Musette made me Jean Nate

Hey Crew, Do you ever read a blog post and suddenly your are pressing PayPal on your favourite online perfume store or discounter? Right, well not long ago over at Perfume Posse Musette waxed lyrical about Jean Nate. It’s always been her go to summer spritz after bathing but it had never been talked about so fulfillingly. Suddenly I had to know. So I bought a cheap 8oz after bath splash mist bottle off FragranceNet, seriously it cost about the price of a McDonalds burger. More recently Tom had a swoon over it too.

Jean Nate (now by Revlon) 1935

Musette made me Jean Nate

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon Bergamot Lavender
Heart: Geranium Spicy Notes Rose Jasmine Lily-of-the-Valley
Base: Musk Sandalwood Tonka Bean Virginia Cedar

So, after all this lead up, what does Jean Nate smell like?

A softly refreshing cologne. The spices and lavender give citrus a frosting of elegance. It’s nothing amazing or extraordinary but it is a pleasant, very short lived scent. I’m lucky to be able to smell it an hour later.

I’m not sure what note or accord it is but I get a definite smell of base humanity as an undercurrent. As if after showering you need to get those lived in, slightly feral aspects back onto your body ASAP.

As the northern hemisphere warms up it might be a good additive if your perfume wardrobe is without a bright, sparkling cologne. Much less zingy than 4711. Jean Nate is more sophisticated and deeper.

Have you tried Jean Nate or do you have memories of a wearer?
Portia xx




40 thoughts on “Musette made me Jean Nate

  1. I had never seen or even heard of it in the UK until I joined Basenotes. I still haven’t seen it for sale here either in a real store or online, though I haven’t actually searched for it.
    I do like colognes, especially Eau de Missions, all the vanilla in winter & Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia, all lemon & orange blossom in spring & summer.


  2. 30oz bottles are sold in almost every pharmacy here in NYC. I owned the body powder, the round bar soaps, the perfume and the cologne in the 90’s. I have always kept a splash 30oz bottle in the refrigerator and it gets a good use in the scorching days of summer. I only wear it when I am at home, since I can reapply several times during the day. So refreshing!


  3. Yes, I grew up with it. My mom and I both used it after a bath or shower. I still have a vintage bottle. It’s great to splash on before bed.


  4. Portia! So glad I could add to your list of Things to Try! It’s the perfect apres-shower/apres-bain splash and in your Summer heat? Oh, yeah. You’ll love it!



  5. I had it, as a child lol. I wanted it to be fuller, deeper-I think I was three. I also wanted red nail polish. I was allowed pink or purple, but not red. As an adult-I can’t be without a red manicure :)

    Thank you for the nostaligic post!


  6. It was a staple in friends’ bathrooms growing up & now I keep a spray bottle in the fridge for summer. I agree, there’s something in there that always makes me think of hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days. Not in a bad way, just “we don’t want to be too clean, do we?”


  7. I am going to age myself here, but I have not thought about or owned any Jean Nate since about 1988. Now I may have to go hunt some down at the local CVS or Walgreen’s to see if I can find some for nostalgia sake.


  8. It’s good on a really hot day. I used to use it in the old days when no one had air conditioning and we were all sweltering in the Southeast USA. It somehow made one feel cooler. Now I get the same effect from my tea fragrances like Nishane Wu Long cha and Nicolai’s Fig Tea.


  9. We always had it growing up but I think it’s been 40 years since I’ve smelled it. If I see it I will give it a whiff, but freshies are not my favorite category.


  10. I’ve never heard of these products (I just looked up some info about their history), so I don’t have any nostalgic connection to it. I’m mildly curious, but I have absolutely no capacity for it now. Maybe I come over it one day somewhere – then I’ll give it a sniff.


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