Afternoon Tea Sniff with Sonya

Howdy ULG-ers. Last month I was thinking about a friend of mine quite a lot. We hadn’t seen each other in real life for well over a year. So, I do what we do when the call comes, I got in touch. We set a date to get together. Originally she was coming out to our place but then the worlds went sideways and I had a plethora of things fit very tight around our get together and all of it in town or on the North Shore. Fortunately we were able to meet at her near city pad in Bondi Junction. For most of you this is just gibberish, I know, hopefully some of you have been to Sydney and this paints a picture.

This meet up happened two days before I tested Covid positive but fortunately no one got it that I saw. PHEW!

Also, you may remember Sonya as Chairman Meow on APJ.

Afternoon Tea Sniff with Sonya

Catching up was wonderful. There was SO MUCH news and new information. We chattered non stop and each topic led to another. Sonya had bought some home made cannoli from a woman with a cart in a nearby mall. I’m sorry New York City but your perfect cannolis have been surpassed, by a country mile.

We also had some sniffing to do. Sonya’s cabinet had some unopened vintage beauties that she wanted to share the moment with. As well as some vintage pick ups that neither of us had smelled. First though she wanted to share first sniff moments on the Les Indemodables sample pack.

There are some nice things in Les Indemodables. They are perfectly fine. I’m not sure if I’m jaded or if this line is too introverted for my taste but even the very interesting couple were a bit shy. Maybe I’m not their target market.

These vintages were Brand New In Cellophane. Lancôme Magie, Dioressence and Balenciaga Quadrille. We also had opened vintage bottles of Faberge Babe and Pucci Vivara. Some less vintage L’Artisan Vanille Absolumont to test against the Les Indemodables Orient and Parle Moi de Parfum Milky Musk 39 for no reason but to try.

The modern perfumes were so nothing by comparison to the oldies. These perfumes have character, feel inspired and richer in texture. Why have we even bothered to make new perfumes?

Catch up, cannoli and vintage perfume opening ceremonies! What a perfect couple of hours. Sonya walked me to the station, big hugs, obligatory selfie and I was off towards my next adventure.

We have another date booked this weekend with a crew. Happy days.

Do you ever get together with perfume peeps?
Portia xx



18 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Sniff with Sonya

  1. You are so right about the oldies! I note that the Magie is cologne strength but it would still pack more power than most current eaux de parfum. Seeing the bottle of Magie brings back memories as it is exactly like the one my father gave me one Christmas – my first grown-up perfume. And I bought a bottle of Dioressence when I went to college and felt so sophisticated.


  2. Seconding Jillie on the oldies – I have recently discovered Magie, after only knowing Magie Noire for decades. I had a fabulous perfume meet up just this weekend in fact, which rekindled my languishing mojo. Glad you had such a blast with your friend – and great food too!


  3. How fun! I have hopes to meet some of my US perfume peeps someday. I don’t have a single person in my everyday life who has any interest in perfume.


  4. I love meeting up with perfume friends, for a chat and a sniff of our own stuff or a trip to the shops! I’m going to a Vancouver perfume meetup in fact in two weeks, looking forward to it even though it is a bit of a trek from my house. Lots of good sniffage will be had.


  5. Sadly I don’t have any friends who are scentaholics. Of course, I’m sure there will start being scented blogosphere meet ups again. As you lovely lot know I wouldn’t be able to go in the foreseeable future.
    I’m curious how you found the Babe. My memory of it as a teen was it was harsh & had a similar feel to Charlie. I loathed Charlie!


  6. I haven’t met any perfumistas for years! Literally! :(
    The only person I had some sniffing sessions was my G-d daughter on her several visits from out of state. I hope one day I will meet some of the people who shares my perfume passion. But I’m not sure I’m attracted to groups of “strangers”: it’s hard to explain… with the number of perfume releases out there and niche offerings, I feel that the abstract love to perfume isn’t enough to bond with someone. I want to “know” a person (at least online) before going on a sniff together.
    I’m glad you had a great time. I constantly have similar thoughts about “old” vs “new” perfumes :)


    • Oh yes, I hear you Undina,
      We are quite a tight knit group over here in Oz. Especially Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Maybe because the Mods of one of our FB groups are spread over these cities. So we do see each other online in SOTD threads and other stuff. Mostly a new perfumista is also introduced through friends, so it’s not quite strangers. APJ was also a goldmine of Aussie perfume peeps, many writing for us and others coming to events and picnics. It’s been a wonderful adventure. Jin and I have even travelled overseas with perfume peeps and to meet them. One day we will get to see you too, hopefully.
      I’m really worried that by the time we realise that all this crap about allergies blows over we will have forgotten how to or lost strains of perfume farmed plants. The knowledge will be lost in a generation. It feels like we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
      Portia xx


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