Pickles and L’Ether de IUNX

This second guest post from Pickles told by her human was planned for almost a month ago. Then life happened. I wasn’t sure if it was too late to publish this post, but Brigitte reassured me that it was still snowing yesterday where they live. (Undina)

* * *

Hello again to my human and furry perfume pals! The part of the world where I reside experiences substantial changes in temperature throughout the four seasons so I am happy to have a warm and loving home when the thermometer drops. My friend the groundhog saw his shadow this year, which means we will probably still have more winter weather on the horizon. We’ve been experiencing some significant snow and ice storms lately. My poor nana woke up this morning to an ice covered car and driveway.

She thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pull out her Olivia Giacobetti 2003 masterpiece, L’Ether de INUX, a gift to her from a dear auntie of mine. This soft, resinous, sweet, powdery scent has an underlying presence of incense and is composed of rosewood, myrrh, benzoin, saffron, sandalwood and maple.

L'Ether de INUX

Not only does L’Ether de INUX smell amazing, but the original bottle is utterly unique. It’s shaped like a black teardrop, lays flat and the sprayer is on the tip with the button to activate the sprayer on the back of the bottle. It’s probably the most unusual bottle in my nana’s collection. And it makes a great pillow to boot.

Pickles & L'Ether de INUXWhat is your most unusual perfume bottle? What do you like to wear in the cooler weather?

Until next time, furry kisses and hugs,

Pickles Bella


27 thoughts on “Pickles and L’Ether de IUNX

  1. Very purrdy flacon!
    My most unusual bottle is Grain de Sable by Nicky Verfaillie. It’s shaped like a smooth pebble or grain of sand. The scent is akin to Diorella without the giant citrus. Getting very rare now. It was my wedding scent


  2. Purrfect pillow! I have a few unusual bottles: Andy Tauer Une Rose Chyprée in a pentagon, Hermès Galop in a bottle shaped like a stirrup, and Mauboussin Histoire d’Eau which has the juice inside a sphere housed in a clear cylinder. Stay warm!


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  4. What a precious gift! IUNX officially closed its doors a year ago so my own travel-sized bottle of L’Ether has been reserved for rare occasions. I nevertheless maintain hope that the scent will be resurrected again, as it was once before.

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