Saturday Question: What Are Your Top Five Green Perfumes?

Since I’ve been swamped recently, I don’t follow NST’s community projects any longer (not complaining – just stating the fact). So, I didn’t know this week’s topic (“True Colors: tell us your favorite color, and wear a fragrance with that color in the name, or that reminds you of that color, or that has juice in that color, or … ?”). But I got a suspicion it was related to NST and color when I saw hajusuuri’s IG post earlier today. And that was when I realized I wore four green perfumes this week. Spontaneously. In the middle of Winter. Without knowing about any projects. So, I decided why not to make it into the SQ.

Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass

Saturday Question #148:

What Are Your Top Five Green Perfumes?

Bonus question: Do you wear green perfumes all year round, or is there some particular season for them?

My Answer

I’ll start with answering the bonus question: as I explained in the post The Color of Spring (I used a photo from that post below even though not all of the perfumes on it made it to my Top 5 list), I associate green perfumes with Spring. But it seems this year, with its unexpected heavy rain in our area, I started craving green perfumes earlier.

My Top 5 Green Perfumes (not in particular order):

  • Chanel No 19 EdT
  • Puredistance Antonia
  • vero profumo Mito
  • Avon Deneuve
  • DSH Perfumes Vert Pour Madame

Green Perfumes

How about you?


What Are Your Top Five Green Perfumes?


45 thoughts on “Saturday Question: What Are Your Top Five Green Perfumes?

  1. I’m not really a green perfume connoisseur, so I’ll go with just listing four that I have and sometimes wear – Chanel No 19, jacomo Silences, Safari, Goutal Heure Exquise. Definitely get pulled out in spring!

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  2. OOOH! Undina, green is one of my favourite fragrance groups. There is some crossover with my Chypre loves too, a bonus. I tend to wear them all year but mostly Spring/Summer

    Order as come to mind:
    DIOR Granville
    Nikki de Saint Phalle
    DSH Perfumes Giverny in Bloom
    Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fête
    Eris Parfums Green Spell

    There are so many others I love and wear regularly but this is a nice cross section of styles. Mito, Silences and No 19 should be there too but 5.
    Portia xx

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  3. I have been wearing green perfumes a lot too. It has been very warm and wet for January, so that may have to do with it. Green is my best loved genre.
    Chanel 19, in all forms
    Vero Profumo Mito, in all forms
    Parfum d’Empire Mal-Aimée
    Dusita Fleur de Lalita
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    The most green perfume I have is Annick Goutal Eau de Camille, but I only wear that in Spring.

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  4. Greens are my favourite. More so these days as something has happened to my sense of smell and I can feel very nauseated by anything that is even a little sweet.

    I share Hamamelis’s love of Eau de Camille, which someone once said felt like being slapped round the face with wet ivy! Bracing, exhilarating and now sadly discontinued – there is nothing like it. Then there is dear Mito, which is astringent and beautiful and rightly has your and H’s love.

    Silences is lovely too, and smells like a cousin of No 19, which is obviously a favourite.

    Another departed beauty is YSL’s Eau Libre (not related at all to the current perfume of that name). Actually coloured green, in a distinctive green and silver box, and so fresh and clean yet long-lasting. I treasure a bottle I have which still smells good.

    Greens are uplifting and refreshing. We need them cos of the weather, the time of year and the sorry state of the world right now!

    Is that a bottle of Kenzo’s Parfum d’Ete is see in your photo?

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    • I liked that Kenzo and planned to get a bottle… until it disappeared from discounters :) But the bottle on the photo is another leaf bottle – Yves Rocher Nature.

      I didn’t know that YSL reused the name for that perfume. It’s a pity.


      • Oh, I remember Yves Rocher Nature now – I had a bottle so that’s why it looked familiar. Can’t recall how it smelled now, and I assume the Kenzo suited me better. Would love to smell both again.

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  5. I do own a few greens & as with most of my scents I wear when I feel like wearing them. As Portia said, my greens also crossover into my chypres. Moss & patch are green after all.

    Top five?
    Sisley Eau de Campagne
    Chanel No19 EdT
    EA Green Tea
    Papillon Dryad
    O de Lancôme

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  6. Greens are not an easy wear for me. The ones I own and like to wear are Chanel no 19, Goutal Heure Exquise, Papillon Dryad, Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Eris Green Spell.

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    • Greens are the trickiest perfume notes for me to wear too, Sylvia. I find I don’t suit them. I loved smelling a sample of Malle’s Synthetic Jungle: it’s beautiful, and def not for me. I have Irisia, and Givenchy III, and Chamade in all its forms-and I think that’s all I have. But today, as it’s freezing rain outside and I’m cleaning, in between bouts of movie watching and admiring my sleeping cat, I’m burning an Iluvo candle called Emma-has it has notes of myrrh and galbanum, cedar, vetiver, patch, moss and lichen. Perfect for an overcast freezing rain sort of day :)


  7. I have the same challenge as Portia: only five? I love green scents and have many. So I’ll say that my top 5 right now are:
    Chanel No. 19
    Papillon’s Dryad
    Chanel Cristalle
    Jacomo Silences
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit

    I really like the four “Vert” scents released by Tom Ford a few years ago, but wouldn’t prefer any to the list above. St. Clair Scents’ First Cut and Gardener’s Glove are quite green, and I love them, but I wouldn’t say they are primarily green.

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  8. Undina, We think alike on green perfumes, to some degree.

    Chanel No. 19
    DSH Vert pour Madame
    DSH Perfumes Giverny in Bloom
    Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fête
    and the best in my opinion:
    Puredistance Antonia

    I had high hopes for Eris Green Spell and participated in the crowd funding, but it didn’t move me.

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  9. Ooh, I would have said I don’t care too much for green perfumes, but there are a few which have spoken to me: Gucci Envy, En Voyage Zelda, Jean Patou Vacances (vintage), and I would also have Chamade and O de Lancome, which others have mentioned, which wouldn’t have occurred to me as very green, but I need a couple more to make up my five!


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