Pickles and Reglisse Noire

Recently, in the post for the 11th anniversary of this blog, I invited my regular readers to do a guest post on Undina’s Looking Glass. When Brigitte contacted me to accept the invitation, I didn’t realize that she wasn’t going to write the post herself, but rather she was an agent of a talented feline. (Undina)

* * *

Hi perfume pals! My name is Pickles. I spent the first seven years of my life in a no-kill shelter until I found my forever family two years ago.


Like Rusty, I earn treats by being a fragrance model for my Nana. My very first photoshoot was for Reglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers. Reglisse Noire is one of my Nana’s all-time favorite fragrances, and she has several bottles of it (a vintage travel bottle from Portia, a vintage splash bottle from AnnieA and the current formulation of bottle number 4). My Nana tells me that she thinks of me when wearing it because it’s black licorice (reglisse noire) and sweet but sassy like me. A unique cacophony of notes (bergamot, spearmint, fresh ozone, shiso leaf, white pepper, black licorice, ginger, allspice, star anise, cocoa, patchouli, vetiver, musk, cedarwood and vanilla) that play extraordinarily well together. “An under the radar masterpiece,” to quote my Nana.



I’m curious to know if any of you have tried Reglisse Noire? What’s your favorite licorice fragrance?

I look forward to popping in from time to time to visit with Rusty, Undina and all of my Nana’s perfume pals here on Undina’s Looking Glass. Thanks for inviting me. Until next time, furry kisses and purrs.



Pickles Bella


36 thoughts on “Pickles and Reglisse Noire

  1. Pickles, you are so precious! I love the fact that you and Rusty are so involved with fragrances! My girls are jealous but admire your good looks!❤❤


  2. Loads of treats for this one Pickles! You are very beautiful, and it’s incomprehensible that you should have spent 7 years before you found Brigitte. I remember back when Reglisse Noir was talked about a lot, I think I must have tried it too, but it didn’t stay with me. My favourite licorice perfume is Saaliiisssiimo by Hilde Soliani. It smells of licorice, saffron, and rice and is actually very fleeting, but I like it a lot non the less. I like Aimez moi by Caron too. Hope to hear more from you in the future, Pickles. Vega says hi- black cats rule!


    • Hi Vega and Asali! I’m grateful to have been adopted by the Marzipan clan. My nana fattened me up too!! From 7 lbs to 10 and a half now! Your licorice fragrances sound amazing!! I will mention them to my nana. If you get a chance do try Reglisse Noire!


  3. Hello Pickes, you’re looking gorgeous as usual. The modelling gig suits you to a T. Hope the pay is good. I would demand organic roasted chicken and sausages before I’d even glance into a camera, but then you know how moody I am. Not looking my best at the moment anyway, carrying some extra poundage since Christmas. But with Spring around the corner I’ll be upping my exercise regimen so I’ll be back to my handsome best quite soon. I have stolen my Nanna’s phone to reply to you but don’t squeal on me. She caught me looking at some mouse porn recently and has banned me from online catventures. She’s in no position to judge – all she does is ogle perfume – our humans are very strange creatures. I know that Nanna has tried Reglisse Noir and likes it, but she needs to spray rather than dab. I know exactly what she means 😜 She also likes Lolita Lempicka original and sprays that around. It’s time for my dinner now so I must stroll to the kitchen and miaow at the humans. With much love from your second cousin once removed, Tony Catterino 🐾 🐈‍⬛

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  4. Welcome Pickles and Brigitte! Perfect model and loving photographer.
    Since I do not like licorice (I think one has to grow up with it to like it :) ), RN didn’t work for me, though I remember how popular it was years ago.


  5. Pickles! Say hi to your nana for me. She sent me Reglisse Noire to try and I’ll blame one of my kittehs for sneaking away with it. I am sure one of the others kittehs will unearth it from its hiding place at some point!

    As to licorice perfumes I enjoy the most, that honor goes to Serge Lutens Boxeuses.


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