Chanel Paris – Edimbourg

Last weekend, as I stopped by the perfume counter at my local Nordstrom to quickly pick up a birthday gift for my friend (a nice Diptyque candle, if you’re curious), I experienced a light shock: I discovered a new addition to Les Eaux de Chanel collection.

Of course, it wasn’t the fact of its release itself that surprised me (after all, it’s the fifth installment in the series in less than that many years). What startled me and even made a little sad was that I was completely unaware of this release happening. Yes, I’ve been busy with work and spent even less than usual time on NST or other perfume-related platforms. But still… It shows how fragmented this world has become since the number of blogs and both people writing and reading them declined. Can you imagine missing a new release from Chanel (or, let’s say, Serge Lutens) five-six years ago?

I asked the friendly SA O., from whom I usually buy those rare perfume-related items that I buy at Nordstrom, if she could give me a vial so that I could make myself a sample (since they are not allowed to do it any more), and she conspiratorially told me that she had a real sample for me; but that, probably, it would be more to my vSO’s liking (who patiently waited not too far away for me to finish purchasing the gift and talking to O.) than to my. Than she stopped herself (probably remembering all the trainings they are getting these days) and said (without much conviction though): “Or you might like it…” That was how I got to try Paris – Edimbourg sample.

Chanel Paris-Edimbourg

She was right on both accounts. I kind of like it. And it is quite masculine.

I have to correct myself. Paris – Edimbourg is not masculine-masculine cologne that would be classified as such unequivocally. But compared even just to perfumes in that collection, not even talking about other Chanel perfumes, Paris – Edimbourg is the most masculine one. Had you smelled it blindly, you would have thought Atelier Cologne before thinking Chanel.

Notes (according to Fragrantica): juniper berries, cypress, lavender, cedar, vetiver, vanilla and musk.

Perfumer: Olivier Polge

I can clearly smell juniper. Lavender in Paris – Edimbourg isn’t as prominent as it is in several other Chanel perfumes. And vetiver is much tamer than it usually is in masculine perfumes. It is fresh, uplifting, slightly woody (very slightly) and quite naturally smelling, which these days pleasantly surprises me since more and more perfume brands seem to have discovered financial joys of creating escentric-molecules-style perfumes. In addition to that, it is reasonably priced compared to many other modern offerings.

All in all, I’m not disappointed. I like Paris – Edimbourg, and I could wear something like that in summer, but I prefer other, more feminine numbers from that collection. So, I’ll pass the sample to my vSO, but I do recommend checking it out the next time you find yourself close to Chanel counter.


Image: my own


19 thoughts on “Chanel Paris – Edimbourg

  1. You probably just missed it. It was due for launch June 2020, but as with Le Lion postponed until this year. May 28, today is launch day here. So cool you have tried it. I like all the Eauxs, and look forward to trying this. I was in Chanel a couple of weeks ago, but they didn’t have it yet, not even under the counter! The SA even opened a delivery whilst we were in the store, in case it was hidden in it. But no. I will have to wait. Candy Perfume Boy likes it, which bodes well for me! xxx

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  2. I definitely want to try it, although I don’t anticipate wanting a bottle – my husband doesn’t wear fragrance much, and I’m not ready to start buying Chanel for my son 😂. I think I’m pretty well covered in the masculine cologne area. Paris-Deauville is still my favorite, although I have a bottle of Riviera now as well.

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  3. I was just at Nordstrom 2 weeks ago and it had not yet been released. I would have liked to get my hands on it for sure. Deauville is still my favorite and it’s turned into my “perfume as a gift” fragrance because it’s not offensive and everybody seems to love it. Say hi to Rusty for me :)

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    • Do you have Nordstrom where you leave?! Or were you visiting?
      I gave Rusty a treat from you. Not sure he completely comprehended the connection but he appreciated the treat :)


      • Currently in Arizona…heading back to Mexico on Monday. I had to stock up on lots of perfume while being here :) And of course get the shots which were OK, but after the 2nd I slept for a day. I probably needed it anyway :)

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  4. I so want to try this! I lived in Scotland for three years and it was my most favorite place to ever live. I desperately want to like this, but I’m not sure now. We’ll see. The copy mentioned slight smoke or incense but it doesn’t sound like you got that?


    • No smoke or incense for my nose, which doesn’t mean it is not there for a more sophisticated nose ;).

      I will be extremely surprised if you dislike it. You might not love it or want to wear, but I think it is a likeable perfume – especially if the story speaks to you. But I’ll wait to read your review once you try it.


  5. I’m intrigued by this one because I love and (used to) visit Edinburgh regularly.
    Like others I’m a fan of Deauville. Not sure how I will get on with this from your reaction but will be interested to try it all the same.


    • I hope to visit Edinburgh one day. Though, whenever I get to the UK, I want to spend all the time I have in London: it’s such a great city!

      I don’t think you’ll dislike this one, but I will be surprise if you love it. We’ll see.

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    • I don’t think it makes any sense: if they can hand me a purchase, I do not see how a sample would be different. Especially a sample of perfume. But that is what I was told at Sephora, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales (I tried! ;) ).


  6. Where have you been???

    My Nordstrom makes samples for me but it is usually done by the La Mer SA.

    I joined a split for this and should get it next week. I look forward to trying it since you like it!


    • I’m asking myself the same question :)

      I will normalize my work situation! It just can’t go like that for too long. I need life (and new perfumes)! :)

      I think you’ll like this one more than I did: I noticed that you were more favorable towards some masculine perfumes that I liked but wasn’t too impressed with.


  7. With all the focus on the centenary of Chanel No 5, this one was probably overlooked in the scheme of things, Undina. Looking forward to trying it, as I’ve enjoyed all the other releases from the range so far.


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