’t me.


    • I’m trying to be especially careful when traveling on a plane since I realize people have no escape. Ans I usually look with a fear at people spraying themselves at Duty Free shops.


  3. I’m pretty sure my first real scrubber was Amouage Ubar. I recieved the sample in a swap from a blogger friend, and he had received it in a swap so could not answer any of my questions: Is this the original formulation? (I never found out, but I’m certain it is) Was this perfume borne of The Devil, and can I send it back to hell to languish there for eternity? (I put it in the Big Stinky pile) Why would someone want to smell like big cat urine? (still haven’t found out)


    • Really? Wow… I like Ubar very much (though I’m positive both my sample and then my decant came from a post-reformulation bottle) and I’m not known to be extreme in my perfume preferences. Will you have a nerve to test a “new” version? Or have you been scarred for life?


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  5. Olfactory Studio Still Life and Francis Kurkdjian Oud both made me want to throw up after a while – literally. There have been others that I “disliked”, like white florals, and you could say they were scrubbers in that I didn’t like them and felt a slight headache, but none have been so extreme as the first two. I didn’t want even a trace on my skin; it was so nauseating. The Oud one put me off oud unfortunately.


    • I have problems with many Francis Kurkdjian’s perfumes – and it even doesn’t have anything to do with me disliking his personality! And on a separate note :), agarwood (oud) isn’t my favorite note as well but there are some perfumes in which it doesn’t bother me so I recommend you to keep trying (carefully) – you’ll find the one you like eventually.


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