Saturday Question: Tell Me You Are a Perfumista Without Telling Me…

I’m not sure if this prompt can be considered a question but why not to do something different? I know that this meme/trend has been around for a while, but I’ve never played this one before – so, I invite you to join me.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #159:

Tell Me You Are a Perfumista Without Telling Me…

My Answer

These are my three attempts:

  1. When planning any trip, I always check if the destination has specialized perfume shops and visit them.
  2. I put on perfume before taking a shower (to test something new that might be a scrubber).
  3. My truthful answer to an SA’s question, “What [kind o] perfumes do you like?” is more confusing than helpful to them.


Now it’s your turn.


Tell Me You Are a Perfumista Without Telling Me…


38 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Tell Me You Are a Perfumista Without Telling Me…

  1. Your three are also true for me.

    Here are mine:

    I smell every product before buying it to make sure it’s acceptable to me.

    If you ask me what I’m wearing I will assume you are referring to my perfume, not my clothes.

    I will get rid of purses, shoes and clothes to make room for more perfume.

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  2. 1. I have way more bottles of perfume than anything else in my closet.
    2. I haven’t bought.perfume at a local store or mainstream outlet for at least 5 years.
    3. The idea of having one signature scent and wearing it every day sounds really awful. (Or even just 2-3 like my sister in law.)

    I also do a lot of testing before my shower, look for perfume shops when traveling and have many lifetimes worth of juice!

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  3. 1. I know what the word ‘commando’ means in perfume speak (though I rarely am going commando)
    2. I only use unscented laundry detergent or body lotion with the exception of wearing scented body lotion as my fragrance
    3. I know what a ‘nose’ is and have several favourite noses
    4. I keep my perfume in a cool and dark place
    5. I know what a blind buy is but very rarely blind buy perfume these days, unless it is very hard to get a sample and it comes highly recommended by people whose taste is similar to mine

    I could add many more!

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  4. Ooh good one! I do your #1 as well.
    2. I spend a lot of my free time reading and writing about perfume.
    3. I rarely wear the same fragrance 2 days in a row.
    4. I have occasionally approached a group of coworkers with the question, “Is one of you wearing [name of perfume I think I recognize]?” (Most times, I got blank looks in response…)

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  5. 1. When someone mentions iris, my heart begins to race and I always think Perfume.

    2. Blind buy? I have evolved to buying large samples.

    3. Of my (as today) 1,774 posts on Instagram, a good ~ 80% pertain to perfumes.

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  6. Great topic!
    1. The first thing I do every morning is pick out a fragrance to wear. Perfume is far more important than clothing, shoes or hairstyles.
    2. Everywhere I go, I sniff the air like a fox, identifying everything I am smelling and then, of course, I have to comment on what I smell. ” I smell pine, the wind is blowing pine needles. Are the neighbors’ gardenias blooming? I smell them. Someone is cooking with cumin… someone else is drying their clothes with Bounce…. Someone just drowned themselves in La Vie est Belle!”
    3. I also use only unscented laundry products. God forbid any laundry scents interfere with my perfumes….
    4. Yes, I, too, have cabinets that hold only perfumes.

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  7. I am with you on your #3!

    1) I constantly fret about the race to use up my stash of perfumes before they either turn or outlive me.
    2) I am shameless about asking to sniff people close up, even when they are barely known to me.
    3) I pick people up when I ask them what perfume they wear and they say things like “Chanel”. And they don’t mean the whole range….invariably just No 5 or Coco Mlle!

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  8. 1. Perfume goes on before any clothing.
    2. I know what sillage, flanker and blind buy are.
    3. I can name several actual perfumers rather than houses.
    4. I have read books dedicated to perfume.
    5. I spend time filling sample/decant bottles for others or if I’m going away and want at least five choices for a day or two.
    6. Wayyy more money spent in perfume than shoes, clothing or cosmetics. I have an internal bitching session every time I go to the hairdresser but don’t bat an eyelid at spending more on perfume.
    7. I’m on here answering this question.

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  9. I have been known to chase people down to ask what perfume they are wearing, if they leave a scented trail I like.
    I open dish soap to sniff before deciding which to buy.
    At a wedding this weekend the hotel had Le Labo products. The big shampoos and lotions were not removable, but I asked all my (adult) kids for their used soap!

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  10. have more perfumes I love than I can finish wearing in what’s left of my lifetime. Still look to sample more.
    Have little gauze drawstring bags of perfumes samples in my handbag, carry them with me everywhere I go. Rotate them to update to newer ones or dig out older ones I never gave enough time to. In case I have a chance to share them with someone I meet when out.
    Keep a tray full of minis and samples on my dining table to try as the spirit takes me.
    Have perfume bottles stored with my books, in front of them, so have to be moved to get to the books.
    Will go through phases of trying several perfumes a day, after taking a break of days or more without perfume at all, to give my nose a break.

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  11. These are hilarious! I’ll give it a try:
    1. I blog about perfume and fragrance.
    2. I often stick my wrist under my family’s noses to ask what they think of a new fragrance. And they let me, lol!
    3. I have opinions on different formulations of the same fragrance.
    4. Sometimes I hide perfume purchases from my family out of embarrassment, even though they’re very tolerant.
    5. I have a fragrance subscription.
    6. Most gifts from my husband are fragrances that I chose and bought, which he happily wraps.
    7. I can spend an hour or more chatting with staff in a niche perfume store.

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    • First wfour – checks. #5 – used to (before the “no-buy”). #6 – I stopped even pretending :) #7 – probably no. But I could easily spend that hour sniffing everything in that store.

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