Evening Water

Sisley Paris isn’t one of the brands I’m closely familiar with: their skincare prices were always outside of my budget, and their makeup has never been considered anything to aspire to (at least, I haven’t read or heard any accolades for their lipsticks or mascaras). So usually I was passing by that counter at the local Neiman Marcus without even stopping.

And then I got a tiny mini bottle of Eau du Soir in a subscription box, and that was the first time I though about approaching this brand’s perfumes at a store counter to try it sprayed. I liked it and contemplated getting it one day if I found it cheaper at a discounter site. But I was in the very beginning of my niche perfumes exploration discovering plenty of great perfumes every month, so there was no urgency.

And then one day a travel bottle of Eau du Soir was offered for a swap, and I got it in exchange for some niche decants. Several years later I thought the bottle spoiled, and I stopped wearing it. But the bottle was nice – a small round bottle with that recognizable sculptured cap and a suede pouch – so I couldn’t make myself to through it away… When I tested it a week ago, I was amazed: I can’t smell there any more the qualities that persuaded me those years ago that it was off. I can’t explain it since it couldn’t have been just in my head: on both occasions I compared it to the same mini bottle. Nevertheless, I put that round travel bottle back into the active rotation part of my collection. Though, I might still prefer a dab application from the mini bottle.

Sisley Eau Du Soir mini bottle

Recently, when I decided to join Mmkinpa in her “Mini Monday” Instagram sub-project, I was surprised once again by how much I liked Eau du Soir and felt slightly guilty for discounting it because of the perceived issues with that travel bottle. So, I decided to write about it again.

If you were to run a search, you’d see that Eau du Soir usually gets quite high ratings on different sites, both mainstream and more niche oriented. But at the same time, for perfume publicly released more than 20 years ago (created in 1990, until 1999 it said to stay as a personal perfume of Countess Isabelle d’Ornano), it hasn’t got too many blog reviews. And I have a feeling that had Eau du Soir been released by a niche brand, it would have been much more spoken about.

Eau du Soir is green chypre that reminds me Chanel No 19 EdT and not only in the notes combination but also in that sharpness of the scent that is present in No 19 EdT but is much rounder and smoother in EdP or extrait.

Every time I put it on, I wish it were just slightly less harsh in the opening, but half an hour later it smooths out and smells very classy and elegant. It might lean just slightly feminine but not even remotely close to requiring any audacity from a man to wear it. But regardless of your gender perfume preferences, if you are not familiar with Eau du Soir and decide to try it, make sure to apply it very sparingly: it’s extremely tenacious, so you better like it!

Rusty and Sisley Eau Du Soir

If you have tried Eau du Soir, do you like it? If you haven’t, why?

Images: my own


21 thoughts on “Evening Water

  1. I used to love this! Suspect the new version might not be quite as good, and will have been diluted, but 10 years ago the Evening Water I wore then was quite powerful and mossy. It could be a “Marmite” fragrance ie you either love it or hate it. If Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir is something that appeals, then the Sisley will too – I find them quite similar.

    I find it shares the quality that No 19 displays of giving you protective armour – I feel more able to face problems when I wear these!

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  2. Sounds like something I’d like. Can’t think of a reason I haven’t tried it. I do like Eau de Campagne by Sisley.
    Green chypre can be harsh on first spraying but they’re usually worth it.
    Another superb Rusty bottle shot!

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    • I’m not sure if I tried any other Sisley perfumes. Probably the second one (the round bottle), but I don’t remember what I thought about it.

      Rusty was allowed on a dresser in the bedroom, so he forgot for a while that he didn’t like to be in a picture and was sniffing everything around :)

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  3. I haven’t tried Eau du Soir for a while now, but I love bitter green chypres. Will try it again asap. As far as I remember, Eau du Soir can be compared to Jean Louis Scherrer’s first perfume, which is a masterpiece.
    Btw, have you tried Sisley’s Izia?

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  4. I have never tried Sisley anything – not a brand I have access to locally, and haven’t stumbled across any perfumes. I do love the photo with Rusty. He looks somewhat skeptical of the bottle – clearly not a treat. I am enjoying your mini Mondays!

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    • Thank you for the idea! I enjoy it too, and I have some minis to participate for a while ;)

      If you ever travel again and find yourself at a store that carries the line, give it a try. Otherwise, it’s not something to pursue on purpose, I think.


  5. Hey Undina,
    I tried Eau de Soir very early on in my collecting mania. Tried it at a department store and bought it immediately. Floral Chypre is probably my favourite genre.
    At the time, and still, I have a plethora of favourites in the style and try to wear them.
    Consequently my bottle of Eau de Soir remains sealed in cellophane. Thanks for the reminder, I may even search it out and start using it.
    Portia xx

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    • I can’t think of anything worth a blind buy for personal use (I mean, I can see snatching some rare or unexpectedly inexpensive bottle of something you plan to sell even if you don’t know the scent). But if you see it at a store, give it a try – it is quite nice.


  6. This was one I found years ago in duty free and really liked. I’ve always meant to pick up a bottle, but then something else supersedes that choice. I think it’s a great perfume, in a style I like.

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  7. I’ve always thought Sisley Paris was a make-up line and I haven’t departed much from my little sphere of make-up (and I haven’t worn make-up since June because I always feel like I need to wash it off before I go out walking).


    • I’m curious: which brands populate your island? :)
      My was very sparsely populated until this last year when I decided to expand my horizons (not for the “office-wear” though, just as a pastime).


      • Whatever make up I use, I use the bare minimum: primer (La Mer), Sunscreen, which I mix with the primer (La Mer), foundation (La Mer, Estée Lauder and sometimes Clinique) and powder or liquid blush / highlighter (Benefit).

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