Saturday Question: Do You Like A Chocolate Note In Perfume?

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and since we’ve previously covered a question about roses, I decided the other ubiquitous element of the celebration might be appropriate for today’s SQ.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #152:

Do You Like A Chocolate Note In Perfume?

Do you own any perfumes with that note? Do you wear them?

A bonus questions: Do you like chocolate? If yes, what is your favorite type?


My Answer

Let’s start with the important part: I love eating chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate with nuts. The best combination for me is dark chocolate (~72-75%) with hazelnuts.

As to perfumes, I was surprised to discover how many perfumes with this note I have and wear. I’ll name just three (and then will join you in comments if you mention any of those that I also like:

1. Mugler Angel Taste of Fragrance: unlike the original Angel, which also has this note, I still wear this one from time to time.

2. Armani Prive La Femme Bleue: I think, this is my #1 favorite chocolate perfume – I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it also contains the most beautiful iris note?

3. Guerlein Gourmand Coquin: I wish I would have figured out earlier how much I liked this perfume. Now I should persuade myself not to hoard the remaining ml in my dab sample and enjoy wearing it last couple of times.

Rusty and Candies

How about you?

Do You Like A Chocolate Note In Perfume?


62 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Do You Like A Chocolate Note In Perfume?

  1. I also like hazlenuts and chocolate, but prefer milk to plain! Soft, rich pralines are so yummy. Not so keen on chocolate notes in perfume but did strangely enjoy a sample of Pierre Guillaume’s Brulure de Rose, which is dusted with cocoa powder.

    Got to thinking about the other Valentine staple, Champagne, and whether there are perfumes with this note. Obviously YSL’s Champagne/Yvresse is meant to conjure this fizz, although I liked it for its peachy mossiness.

    Looks like Rusty is either hiding or about to pounce …….

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  2. Love some chocolate both to eat and wear. I still have some Missoni from 2006, and it was quite a bold and different offering at the time. It’s one I get complimented on when I wear it. A more recent discovery is Gallagher Behold Patchouli, love love love this. I keep saying I need a fb of this and I should just buy it and be done as I blew through 2 large decants. Arquiste Anima Dulcis is a darker and moodier chocolate. I eat any chocolate, but probably have a preference for dark.

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  3. I love all kinds of chocolate but my favorite of course pairs it with marzipan lol
    Pacifica Mexican Cocoa EDP pairs chocolate with almonds. Sadly it was discontinued a while ago so I treasure what I have left


    • I forgot that Reglisse Noire has a cocoa note!! I do like Angel but thunked my bottle years ago. Also thunked Kyse Cocoa Noisette smells like Nutella and Dame Chocolate Man oil which is full on chocolate. I had Mancera Choco Violette but one of the Marzipans borrowed it because she said it smells like candy corn. Still have Armani Iris Celydon and Catier LHeure Defendue both of which smell like Wedge’s fur to me. I don’t doubt that we probably have more fragrances with chocolate notes in our collection chez Marzipan. Tell Rusty not to eat the chocolate. Fancy Feast makes cat treats that look and feel like chocolate. I will give them to Pickles, Wedge and Squirrel on Valentines Day.
      PS had Bath and Body Works Chocolate Covered Cherries lotion but the eldest took it.

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  4. I love very dark chocolate; one of my favorites is Lindt’s 70% cacao truffles. I do like chocolate as a note in some fragrances. I wouldn’t seek it out, necessarily, but I like it a lot in SJP’s Covet, and the original Missoni. LOVE it in Daniel Josier’s Orquidea Negra.

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  5. I ADORE eating chocolate. Very bad for my diabetes but there are times when chocolate is the only thing. The clue is to balance it with proteins. My chocolate drug of choice is British milk chocolate with whole almonds or hazelnuts. I’m also partial to dark chilli chocolate.
    In fragrance chocolate, cocoa & cacao notes are my kryptonite.
    I did sort of like the Angel flanker you mentioned but not enough to keep my bottle.
    Looking at all the fragrances with cocoa & associated notes on Fragrantica, I own only one, Coffee Addict by Theodoros Kalotinis, which is all about unsweetened black, Greek coffee. I don’t sense any chocolate note from it but, as coffee heightens chocolate flavours in baking, I can see how a little dry cocoa note could heighten the smell of coffee in fragrance

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      • “Faux perfume phobic” made me chuckle. Must admit I’m also fond of winding up the
        “I’m allergic to perfume crowd”. I always ask about if the carry an Epipen, what fragrance gave them the anaphylactic shock, give out mock empathy about them having to avoid all fragrances products. I can milk it for hours! Most seem to use scent boosters in the laundry & scented bath & shower products. I think your coffee/vanilla fragrance layering is an excellent tease! Coffee Addict is not subtle or lacking in radiance… hehehe.

