Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Gosh ULG Crew! That weekend went by in a flurry. It seemed I was running from Friday to Monday inclusive. It was Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For the first time in my memory I didn’t take part. There were two rival Oz niche distributors doing 20% off and free shipping. There were SO MANY candle crews giving enormous discounts. Indie niche houses, department stores, multinational beauty/fragrance houses like L’Occitane, Kiehl’s, B&BW and many others. My email, socials and even my letterbox were overflowing with discounts, GWPs, add ons, extras and anything they could do to get me to shop. It was thoroughly overwhelming.

So I did what I do best when overloaded, ignored the problem and shut down to it completely.

Don’t get me wrong. There were PLENTY of things on my wish list and want lists. Some of them 20% off or even more with extra cashbacks etc. I even had some money (read credit card space) set aside for it. PLUS I’m working again and money is finally back in the accounts.

But no. 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed me by and I’m OK with that.

How about you all? Did you score? Make me seethe with FOMO. Did you ignore?

Fingers crossed you all grabbed something you wanted, needed, got at such a discount it became the perfect thing.
Portia xx


52 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. Hey Portia

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to ignore it. Black Friday and Cyber ended up stressing me out! So many different offers on the 2 days.

    I didn’t get any perfume but did order hair stuff and some clothes.


  2. I did a lot of shopping this weekend, but it was all planned and I shopped with a list. Knowing there would be big discounts, I spent months compiling my wish list and waiting, then analyzing the offers to get the best deal on the things I wanted.
    So at least it wasn’t all crazy impulse buying. 😆


  3. I bought one bottle from Twisted Lily’s 20% off sale. I’d been wanting Xerjoff’s Lira for some time so I got it. They had a live buy Zoom going on where you got a nice box of samples that normally sells for $45 on their site free if you bought from 1 to 2 p.m. EST. So, perfume and free box of 10 very nice niche samples. I was happy with my purchases.

    I resisted buying anymore skin care products (my other obsession). I need to use up what I have first.


  4. I took advantage of the SSS discount. That’s it. But I went shopping with middle one early BF….stores were totally empty…and I paid for her gifts for all her college buddies…but we got super deals at Marshalls.


  5. I found the offers overwhelming, too, and if you weren’t careful some of the offers weren’t so attractive. For example a couple of us wanted yoga mats-they were super cheap the week before BF. There was still a good discount on BF but we paid waaayyyy less the week before.

    I bought Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner, cause I was out and it was 25 percent off plus free shipping.

    And I bought an Annick Goutal candle for $60. Usually $100.

    So nothing major for me, and I see some sites are still offering their discounts. I think lots of people are still suffering from covid-interruptions in pay, or else we’re helping others who weren’t so fortunate.

    I admire your restraint, Portia :)


  6. First, I will disclosure that I promised myself a No Buy until December 1. I did not think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the time but the best promises are rash, maybe? I think as much as my promise I thought about what you did, Portia, that there was so much offered that it felt good to go against the grain! I HAVE been looking forward to shopping tomorrow…and we all know there will be those “flash sales” before the commercial year goes out with a whimper. Still, cheers and perfumed high fives to all who found good deals!


  7. I like to live dangerously so I threw caution to the wind.

    I ended up with Eris Mxxx. (I have been contemplating this for a while so 20% off sounded good to me), TF Eau de Vert Boheme EDT (even if I don’t like the juice, I still have the green bottle), Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense (the TF and this had a good cash back option), 4160Tuesdays (2 sets of buy 2 get the 3rd free and a Christmas travel spray sampler), Puredistance No.12 Travel Spray, Aftelier samples and 3x discovery sets. I also bought a pair of hiking pants and a box of truffles.

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  8. I haven’t bought a single perfume-related item: there is nothing on my “to buy” list at the moment (I’m thinking about a couple of bottles, but those weren’t a part of any sales). I did get a couple of skincare items (nothing extravagant, just replenished what I regularly use but with a better price) and a couple of food items (again, planned before the BF). The biggest disappointment was an appliance that I wanted to buy for a while (a really late present for my last birthday): not only it wasn’t on sale, it is sold out even for full price! Well, let’s see if I can get it before my next birthday :)

    Otherwise, I wasn’t really tempted.


    • BUMMER about your birthday item Undina. We’ve had LOADS of stores with trouble getting stock here in Oz. Even some ofd the country wide superstores. So much of our product is imported, especially gifting or beauty.
      Glad you got some regular use cheap, that always feels like a win.
      Portia xx


  9. No fragrance buys (only one on my list of FB was on sale) but I bought stuff that I had planned for AND saved up for. I’m taking my art seriously and art supplies can be pretty expensive; my company gave us a November wellness bonus so I threw that amount into the kitty as well.
    We bought one new appliance plus clothes+shoes for the kiddo. I actually feel GOOD about my purchases. We’re planning for well a no-buy or low-buy 2022! #adulting


    • Hi Jyotsna,
      YAY for your purchases and feeling good about them.
      One of my buddies is an artist. Last time I bought a painting off him, instead of giving him easily squanderable cash I took him to the art store and bought him supplies. I was SO surprised at the costs. Everything seemed so aspiration ally priced. It was a really good outcome for him (and me).
      Portia xx


  10. I bought a mattress topper and some collagen! Having sworn I would ignore the event completely, haha. Not least because I was busy that weekend pushing my own knitted wares at my friend’s Open House pottery sale, and hoping people weren’t all sitting at home in the warm, blowing all their cash online. ;)


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