Pickles and Vintage Shalimar

It has been a while since Pickles visited us with a story about her human, but she’s back to help us to see off this year. (Undina)

* * *

Decades ago, when my Nana was in elementary school, her best friend’s mother, knowing of her love of perfume, gifted her a flask bottle of Guerlain Shalimar EDC. For a young girl with a modest perfume wardrobe of Avon and drugstore beauties, that was a prized possession. My Nana wore it to her heart’s content, but it was never replaced as there were always other shiny jewels in the world of perfume beckoning her. However, Shalimar always reminded her of her best friend’s mom, who sadly passed away much too young from breast cancer.

Guerlain Shalimar EdC

A few years ago, one of Nana’s pals from Australian Perfume Junkies surprised her for her birthday and mailed her the same flask as a birthday gift, knowing that my Nana had a strong scent memory attached to it. My Nana still loves how it smells and is secretly amused that she had the audacity to wear this bold and sexy fragrance out in public as a young girl. Her vintage formulation is from the 1960s and is certainly not as tame as the current one.

Pickles and ShalimarPersonally, I really love the bottle and enjoy posing with it. I think it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and smells pretty darn good on my Nana too.


What are your thoughts on Shalimar? Have you ever received a treasured perfume gift from a friend?


Until next time, furry kisses and hugs,

Pickles Bella


16 thoughts on “Pickles and Vintage Shalimar

  1. Ahhh Shalimar, my frenemy! The push me pull you of the perfume world.
    Shalimar of some description has always had a place in my collection, including the EDC flask once upon a time.
    Not my favourite Guerlain, that goes to Mitsouko, but an ever present until….. “The Great Le Lion Debacle”.
    Aka generously spraying Le Lion on & it getting on my metal watch strap. It stuck at that moment of bergamot/vanilla/civet collision that smells of baby poop that Le Lion & Shalimar EdP share. On skin it’s short lived, on metal it’s got the half life of nuclear waste. I had to quarantine the watch for months. Le Lion & Shalimar EdP we’re sold on.
    Then, very slowly, the urge to rehabilitate Shalimar came over me. First the EdC, then the Millisime Vanilla & the EdT followed. Now the Millisime Tonka has been an almost daily wear since I purchased her. Yes I even bought a back up.
    Pickles your Nana was a scented trend setter as a teenager & has continued ever since. You’re one lucky pusscat


  2. So nice to see you again Pickles! I have never been friends with Shalimar, but lately the last two flankers have given me some Shalimar I can enjoy.

    One of my best perfume memories is of a friend who sent me unannounced her nearly full bottle of Bois d’Arménie just because she knew I loved it. I still treasure that bottle.


  3. Hello, Pickles! Always happy to see you. Your Nana has the best taste. I have a 1960’s bottle of the Shalimar parfum and it is divine! A tiny dab is all it takes to make me happy. I like the Shalimar Vanilla Planifolia and the Shalimar Millesime Tonka and some of the other flankers over the years, but the vintage is my favorite!!


  4. I’ve been told by a hunky black Tony to pass on a big meowww to Pickles Bella. Now, Shalimar, one that arrived late to my party on the heels of a few of its flankers. But better late than never. I have a tiny little vintage extrait that is just lush. I gifted myself some of the body cream for Christmas. I’m torn between buying a new extrait or the Millésime Tonka. Some guidance would be most welcome.


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