South Korea March 2023

Hey there ULGers, It’s a little CRAZY around here at the moment. I’m writing from last week because currently Jin, a couple of our girlfriends and I are in South Korea for a short but sweet tour. Temperatures are expected to range from -1 to 20C (30-68f). When are you all going to catch up with modern systems so we can all have the same? It will be a very nice change from Sydney’s current 40C (104f) with a shit tonne of humidity. It’s nicer outside than in the apartment though. Jin has the AC on and my body doesn’t really like it.

This will definitely NOT be a perfume shopping trip. We have other adventures planned this year that could become very fragrant. More on those later.

South Korea March 2023

So, I’m furiously trying to work out what to take with me perfume wise. I’m in the middle of the New Idea 2023 and will need to take some samples and decants to use up. Also, I like to have a few old faves for stability in the whirlwind rush of holiday adventures.

So here are my ideas.

Cacharel Amor Amor: A fun fizzy fruit scent that makes me smile in remembrance of Anna Maria who gave me my first 30ml.
Guerlain Terracotta le parfum: Need a white floral with tropical accents to add a little zip.
Hermès Cuir d’Ange: I’m halfway through my 15ml travel of this softly leather beauty.
Miller Harris La Fumee Ottoman: Newish 8ml travel from FragranceNet. Something smoky and dark will be nice for the cold.
Niki de Saint Phalle: The 12ml travel size are perfect in the wetpack. A chypre will always centre me.

On top of that I’m going to grab a random selection of samples/decants to help with New Idea 2023.

Does this feel like a sensible perfume selection?
What 5 would you take?
Portia xx


22 thoughts on “South Korea March 2023

  1. Very sensible to me, especially the Terracotta and the Niki. I am so silly – when I saw the title I assumed you were going on a march! Probably cos there are so many going on here in England at the moment ….. A very interesting trip.


  2. Enjoy the trip! Great choices, especially the Guerlain and Hermes. I’d go with my travel sprays of:
    1. Atelier Cologne, Pomelo Paradis.
    2. Hermes, Ambre Narguile.
    3. Eight & Bob, Nuit de Megeve.
    4. Acca Kappa, Muschio Bianco.
    5. Olfactive Studio, Panorama.


  3. Looks like you’re having a great time on IG. Your 5 travel size collection look pretty perfect to me.
    What 5 would I choose for a Korean break? I honestly don’t know. My holiday habit when holidaying outside the UK is to buy something at the outbound Duty Free & wear only that whilst away.
    Hope you’ve all enjoyed your time away as much as the pix show


  4. I hope you’re having a blast there!

    Dependent on the length of the trip, I usually take at least 2, sometimes 3 different perfumes per day – either in travel sprays or in handmade decants.


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