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      • I wish I could remember what book the idea of burning chocolate nibs on a pin was in. I remember the descriptions of the scents & flavours but not the book! Those nibs are 98/99% chocolate.
        Eating such high percentage chocolate is not a pleasant experience to me. Too tannic & mouth drying. I’m not much of a coffee drinker either.
        For me such high percentage chocolate is a great savoury addition to spicy meat sauces as in traditional Mexican cuisine. I’ve even used a few nibs in hot curries. It adds savoury depths & colour

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  6. I’m always open to perfumes with a chocolate note; I’ve discovered that I can be quite picky about them. Atelier Materi Cacao Porcelana is really nice and on my vague mental wish list. Strangelove meltmyheart is a lovely chocolate-and-orris perfume—I plan to wear my sample today—so it sounds like I would have loved La Femme Bleue as well, but like many good things, it’s gone before I know it exists… Has anyone tried both of those to comment on similarities/differences?

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    • La Femme Bleue was an uber-expensive (back then :) ) extra-limited edition that was out for less than a year. Strangelove is even more expensive. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no intersection between those 1000 who tried LFB (OK, probably more since some bottles were bought for selling samples, and some of perfumistas shared as well, but still not a large audience in total) and those who tried meltmyheart (but now I’m tempted! :) ).

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  7. Funny no one’s mentioned Coromandel, or Borneo yet-I love the chocolate note, if it’s done properly. Seems to me Bulgari Blu also had chocolate notes-so yes, I guess I do like chocolate notes in perfume.

    And I do love chocolate-almost any kind, but not white. The Ritter sport bars are so pleasing, cause they’re square and come in so many different flavours, and cause it has the word sport in the name-what’s not to like? :)

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    • Smokeytoes in the comment right above yours mentioned Borneo. Coromandel was one of those that I saw in my list but decided to leave it to others to mention. I love it!

      Surprisingly, I like Ritter squares with hazelnut. I say “surprisingly” because being a chocolate snob, I wouldn’t expect those inexpensive bars to be as good as they are.

      I can’t consider white chocolate a chocolate – even though it might be it formally.


  8. So many chocolate perfumes! 4160 Tuesdays Over the Chocolate Shop and Silk Lace Roses & Chocolate, Profumum Sorriso, Gallagher Wicked Good & Behold Patchouli, Cartier L’Heure Défendue (has iris and cocoa!), SL Borneo, Anima Dulcis, Gourmand Coquin. I prefer darker chocolate, with nuts and fruit of just nuts.

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  9. I love chocolate- all kinds. Partial to dark chocolate with a bit of sea salt at the moment. I have been enjoying some samples of Jeffrey Dame’s chocolate perfumes – he has several including an upcoming chocolate + Milk which is a dead ringer for a hersheys kiss. I think my favorite chocolate perfume is DSH Piment et Chocolat.

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  10. Kyse Mandolrlo Cooccolato is cocoa absolute, orange, vanilla bourbon, patchouli, almond, white florals, Bourbon French in New Orleans has Jazelle (under Lagniappe Oaks), featuring chocolate. Cinnamon, orange blossom, rose hips.

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  11. I love chocolate, the darker the better. I will post the link to an article in the New York Times below about the dangers of chocolate! I mean seriously. It won’t stop me from eating it.

    I also love chocolate in perfumes! Besides what you mentioned, Guerlain Gourmand Coquin, I also love Iris Ganache. Someone up top mentioned Coromandel and Pacifica Mexican Chocolate and I love that as well. Others include: Al-Rehab Choco Musk (mine is from 2013, a gift) and Serge Lutens Chergui, among others.

    And here’s my IG post with a chocolate (really, cocoa) perfume:

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    • You didn’t post the link, but maybe it’s for the best: I can keep eating chocolate without thinking that it will kill me :)

      Iris Ganash – yesss! I like it (but own only a decant).


  12. I enjoy a few fragrances with chocolate notes. Jo Malone Blue Agave & Cacao is a favorite, along with some of the Solstice very chocolate scents. I also love L’Antichambre Chocolate et Ambre. It’s so gorgeous, smells just like Belgian chocolate. L’Antichambre was a Belgian perfume company that issued some lovely scents a few years ago. I haven’t seen anything about them in at least 3 years, so they may be out of business. Their other beauty was Le Tabac, the best tobacco fragrance I’ve ever sniffed.

    I like dark and milk chocolate. My favorite brand is Hu milk chocolate with hazelnut butter. So delicious. Hu also has some wonderful dark chocolate flavors.

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  13. Hi Undina & Crew,
    LOVE chocolate. My favourite type is LOTS. I’ll eat them all from white to blackest dark but my preference is milk. Yes, I also love it with nuts and will buy plain chocolate and have a bowl of nuts beside it.
    You’ve all mentioned perfumes I own with chocolate notes but I don’t really notice it in them when I’m wearing them.
    Portia x

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  14. I love chocolate in all its forms, but have recently taught myself to like 70%+ dark chocolate lately for its superior polyphenol properties. I was thinking of chocolate notes around this time indeed, in PG Brulure de Rose and Piguet Calypso. When I saw the title of your post I was expecting you to mention La Femme Bleue and you did! Must try my decant again…

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