WTD, Episode 1.1: Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Eau d’Hadrien – created in 1981, notes include Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit, green mandarin, cypress, aldehyde notes, ylang-ylang and cypress). When I was a child, my friends and I liked chasing and catching butterflies. Cabbage White (Pieris brassicae) was one of the most common butterflies where I lived. No matter how careful you would try to touch those delicate wings some pigment would always end up on your fingers. And from this particular butterfly my fingers always smelled lemony. Eau d’Hadrien scent reminds me of those carefree summer days, bruised knees and weightless wings flapping in my domed palms.
Photo : Bresson Thomas

Robin at NST had an update posted to her earlier review for Eau d’Hadrien referring to the alleged reformulation of the perfume in 2009. I compared two samples – a new one from the store and an older one that I got many years ago. I cannot smell the difference. If there was a reformulation indeed it must be the best one I encountered so far*.

In summer I might occasionally reach for the small bottle of Eau d’Hadrien EdT, which I got as a part of some other purchase, but I do not see it as a full bottle in my collection in future.

Sillage: light (3 out of 5); tenacity: good (4 hours).

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* Update: Thanks to Robin I found an interview with Isabelle Doyen (at Grain de Musc) where she says: 

“But we haven’t touched L’Eau d’Hadrien! All we did, and that may have confused some people, was to increase the concentration a bit to satisfy those who thought it was too fleeting. We didn’t want to touch the formula, so we just increased the concentration by one or two per cent. But that was at least four years ago!”

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