Perfume Purrfect?

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when you should write about your pet. So here I am.

I share my habitat with a very good-natured, affectionate and companionable medium hair orange tabby cat (though whoever classified him as such should start coming to my place daily in a month Rusty and Climat by Lancomeso we could discuss that definition over their vacuuming my floors and other surfaces covered with that “medium” hair). He’s very food-oriented (he even learned some tricks – sit, paw, down) and omnivorous (among strange things that my cat likes are mangoes, avocados, apricots and pecans). We got him from a shelter two years ago, and he keeps brightening lives of everybody around him as a small furry sun. His name is Rusty.

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New Year Resolutions: January


One of my perfume-related New Year Resolutions this year was to slow down the testing gallop and start wearing more often those perfumes that I like already. The goal was to spend at least two days a week with my favorites – perfumes from my collection, not test vials and sample sprays. After all, why to look for a perfect scent if I will not give it enough face body time once the courting is over?

The first month of the year went by almost unnoticed. Looking in the perfume diary for January I see that somehow I managed not to get too far from the goal: I wore one of my favorite perfumes on nine different occasions. Of course, nine times does translate to “twice a week”, but I cheated a little by sometimes putting on something new in the morning – “just to see how it feels”, – and later the same day or in the evening I would wear a perfume I own and love.

Quick January statistics:

* Different perfumes worn: 46
* Favorite perfumes worn: 9
* Perfumes tried for the first time: 25

* Perfume house I wore most often: 
   Chanel (Coco and Beige, two times each)
   Ormonde Jayne (Orris Noir and Tiare, two times each).

* Most popular notes: top – bergamot and mandarin; middle – jasmine and rose; base – musk and sandalwood.

Image: my own