Green Tea Mimosa by Elizabeth Arden

Hi Crew. Today I’m reminding you that spring will be with you soon. One of the loveliest harbingers of spring in Australia is its wattle. Yeah, that’s what we call our versions of mimosa. Late winter it blooms here and that bright yellow through to lime green puff ball extravaganza always brings a smile to my winter face. Sadly it plays merry hell with Jin’s hay fever and he suffers dreadfully with it. Fortunately it’s the pollen not the perfume so I’m free to wear mimosa perfumes whenever I want. This summer I finally caved and bought a bottle of Green Tea Mimosa.

Green Tea Mimosa by Elizabeth Arden 2016

Green Tea Mimosa by Elizabeth Arden

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Green Tea, Citruses
Heart: Mimosa
Base: Heliotrope, Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

I know, yet again I’m very late to the party. Thing is the Elizabeth Arden counters in the mall are never at the front. That means I’ve usually found something else to sniff and spritz by the time I get there. Also, there’s rarely a specific Elizabeth Arden SA anymore. Perfume sniffing is about engagement, right? Sure it’s fun to go and sniff the aisles solo but having a representative I can make a human connection with will get my wallet out of my pocket so much faster. Sorry, end rant.

Green Tea Mimosa is a perfect spring and summer spritz, yes. I’m wearing it a LOT in our very muggy summer here right now to give me a moments respite. I tried it in the fridge but that is just TOO COOL! HA! It did strike me though today that it could very well be a winter blues buster. I know many of you are suffering the lack of sunlight and warmth. For next to nothing a few spritzes of Green Tea Mimosa could very well give you a much needed lift.

How does it smell? That opening waft is a lovely citrus/mimosa combo with that back of throat ache that comes with perfumery tea. Don’t expect it to be a replacement for Amouage Love Mimosa, or any of the big speedy niche mimosas. It’s a lovely fresh budget spritz that smells a LOT better than you’d expect at the price.

This is a fresh, powdery mimosa with none of the honeyed animals backbeat, though the vegetal musk is very nice. I think there might even be a little lily of the valley accord and some narcissus within the mix. Maybe even some jasmine. The heart and dry down are a little soapy.

Longevity is better than expected for something so ethereal. I’m fragrant but there seems to be a lot of space between the notes. After the first 10-20 minutes it’s a lightweight and gauzy beauty, not under the radar but low key. Totally unisex.

Do you ever use scent to pull you out of the winter blues?
Portia xx


30 thoughts on “Green Tea Mimosa by Elizabeth Arden

  1. Scent is a great antidote to winter blues, although it’s more likely to be stronger stuff than a summer freshie. I often learn new ways of describing scent from you – “a lot of space between the notes” makes perfect sense and I think describes the original Green Tea as well!


  2. This is one of the scents I bought at the airport before a holiday, then wore it all the time we were away. So, for me it is intrinsically linked to sun, sand, cocktails & relaxation. My airport choices were either classics, usually Chanel or Guerlain, or something summery. GT Mimosa was a summery one of course!
    Yes! Your description of perfumery tea having a sensation of throat ache. I wonder if it’s from the tannins? Sandalwood gives me a similar sensation in my throat
    I find GT Mimosa, after the citrus tea opening, to be a vast fluffy yellow cloud. Vast is likely what you describe as space between the notes. Yellow from the mimosa & sunny uplands & fluffy from the musk mallow.
    The whole Green Tea range is far better than it needs to be for the price & is the perfect perfumery example of simplicity done well.


  3. Yes, because my winters are unbearable (cold, ice,snow) I always use fragrance to lift me up. I wear my summer scents in winter and my winter scents in summer, when the heat makes the heavy hitters bloom on my scent devouring skin. My mom bought me the original Green Tea for my birthday four years ago but I never purchased any of the flankers, despite the fact that I have been eyeballing themfor a very long time. Like alityke, I agree that Green Tea and the range is amazing for the price.


  4. Definitely use scent as pick me up. Our winters are usually cold – not so much this year. At the moment, thought, I’m waiting for my sense of smell to return after round two of covid – much more mild this time but didn’t lose smell last time. Such a weird virus. I miss my perfumes (well, still wearing but I don’t get to enjoy!)


  5. I love Goldfield & Banks Velvet Splendour, which I believe has wattle note (and possibly boronia), and Amouage Love Mimosa. Those are my only two but they get the job done splendidly.


  6. I must admit I prefer winter to summer and most of my favourite fragrances are better suited to the cooler weather. I am trying to get into more ‘sunny’ and uplifting fragrances, however, in an attempt to make myself a little more alert. I love the idea of spritzing something summery in winter; I have been searching for a while for my bottle of Bright Crystal, which I find is the ultimate in happy, bright, pink perfume and I think would be perfect to lash on to banish winter blues.
    I’d love anyone’s ideas on good fragrances to keep in the fridge. I have a feeling our summer is not over yet.

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  7. This sounds delightful! Love mimosa as a note, and really regret not buying a bottle of Mimosa pour Moi by L’Artisan instead of the “laundry musk on steroids” L’Ete en Douce I actually got. It was one of my very first niche bottles (I bought 3 on Day 1 in two stores in Paris) and didn’t think them through properly.


  8. Since I love our winter and love “winter” perfumes, I almost never wear anything out of season: I barely have time to enjoy my winter favorites before it gets too warm for them.

    I have a bottle of Green Tea Mimosa, a gift from hajusuuri, and enjoy wearing it from time to time. Here ( you can see handsome Rusty with the bottle of this perfume.

    In general, I love-love-love mimosa and wear many perfumes with this note (and want to buy a couple more – but will restrain myself for now :) ).


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